Recent Submissions

  • Implementing Disability Justice: Using Intersectional and Anti-oppressive Approaches for Helping Professionals

    Johnson, Lisa; Singh, Rose C. (2023-04-24)
    In this webinar, Professor Lisa Johnson (social work) and Rose C. B. Singh (PhD candidate at Memorial University of Newfoundland) will explore disability movements and offer a discussion of the frameworks of intersectionality, critical cultural competence, and anti-oppressive practices. Moderated by Professor Vanessa Ruget. This is the third panel of the CRCA/Berry Library 2023 Contemporary Issues Series on disability justice.
  • Media and Pop-Culture Portrayals of Disability vs. Neurodiversity in Schools

    Scott, Kristina; Dickstein-Fischer, Laurie (2023-03-23)
    Disability representation in media is often skewed and is a disservice to the neurodiversity movement. This presentation will review examples of tokenized representation and challenge these portrayals by focusing on culturally sustaining practices. Participants will begin to examine classroom and school-based practices that are neuro-inclusive and reaffirm that all students belong, and all voices need to be heard. This is the second panel of the CRCA spring seminar series on Disability Justice.