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  • Cosmetic Consumer Confidence: An Informed Approach To Shopping

    Jayamohen, Parvathi; Rudzis, Gabriella (2023-05-01)
    The growth of the cosmetics industry in recent years has made the purchasing of cosmetics more widespread as online shopping and social media have attracted new markets to the industry. The cosmetics industry has undergone changes to better accommodate these growing markets, and the demands of the consumers within them. So far, little research has been done on how ecommerce changes the way consumers purchase cosmetic products. This research project explores what factors currently affect consumer’s purchasing habits in the cosmetics industry. A survey was implemented to evaluate how cosmetic consumers across generations rate the significance of ingredients, production, environmental safety, labor rights, and trade practices within the cosmetics industry regarding their purchasing habits. The findings from the survey indicate that Gen X, followed closely by Gen Z, are the most active cosmetic consumers that engage in research regularly prior to their purchases. Compared to other generations, Gen X participates the most in the industry, and expresses the highest rates of interest and concern across all factors of the cosmetics industry. The data from this research also indicates that ingredient usage, environmental safety, and labor rights are the most important and most researched factors in a cosmetic consumer’s purchasing process. The insight from cosmetic consumers through this research better illustrate consumer buying power, market demands, and what factors cosmetic firms should focus on to better market their products and appeal to the most important needs and concerns of their customers.
  • The Big Four: A Comparison Of The Major Accounting Firms

    Chene, Douglas; Schembri, Austin (2022-05-01)
    This thesis compares and contrasts the similarities and differences found in the structure and procedures of the four largest public accounting firms. A list of the firms includes: Deloitte, KPMG, Ernst & Young, and PwC. They are multi-national firms with offices in Boston. The major research questions are: How do the four companies relate to one another? Is employee satisfaction and benefits varied or similar? Which one is a best fit for any applicant overall? Due to a shortage of entry level personnel in the accounting field, firms are currently searching for recent graduates to add to their team. These four enterprises are researched for their structure, services, employee benefits, revenue, important clients or number of clients, number of employees total, employee salaries, any bonuses given out, satisfaction of employees both past and present, and what the company does to help the community. Firms with optimal structures and procedures help to create the best work environment, the highest rate of employee satisfaction, and improves the quantity and quality of work being produced. All of these factors are crucial to contributing to the overall success of an accounting firm in the business world. The research is gathered from the four firms’ web sites and other sources. All information has been explained and examined to acquire a better understanding of which firms excel in certain areas. These conclusions may be used to assist current students, entry-level applicants, and even individuals already working in the accounting field in their job searches.
  • The Correct Response To 'Hey Boss Babe!' Is 'No': An Exploration Of The Recruiting Techniques Of Multilevel Marketing

    Bahnan, Nisreen; Ortiz, Marguerite (2022-05-01)
    While many people have heard the term “multilevel marketing”, most may not know what the term means and are not aware that the business model is controversial. Multilevel marketing, also known as MLM, sometimes referred to as network marketing or relationship marketing, is a version of direct selling where products are sold and bought through various channels of independent distributors. Many do not want to discuss the messy, unethical, and illegal business practices that may go on in the MLM community. With tactics such as undisclosed earnings and empty promises of effortless riches, MLM corporations enlist a variety of people who are looking for an easy and quick way to make money on the side, such as college students and mothers. While there is some research on the legal and moral issues of MLM — and that of MLM in relation to gender — there is little scholarly research using personal experiences to connect gender to the recruitment practices of MLM businesses. Not only do those at risk of being targeted by MLM deserve to know what warning signs to look for in a company, but victims of this system must have their voices and stories heard. Using surveying as a methodology, this research explores the cautionary signs and unethical recruitment practices of MLM corporations, with a specific emphasis on gender. This paper proves the hypothesis that MLM distributors and recruiters disproportionately target women, with 89% of those approached and 96% of participants in MLM identifying as female.
  • Training For Success In The Age Of Globalization

    Mullane, Ken; McCormack, Jared (2022-05-01)
    Globalization has caused businesses to operate across varying cultures. Proper cultural training will maximize efficiency and minimize mistakes. This paper examines the relationship between Chinese and American cultural practices within this context. Based off of the cultural norms discussed and how they are specifically related to business, recommendations on how to implement training protocols to prepare employees for their new environment will be made.
  • The Impact Of Cultural Similarities And Differences On Performance In Strategic Partnerships: An Integrative Perspective

    Meirovich, Gavriel (2010-03-01)
    This theoretical research endeavors to find common ground in the ostensibly inconsistent results of studies on the impact of cultural similarities and differences on strategic partnerships. Some findings suggested that partners have to possess similar cultural characteristics in order to achieve success while others showed that cultural distance had a positive effect on efficiency and the competitiveness of partnerships. This paper systematically analyzes the equivocal evidence of influence of both commonalities and differences on partnerships’ outcomes, highlighting conditions under which they can be either beneficial or dysfunctional. Several propositions are formulated in regard to the role of qualitative and quantitative differences in both organizational and national cultures. Further, the theoretical and practical implications are also discussed.
  • An Analysis of Operating Environment & Strategy: A Case Study of Tata Motor

    Gu, Jian; Crawford, Michael J (2016-05-01)
    This report provides an in-depth study of the environment in which India-based company Tata Motors competes. In order to understand key aspects of the company, a SWOT analysis was conducted to better determine both the internal and external aspects of the operating environment. Using this analysis in combination with a summary of the conditions in the domestic environment, suggested strategies are given. The purpose of these strategies is to provide creative, beneficial, and resourceful ways Tata can continue to succeed in the highly competitive automobile industry. Along with the general strategies, a brief implementation plan is given to demonstrate how to put these strategies into action.
  • Case Study of TATA Motors: SWOT Analysis and Strategy Suggestions

    Gu, James; Colbert, Casey (2016-05-01)
    According to the case study, the company, TATA Motors wants to have a multiband approach to competing in the global car industry. Based on the case-study, I analyzed the company as a whole in the global car industry and based on my findings figured out their SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats). After figuring out their SWOT analysis, I suggested potential strategics that could possible lead to becoming stronger and having a chance in competing in the global car industry.
  • The Problems That Allow Fraud to Occur

    Tschakert, Norbert; Khader, Jameel (2015-05-01)
    Auditors failing to do their jobs correctly allow criminals to steal millions every year.
  • A Study of Semi-Strong Form of Market Efficiency: Active vs. Passive Portfolio Strategies - with Bloomberg Terminals

    Jain, Sanjay; Topi, Klausa (2021-05-01)
    This research paper gives a detailed analysis of semi-strong form of market efficiency when there are being used Active vs Passive portfolio strategies. This study shows if the market can be outperformed through the comparison of the returns of two portfolios with 20 stocks each. On a daily basis, market efficiency, through the semi-strong form, provides investors and all market participants with the same information and prices which respond respectively to the information given in any market. At this moment no one will have the possibility to outperform and profit anyone, given the same tools. Market efficiency won't allow investors to make a profit above the average because it gives them the opportunity to be rational and make reasonable choices. Both portfolios used to conduct this study were created through Bloomberg Terminals for a period of 12 weeks. Active portfolio stocks are chosen through an extensive analysis in detail as how the market was performing and what stocks were predicted to have the greatest return. On the other hand, the passive portfolio stocks were chosen not through an extensive analysis but are expected to have returns as closely as it can be possible. Each portfolio has equity indices; these portfolios will be compared with the market index for better insights and understanding. This study indicates if market is outperformed, or if market is efficient as well as will give the answer to questions like how market efficiency affects the economy, how would the economy be better off.
  • The Road to Whistleblowing: A Review Through Cases

    Bandyopadhyay, Jayanti; Portillo, Griselda (2014-05-17)
    Numerous corporate scandals in the recent years have left the public wondering as to why situations such as cooking the books and other fraudulent activity go unreported for so long. Many times employees are aware of such frauds developing in their companies, but they fail to speak out because of fear. Yet fear is only one of the major reasons why potential whistleblowers hesitate immensely when considering blowing the whistle. Laws prior to these scandals did little to protect whistleblowers from negative results such as retaliation from employers. As a result, the public did not know frauds in companies until they became extremely out of hand and were as a result, highly publicized. The problem with not reporting frauds until they are massive is the fact that they become extremely costly and often cost taxpayers millions of dollars. This research will be based on the analysis of several whistleblowing cases in order to evaluate the effectiveness of whistleblowing laws in providing appropriate protection to whistleblowers. It will not only provide information on each case, but also will go into the several negative repercussions that each whistleblower faced after blowing the whistle. The purpose of this research is to provide business students as well as the public with more information regarding the concerns of whistleblowers when attempting to blow the whistle, as well as with current laws that are in place for the protection of whistleblowers such as the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002 and Dodd-Frank Act of 2010.
  • A Proposed Compensation Plan Using The University Of Kentucky's Men's Basketball Program Under Fair Pay To Play Act

    Daniell, Robert; Mellinger, Natalie (2020-05-01)
    The purpose of this thesis is gathering research on Kentucky University Men’s Basketball program and the revenue that is generated by the players success. Based on that research, a compensation plan will be created in order to provide the players the financial stability for then they graduate. Having access to this public information in order to see the financial success for the Men’s Basketball program is significant to the thesis in building the plan. In addition, I would like to research how much the university received in revenue for a year that is generated specifically from the Men’s Basketball program festivities. The annual March Madness tournament generates millions of viewers on national television, bringing these prestigious schools to the public eye. With that being said, admission rates also increase due to this tournament, especially if they go into the Sweet Sixteen. Many sports articles such as ESPN will provide me with the information I need to complete my research to develop my thesis. This topic has been heavily debated over the years, and with college basketball athletics becoming a billion-dollar industry, it has attracted a lot of publicity. The main debate is if whether or not the athletes should be compensated for their hard work and dedication to their craft. There has been bills proposed in different states for the “Fair Pay to Play Act,” and there will be research done to see if whether or not that is a good idea and refute the argument by providing information on my compensation plan which is the better option. Many believe that not compensating athletes is wrong. This thesis will agree with that statement, but instead create a different alternative to compensating the players under Fair Pay to Play to provide for these players futures after basketball.
  • Exploring the Feasibility of a New Business Model in Videogame Streaming

    Daniell, Robert; Serra, Sean (2020-05-01)
    Live streaming is the practice of broadcasting live video from a device such as a computer or gaming console. “Streamers”, those who broadcast video, often do so of themselves playing video games or chatting with followers in real-time. This study explores the feasibility of the new business practice for video game streaming websites (also known as “platforms”) in which these websites contract streamers to stream exclusively on their platform. The point of this model is to maintain competition within the market as viewership becomes increasingly concentrated and heightens the importance of live streaming platforms to retain high-profile talent. Discussed throughout this paper are the current business models that streaming platforms utilize to generate income, with the industry-leading streaming platform Twitch being the focus of study. The study offers a critical analysis of the methods and perks these companies use to capture streamers on their platform. Research was conducted utilizing a mixture of online academic databases, reputable news articles, statistics, and case study. An online survey of Reddit users is used to better understand whether viewers of video game streams would support streamers financially by continuing the common act of donating to the streamer even after the streamer has been signed to a platform and guaranteed a source of income. This examination of the video game live streaming industry concludes with a determination of whether contracting streamers will develop into an industry practice or stand as an anomaly that is fated to fade away as the market grows.
  • Business Plan for PAWSitively Fit Club: A Fitness Club designed for you and your Furry Friend

    Daniell, Robert; Roy, Samantha (2020-05-01)
    “PAWSitively Fit Club” founded by Samantha Roy, creates a way for our health conscience society to bring their dogs to the gym like you would with kids. This business plan will show the demand for canine/human fitness facilities, identify a target market to market “PAWSitively Fit Club” to. This business plan will analyze the emerging industry of canine/human fitness facilities and explain the “Human Canine Fitness Certification”. It will directly impact the wave of obese dogs and humans by promoting a fun, active lifestyle with a supportive community. The main questions this business plan will answer are: What business is PAWSitively Fit Club in? What service does it provide? Who is the target audience and what do they value? What is the vision and mission for the company? What is the sales and marketing strategy? Who is the competition? How do we find more of the right people? How will it on-board, train and develop the “right people”? Does it have the physical plant and equipment it will need? Do we have the capital we need? Will it generate the profits it needs? How will the business measure its success? What is our exit strategy? What are the short and long-term goals of the business?
  • Business Plan For Parlee’s Farm

    Daniell, Robert; Parlee, Caroline (2020-05-01)
    This is a detailed business plan for Parlee’s Farm in Chelmsford, Massachusetts. This is a unique location for a farm as it is in a suburban location that has pushed out most farms in the area and converted it into housing. It is in central Massachusetts about thirty miles from Boston. They are a small family farm that mostly does pick your own activities and operates a small farm stand that sells fruits and garden vegetables. It is about forty acres and they rent another twenty from the town giving them plenty of space to utilize. They face a unique set of challenges as they are a New England farm with rocky soils and a unique client base. This plan dictates how to continue their practices in a more successful manner and expand into new ways to expand while maintaining a profit. The farm currently grows strawberries, blueberries and garden vegetables, the plan details on how to expand into pumpkins, a maze, apples, raspberries and other money-making opportunities. The key point of this plan is to keep this business running and growing to support its family while overcoming the unique set of challenges facing a suburban New England town farm.
  • The Zoo in Forest Park Marketing Plan

    Daniell, Robert; Newell, Rachel (2020-05-01)
    Marketing is crucial for the success of any business. The goal of this thesis is to create a 1 year marketing plan for The Zoo in Forest Park, in Springfield, MA. The Zoo in Forest Park is a private non-profit zoo located in the middle of a public park. The Zoo in Forest Park opened 125 years ago and has undergone several large changes throughout their years of operation including downsizing to their current size of 735 acres. The primary change they are attempting to currently undergo is that they would like to change their focus from entertainment to education, rehabilitation, and conservation. The marketing plan will create a strategy for rebranding The Zoo based on a situation analysis, product analysis, and competitive analysis. This plan will be used by The Zoo in Forest Park to update their old marketing materials, host new events and recreate more programs that reflect the new mission of education, conservation and rehabilitation.
  • NANU BARI: For People Who Love Desi Food – and Their Grandma: A Food Truck Business Plan

    Daniell, Robert; Azam, Shaima (2020-05-01)
    This thesis details the steps necessary to successfully start a mobile restaurant operation (food truck) in the greater Boston area. A primary issue to consider before starting this business venture is the permitting process and what permits are necessary to operate a food truck. As such, a business plan will be required in order to be able to obtain the permits. Along with the business plan, a detailed marketing section illustrating the brand for the business is needed. The marketing plan will include a mission statement or a “why” page to include in our marketing. The vision for this section is to craft a statement that customers can associate our business with; telling the story of my family’s culture, why we pursued the business and emphasizing the importance of food and family. Another primary consideration is where to buy a food truck, how much capital is required, and determining costs of all the necessary renovations. There are many potentially overwhelming steps to starting a food truck, but this thesis will break those steps down into manageable sections to create a comprehensive plan to follow in order to successfully open a competitive and appealing food truck business in the Greater Boston Area.
  • Non-Competition Agreements: A Discussion to Eliminate Their Use

    Goodof, David; Goggin, Nicole (2014-05-17)
    This paper examines non-competition clauses and makes the case for their elimination in the course of conducting business. The main purpose of non-competition clauses is for the business entities, since it reduces the amount of competition they face. However, the burden placed on the worker outweighs the advantages for the businesses. The degree of enforceability of non-competition clauses will be explored in Massachusetts, Colorado, and California. This paper analyzes cases regarding non-competition agreements that pertain to each state. Finally, the case will be made that non-competition clauses should be eliminated and instead further enforce current trade secret statutes in addition to the creation of statutes that protect trade secrets on a state level.
  • The Unprofessional Side of Accounting: Cooking the Books

    Daniell, Robert; Schembri, Adam (2020-05-01)
    This research examines how companies misstate revenues, whether that can be ethical in certain situations, and which laws have been put in place to prevent or limit companies from committing fraud. The term “cooking books” in business refers to when companies make up or manipulate areas of their financial statements to make their numbers stand out more. This research shines light on how serious this issue really is, and what such actions does to not only the company, but those in and around it. How and why do companies commit fraud? How does government regulate and proactively stop fraud from occurring? What has happened to companies in the past that have cooked their books? To answer these research questions, information was collected pertaining to how companies cook their books and why they do it, as well as research different laws that have governed and improved fair and appropriate financial reporting. This list of laws will be at the federal level and consists of looking at the Sarbanes-Oxley Act and its impact on how fraud has been limited and disallowed. Additionally, this research analyzes Enron, Tesco, and Wells Fargo, and their run-ins with fraudulent behaviors. Through looking at their own respective situations, each company’s specific actions they took to make or consciously go about committing fraud will be examined, as well an examination of their financial statements to give indications on how their fraudulent behaviors subsequently impacted the company from an investor’s point of view. Fraud occurs every day in the business world, and it is something that should not be taken lightly. This has been an issue for decades, but is finally slowing thanks to a closer and more restrictive look what has been done in the past and what can be done in the future to make a level playing field.
  • Financial Stability In Not-For-Profit Organizations: A Case Study

    Daniell, Robert; Anderson, Olivia (2019-12-01)
    A nonprofit organization (NPO), is defined as a business “not conducted or maintained for the purpose of making a profit” ( However, to pursue the goal of benefiting society, a nonprofit must have enough funds in order to further their mission. Nonprofits rely heavily on government funding, outside donations, and fundraising to get what they need, but the amount received by an organization fluctuates year to year which makes budgeting and accounting difficult. This thesis will work to evaluate the financial and business processes of the not-for-profit organization called Partners in Development located in Ipswich Massachusetts. Partners in Development is a recognized 501(c)(3) organization that sends teams of volunteers to Haiti, Guatemala, Peru, and the Mississippi Delta to build homes, and provide medical care and clean water to those in need. Based off of extensive research in the not-for-profit sector as well as an interview with the organization’s President; this thesis will identify and explain the business and financial practices of this organization that result in its success, and serve as an example for those wishing to pursue their lifelong dream of helping others.
  • Breaking The Concrete Wall: The Challenges Facing African-American Women In The Workplace

    Mullane, Ken; Pierre, Fredna (2019-05-01)
    The glass ceiling is a term that refers to the barriers that prevent women from attaining top corporate positions within a company. This business term is used to describe the difficulties that all women face. In particular, the barriers that inhibit black women from advancing in their careers are so significant that they have been described as a concrete wall rather than a glass ceiling. The purpose of this research is to identify factors that exist within the corporate hierarchy that have led to the glass ceiling and to compare these factors with those that contribute to the concrete wall and negatively affect African-American women from attaining top managerial positions. Through an extensive literature review, this research intends to explain the work and efforts being done to reduce the disadvantages faced by black women.

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