• A dance with trauma

      Wade, Anastasia; McLyman, Meghan (2021-05-01)
      Dance can be a powerful tool to cope and heal from trauma. This is a performance video of a solo created in response to a personal trauma.
    • A Journey To Qinghai: Tutoring In Tibetan China

      Bao, Yining; Minett, Amy Jo (2020-05-04)
      This paper is a narrative of my summer travelling to and teaching English in one of the Tibetan autonomous regions of China. Last summer I went to Qinghai Province, one province in the west of China, traveling around and tutoring in a middle school. I want to show you my experiences in Qinghai Province, where I have been, what I have seen, and what I have felt. The journey to Qinghai was really significant and also helpful for me to know other parts of our country China. It was a journey full of culture. It was a journey full of fun.
    • A Late Glacial to Holocene Sediment Record of Ice-Rafted Detritus from Orphan Knoll, Northwest Atlantic Ocean

      Anastopoulos, Kristen M.; Cullen, James L.; Cullen, James (2021-05-01)
      High-resolution sediment records from North Atlantic deep-sea sediments have been used to document millennial-scale abrupt climate oscillations during the last glacial cycle. A five-meter core (DY081-GVY002) was recovered from the Orphan Knoll, Northwest Atlantic Ocean during the RRS Discovery Cruise ICY LAB in 2017. Forty-closely spaced samples from the top 65cm (1-2 cm spacing) have been used to generate two proxies that record changes in the input of ice-rafted detritus (IRD): IRD/g, lithic grains >150µm per gram of sediment, %IRD ((number of lithic grains >150µm) / (number of lithic grains >150µm + number of planktic foraminifers >150µm)) x 100). Our record, which significantly improves the resolution previously presented by Gugliemli et al. (2020), reveals a series of abrupt increases in IRD input ranging from 4,000-7,200 lithic grains/g within a background of 3,000 or less lithic grains/g, at 5cm, 10cm, 25cm, 38cm and 44cm. The %IRD record reveals high values over the interval of 34cm-55cm that correspond to high IRD/g input which can be correlated to an interval of high Ca/Sr ratios, a proxy that has been previously used to indicate the input of detrital carbonates composed of dolomite and/or inorganic calcite (Hodell et al. 2008). We have preliminarily correlated this interval to Heinrich event 1 (H1), one of a series of abrupt increases in IRD input that occurred throughout the North Atlantic during the last glacial (MIS 4-2); (Heinrich 1988). Another high interval in the Ca/Sr ratio occurs at 12-15cm this corresponds to a peak in %IRD, we have preliminarily correlated this interval as Heinrich event 0 (H0). Our data suggests a closer relationship between %IRD and Ca/Sr proxies, whereas IRD/g is more easily influenced by other factors. The other peaks in IRD/g that also record low %IRD occur when Ca/Sr ratios are at lower background levels, suggesting the decoupling of these proxies for reasons we have not been able to explain yet.
    • A Literature Review of Effects of Concussions on the Brain and Mental Health of Athletes

      Devine, Tyler; Scottgale, Thomas (2021-05-01)
      This literature review investigates the effects concussions have on the brain and mental health of athletes. The mechanism of concussions is described as how it affects the brain and some possible cellular effects. Then several studies are highlighted in the major contact sports of football and soccer as well as a comparison of the rate of concussions in men’s versus women’s sports. It is also pointed out that concussions occur much more often in competition than in practice sessions. The analysis shows there’s a strong correlation between concussions and mental issues such as anxiety, depression, behavioral and emotional changes. Functional Neurocognitive Imaging is a new technique used in detecting concussion injuries and can be used to develop a treatment plan for injured individuals. It is also pointed out that concussions can lead to serious disorders like Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy (CTE), Second Impact Syndrome (SIS), and Parkinson’s Disease, but with the correct amount of treatment and recovery time, athletes can go back to living their life normally without the fear of future mental backlash from their initial concussion.
    • A New Asymmetric Encryption Algorithm Involving Both Group And Number Theory: Derivation Of The Lucente Stabile Atkins Cryptosystem Using Gauss’s Generalization Of Wilson’s Theorem

      Lucente Stabile, Francesco; Atkins, Carey; Rosenthal, Arthur James; Rosenthal, Arthur James (2020-05-04)
      Our research led to the discovery of an asymmetric encryption algorithm that follows Kerckhoff's principle and relies on a specific case of Gauss's Generalization of Wilson's Theorem. Unlike prime factorization based algorithms, the eavesdropping cryptanalyst has no indication that he has successfully decrypted the cyphertext. For this reason, we aim to show that this algorithm is not only more secure than existing asymmetric algorithms, but it has the potential to be significantly computationally faster.
    • A Review on Alzheimer's Disease

      Moge, Serena; Chen, Changqing (2021-05-01)
      This presentation on Alzheimer's Disease (AD) discusses the causes of the disease, the pathogenesis hypotheses, current methods of detection, as well as medicines and treatment options for AD. This presentation is concluded with an outlook on the future of Alzheimer's disease treatment.
    • A Self-Selected Musical Track to Increase Occupational Performance in Educational Settings for Adolescents with an Intellectual Disability and Visual Impairment

      Craven, Tom; Turcotte, Jill (2021-04-10)
      Studies have indicated that students with intellectual disabilities do not engage in full participation of school activities and are significantly dependent on others to maximize their participation level in educational settings (Selanikyo et al., 2017). A person with an intellectual disability and visual impairment has an increased risk of persistent problems behaviors (Lang & Sarimski, 2018). Music can help contribute to the learning experience for students with an intellectual disability by encouraging participation in educational settings (Kalgotra & Singh Warwal, 2017). Students with an intellectual disability benefit from self-determination skills such as choice- making being integrated at school (Burke et al., 2020). The purpose of this proposed study is to determine if the implementation of a self-selected musical track prior to classroom activities can increase classroom participation for students with an intellectual disability and visual impairment. Results can help to determine the effectiveness of the intervention with this population and provide further literature on interventions to help improve participation in formal education for adolescents with an intellectual disability and visual impairment.
    • A Slow Dream of Quarantine

      Kimber, Savannah; Beattie, Emily (2020-05-04)
      This film shows all the technique we have been taught over this semester. We were given a prompt based on how we feel about COVID-19 and how we hope to feel when it's over.
    • A Study In Contrasts

      Kysilovsky, Cassandra; Sprenkle, Amy B. (2020-05-04)
      Genome annotation work of an Actinobacteriophage presented at the 2019 SEA-PHAGES symposium. GenBank Accession Numbers awarded late in 2019 have been included after peer review of the annotation.
    • Accessibility of Social Service Agencies for Clients with Limited English Proficiency

      Musema, Suzanne; Mirick, Rebecca (2021-05-01)
      This study examined the accessibility of social service agencies in the city of Lynn, Massachusetts for clients with limited English proficiency (LEP). Social service agencies (N=27) participated in phone interviews and/or an online survey, exploring services offered by the agencies, the availability of translation services, and if so, in what languages and procedures for providing translation services. Results showed that more than half of the agencies provided oral translation services to clients who prefer to engage in a language other than English by relying on bilingual staff members, and family and friends of the client to act as the interpreters. Many agencies only offered services in Spanish and English. The study’s findings offered some important insight into the availability of services to the sizable portion of the city’s residents who have LEP status, revealing the disparities that exist in access to language assistance.
    • Active Learning Pedagogies to Design a New Advanced Genetics Course: Using Students' Feedback to Create a Tailored STEM Class for SSU

      Tarantino, Marina; Brown, Jason; Laranjo, Laura; Laranjo, Laura; Brown, Jason (2020-05-04)
      The STEM field is constantly evolving where graduate schools, medical schools, and the science job market are becoming more competitive. It is important for the students of Salem State University (SSU) that their curriculum is consistently being adapted to fit these new needs. A large percentage of the SSU biology community aims to enter the medical field, biotechnology field, or go on to pursue post graduate education. These are paths that require students to have an advanced level of knowledge pertaining to genetics and this is an area Salem State is starting to fall behind in compared to options offered at various local universities. We currently only offer two introductory genetics courses, this requires students to learn everything they will need to know about genetics for their future careers in one semester. If we were to offer an advance genetics course students would graduate with advance knowledge in this field and have a better chance getting into post graduate schools or landing job opportunities. Using the feedback of students in the SSU science community we have found a way to both fill this new need and satisfy their interest and concerns via a new Advanced Genetics of Disease course.
    • Activism, Censorship, and Social Class

      Thompson, Casey; Mageary, Brendan; Chenault, Tiffany (2021-05-01)
      We examine the relationship between student activism, censorship, and social class through an archival study of what was known as "'The Black Moochie' controversy" at Salem State College from 1969-1970. A content analysis of student newspaper articles surrounding the controversy provides vivid insight into a time when campus activism was occurring nationwide and sentiments around morality were greatly divided.
    • Addressing Children's Mental Health During a Pandemic Through Social Emotional Learning and Artistic Expression

      Walker, Grace; Kessler, Jonathan (2021-05-01)
      A presentation on how Grace Walker was able to implement a Social Emotional Learning Program at the North Shore YMCA’s School Age Learning Pods during the pandemic. The presentation covers the importance of social emotional learning and how it can be implemented in any after school program while also including artistic expression. From observing children’s disruptive behaviors, Walker was able to see a need for social emotional learning. After implementing a Social Emotional Learning Program, data collection continued and resulted in a significant decrease in disruptive behaviors. Children who participated in the program also expressed what they learned and enjoyed from participating.
    • Adult Rheumatoid Arthritis: Evaluating Treatment Effectiveness Among Patients

      Villar, Adriany; Everitt, Amy (2021-12-13)
      In the real world, how medications are prescribed and taken by patients differs from a patient enrolled in clinical trials. For example, medications may be given to patients with disease severity ranging from mild to very severe, who have comorbidities, and who have variable adherence to the treatment regimen. After a drug is licensed and on the market, comparative effectiveness studies are conducted with real world data to assure that the drugs remain effective when used by real world patients. CorEvitas conducts comparative effectiveness research among cohorts of patients enrolled in the Rheumatoid Arthritis Registry. This poster presents the design of an observational cohort study, including study protocols.
    • Advanced Care Planning Interventions In Primary Care

      Cliffe, Kathleen; Bashir, Mercy (2020-05-04)
      Advancements in medical technology have allowed for an increase in the average life expectancy of human beings. To prevent individuals from suffering at end of life its imperative that advance care planning conversations occur between patients and their providers.
    • Aimé Césaire’s "A Tempest" As A Fresh Perspective In Secondary Education Curriculum

      Devino, Stephenie; Valens, Keja (2020-05-04)
      This essay urges for secondary education English courses to offer students new perspectives of the "classic" works commonly taught, by comparing William Shakespeare's play "The Tempest" to Aime Cesaire's adaptation "A Tempest".
    • Ambulatory Nursing Leadership: New Nurse Manager Residency Program

      Trefrey, Brie L.; Leger, Robin (2021-05-01)
      The purpose of this project is to develop a leadership residency program to enhance nurse manager competency, targeted to meet the unique and specific needs of new nurse managers in ambulatory settings. Existing programs are not tailored to this group of nursing leaders
    • An Education Initiative to Improve End of Life (EOL) Care in Undergraduate Curricula

      Barry, Michelle (2021-05-06)
      In today’s complex health care delivery system, patients with serious and chronic illness and their families demand that nurses and their interprofessional team be well versed in palliative and end of life (EOL) care techniques. Although there is evidence supporting the value of EOL care, the number of health care professionals fitted and available to provide this care is inadequate to meet the needs of patients and families across the lifespan. It is therefore imperative that future nurses be prepared with the knowledge, attitude, and skills to provide empathetic, efficient EOL care to the chronically ill. The following presentation will discuss the importance of improving EOL care modules in the undergraduate curriculum with an emphasis on improving communication techniques founded in empathy. It will highlight innovative ways to enhance teaching and learning. By synthesizing current literature, and identifying the theory-practice gap, a new curricular redesign will be formatted for consideration of future use combining traditional pedagogies and forum theater methodologies to improve students’ perceived level of comfort having difficult EOL conversations grounded in empathy and effective communication techniques.
    • An Examination of the Corpus of USCIS.gov

      Norris, Christina; González, Melanie (2021-05-01)
      One topic that is of increasing relevance to many English learners (ELs) as the number of individuals hoping to gain lawful residence in the U.S. is that of immigration. In fiscal year 2019, USCIS received more than 7.6 million forms relating to the many types of applications that they oversee, such as immigrant petitions for working visas, asylum and refugee adjustments, family unity applications, and naturalization applications (“Number of Service-wide Forms Fiscal Year To- Date, by Quarter, and Form Status Fiscal Year 2019,” 2020). Many of the applicants are ELs who would appreciate and benefit from direct or indirect assistance from their ESL or EFL instructors to better understand the application process, a process that tends to begin by visiting the USCIS website, www.USCIS.gov. This study, therefore, applied corpus linguistics methods examine the vocabulary of the USCIS website and application materials with the goal of creating word lists to assist language teachers and learners to better navigate the language of the process.
    • An Investigation into the Endophytic Medicinal and Biological Properties of Solidago sempervirens

      Moge, Serena; MacTaylor, Christine (2021-05-01)
      The study of medicinal plants is a rapidly growing area of research. Historically, medicinal plants have been used in traditional medicine from which many modern medicines are inspired. Plant essential oils are promising natural products as they exhibit biological, medicinal, and nutritional properties. Endophytes are microbes that are found in plants and have symbiotic relationships with the plants they reside in. Endophytes are relatively less-studied microorganisms that present various benefits due to their bioactive metabolites. The purpose of this research is to grow and isolate endophytes from locally-grown goldenrod and analyze the medicinal properties of this plant based on the compounds found in it.