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  • A Century in Salem

    Edwards, Susan; Ratliff, Jen (2019-03-01)
    This document is a pdf version of the exhibit "A Century in Salem" that was mounted in the Berry Library on March 15, 2019.
  • Building An Ethical Digital Humanities Community: Librarian, Faculty, and Student Collaboration

    Risam, Roopika; Snow, Justin; Edwards, Susan (2017-01-01)
    This article examines work building a digital humanities community at Salem State’s Berry Library. The initiatives are comprised of a three-pronged approach: laying groundwork to build a DH center, building the DH project Digital Salem as a place-based locus for digital scholarship and launching an undergraduate internship program to explore ethical ways of creating innovative research experiences for undergraduate students. Together, these initiatives constitute an important move toward putting libraries at the center of creating DH opportunities for underserved student populations and a model for building DH at regional comprehensive universities. Author’s accepted manuscript of an article to be published in College & Undergraduate Libraries:
  • Transforming the Landscape of Labor at Universities Through Digital Humanities

    Risam, Roopika; Edwards, Susan; Kear, Robin; Joranson, Kate (Chandos Publishing, 2018-03-07)
    This chapter outlines common obstacles to librarian–faculty partnerships at regional comprehensive universities, namely the lack of models for digital humanities at regional comprehensive universities, and the difficulty of fostering ethical librarian–faculty collaboration. It further describes how the authors responded to these challenges in the design of an undergraduate research program housed across the university library and College of Arts and Sciences. The chapter concludes with lessons learned and suggestions for undertaking these collaborations. This pre-print is a version of the contribution in Digital Humanities, Libraries, and Partnerships: A Critical Examination of Labor, Networks, and Community, edited by Robin Kear and Kate Joranson. DOI: