• A Comparative Analysis Of The Effects Of Antecedent Exposure To A Checklist And Performance-Based Feedback

      Trebicka, Helen; Rosenberg, David; Crone-Todd, Darlene (2022-05-05)
      This study focuses on training behavior technicians to implement discrete-trial training with clients on the autism spectrum through the use of an antecedent fidelity checklist, and performance based feedback.
    • An Early Palliative Care Intervention Can Be Confronting But Reassuring For Patients Living With Advanced Cancer

      Bishop, Diana; Bashir, Mercy (2022-05-05)
      Cancer poses a tremendous provocation to global public health and is the second leading cause of death in the United States, 1.89 million people will be diagnosed with cancer and 608,570 people will die from cancer in the United States in 2021.
    • Approaches To Animal Assisted Occupational Therapy For Persons With Intellectual Disabilities

      Wilbur, Jocelyn; Silveira, Jeramie (2022-05-05)
      An exploration of the current approaches utilized by occupational therapy practitioners in treatment of persons with intellectual disabilities, clinical implications, and directions for future research.
    • Are Social Skills And/Or Creative Arts Effective Interventions To Develop Social Skills For Social Participation Among Children Between Grades Kindergarten To 5th Grade?

      Onwochei, Chiedu (2022-05-05)
      This is a comprehensive literature review about the effectiveness of social skills groups and creative arts interventions for developing social skills for social participation for children between grades Kindergarten through 5th grade.
    • BCBA, LABA

      Corcoran, Yvonne; Cassidy, Reagan; Crone-Todd, Darlene (2022-05-05)
      BCBA at a private ABA company in New England
    • Building Inclusive Academically-Engaged Communities

      Valens, Keja; Risam, Roopika; Colina, Fernando; Hartling, Xu (Cissy); Montalva Barba, Miguel; Crow, Kathi; Minteh, Binner; Adee, Kathleen; Noonan, James; Cervoni, Cleti; et al. (2022-05-05)
      In this session, faculty and student collaborators in the Building Inclusive Academically-Engaged Communities program will discuss the projects they developed to promote inclusive teaching and learning at Salem State. Running during this academic year and sponsored by the Office of Inclusive Excellence and Center for Civic Engagement through a grant from the Massachusetts Department of Higher Education's Higher Education Innovation Fund, this pilot program brought together faculty and students from the College of Arts and Sciences, Bertolon School of Business, School of Education, and College of Health and Human Services to mentor each other as they explored inclusive pedagogy.
    • Centering Writing

      DeCiccio, Al; Johnson, Devin; Hughes, Miranda; Quackenbush, William; Cook, Jessica (2022-05-05)
      Jessica Cook discusses her paper about working with students with depression and anxiety. Miranda Hughes discusses her project working with multilingual tutors and multilingual writers. Devon Johnson discusses her investigation into whether or not standard English is racist by working with multilingual writers. William Quackenbush discusses the findings of his pilot study on privatized versus academic online tutoring and determining the effectiveness of different platforms.
    • Comparative Analysis Of Module-Based Training And Behavior Skills Training

      Silva, Steven; Rosenberg, David; Crone-Todd, Darlene; Crone-Todd, Darlene (2022-05-05)
      Comparing Module-based training and Behavior skills training for staff.
    • Complementary And Alternative Medicine For Hypothyroidism Treatment

      Mounchirane, Ajara; Bashir, Mercy (2022-05-05)
      Hypothyroidism is an endocrine ailment caused by an underactive Thyroid gland. This means the thyroid gland does not make enough Thyroid hormone to maintain the body's average balance. It is a clinical disorder commonly encountered by the primary care physician.
    • Complementary And Integrative Health Approaches In Veteran Affairs

      McIsaac, Michaela; Parent, Sarabeth; Silveira, Jeramie (2022-05-05)
      Complementary and integrative health (CIH) includes a broad range of treatment interventions or activities that fall outside of typical clinical practice or conventional medicine and promote overall health and well-being (yoga, meditation, tai chi, etc.). Literature supports an increased prevalence of life-altering illnesses, injuries, and diagnoses among our veteran population. Therefore, it is important to help clinicians stay up to date with best practice to enhance overall health and promote well-being. The purpose of this study is to explore the types of CIH treatment approaches occupational therapy (OT) practitioners working in Veteran Affairs (VA) utilize and how they incorporate them into their treatment planning. The study will also assess OT practitioner’s current knowledge of CIH and how often services are being delivered within the VA. An exploratory, quantitative, survey-based, design will be utilized. Participants will include OT practitioner’s who currently or previously worked within VA facilities across New England.
    • Creating A Community Of Tolerance And Acceptance In Middle School

      Abel, Shannon; Molnar, Kim (2022-05-05)
      Middle school is a time where students start to figure out who they are and how they want to present themselves to the world. They begin to learn that being different can set them apart and can sometimes lead to intolerance and bullying from their peers. In navigating these changes, 11-14 year olds often experience social-emotional distress. For this project I will implement a monthly bulletin board series with corresponding homeroom activities to highlight and embrace students’ differences. The project will focus on topics such as bullying prevention, diversity, self-esteem, and kindness in an effort to shift mindsets and promote a community of understanding and acceptance at a small suburban middle school. Students will be surveyed at the beginning and end of the year to measure the changing levels of acceptance among peers to determine the program’s effectiveness and the impact on overall school climate.
    • Creative Last Words

      Carey, Kevin; Hughes, Miranda; Flaherty, Sam (2022-05-05)
      Sam Flaherty and Miranda Hughes read excepts from their creative writing capstones.
    • Critical Last Words

      Valens, Keja; Cook, Jessica; Escobar-Leswell, Chantelle; Miller, Evan; Eshelman, Sarah (2022-05-05)
      Jessica Cook discusses her thesis Mosaics Of Wholeness: Healing Through Queer Indigenous Self-Telling in Billy-Ray Belcourt's A History Of My Brief Body and Deborah Miranda's Bad Indians. Chantelle Escobar-Lewsell discusses her thesis Exploratory Theatrics: Muriel Spark's Treatment Of A Woman's Absurd In The Driver Seat, Memento Mori, And The Portobello Road. Sarah Eshelman discusses her capstone Community And Literature: How Literature Reflects Our Reality And Reveals Our Aspirations. Evan Miller discusses his thesis Journeying Through The In-Between: An Exploration Of Liminality in José Saramago’s Blindness, All The Names, And The Cave
    • Current Topics in Geography and Sustainability

      Young, Stephen; Ratner, Keith; Emlinger, Ana; Silvern, Steven; Smith, Zachary; Farina, Natasha (2022-05-05)
      Stephen Young and Natasha Farina discuss deforestation and climate change effects in Massachusetts and New England. Other presentations include Farm To University: Creating Sustainable And Localized Campus Food Systems At Salem State And Beyond by Zachary Smith and Steven Silvern, and Reflecting And Relishing Immigrant Voices @ SSU by Keith Ratner and Ana Emlinger
    • Current Topics in Sport and Movement Science Research

      Smolianov, Peter; Ely, Brett; Tataryants, Nonna; Hallice, Samantha; Falzone, Samantha; Gibeault, Elizabeth; Ademi, Olivia; Robinson, Victoria; Havens, Christopher (2022-05-05)
      Nonna Tataryants presents Surveying US Baseball Coaches And Administrators To Explore Practices Of Integrated Development Of Mass and High-Performance Sport. Brett Ely presents Post-Exercise Heat Therapy To Improve Overnight Blood Pressure Response. Samantha Hallice presents Marketing The Sport Of Baseball In The United States.
    • Do Sensory Environments Or Sleep Routines Improve Sleep Participation And Sleep Preparation In Adults With Mental Health Disorders?

      Perkins, Michele; Turcotte, Jill (2022-05-05)
      Over 70 million Americans suffer from chronic sleep problems. In 2020 alone, 52.9 million adults experienced mental illness. A comprehensive literature review was conducted to help Occupational Therapy Practitioners best utilize evidence-based interventions that help facilitate sleep participation among adults with mental health diagnoses
    • Effective Interventions To Reduce Anxiety Related To Fear Of Falling

      Kennedy, Sarah; Fink, Twyla (2022-05-05)
      The purpose of this poster presentation is to help occupational therapy practitioners understand what effective interventions are available to reduce anxiety related to fear of falling. A comprehensive literature review was conducted to determine clinically relevant and statistically significant interventions to specifically treat anxiety related to fear of falling.
    • Examining Relationships In Applied Behavior Analysis: Training In Compassion, Burnout, Self-Compassion, And Inflexibility

      Fuller, Catherine; Schulze, Nele; Crone-Todd, Darlene (2022-05-05)
      Compassionate care has been shown to have a positive impact on treatment outcomes and is embedded as part of the 2022 Ethics Code for Behavior Analysts. Historically, applied behavior analyst training programs have not universally focused on training in compassion and building therapeutic relationships. It is also not clear to what extent behavior analysts incorporate compassion into their own professional roles (e.g., as practitioners, supervisors/supervisees, or trainers), or engage in additional professional or personal training in this area. A further aim was to investigate whether there are any relationships between the self-reported scores on the amount of training in compassion, burnout, self-compassion, and psychological inflexibility. In the present study, behavior analytic practitioners (n=96) were surveyed on their self-reported educational and professional training experiences in compassion and building therapeutic relationships, and their levels of burnout (OLBI), self-compassion (SCS-SF), and psychological inflexibility (AAQ-2). The self-reported results indicate little training in this area, moderate levels of burnout and self-compassion, and generally low levels of psychological inflexibility. Further, there is a negative relationship between self-compassion and inflexibility. These findings suggest a first step in which more specific training in compassion and psychological flexibility should be incorporated into graduate programs and the workplace.
    • Global Health Literacy, Climate Justice and Just Culture in Health Education and Care

      Leger, Robin; Delgado, Abe (Jetzaet) (2022-05-05)
      Robin Leger and Abe Delgado present Global Health Literacy, Climate Justice, Just Culture in Health Education & Care: A pre/post (KSA) seminar in the US & Chile
    • Graduate Student

      Guzman, Josselyn; Rodgers, Joe; Norton, Bethany (2022-05-05)
      Career planning is essential for high school students. This study will focus on the effectiveness of career education for ninth-grade vocational students in an urban setting using the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, career cluster finder and guidance lessons. Evidence for the project will be collected using Naviance and classroom questionnaires. The results of these assessments can guide students to make informed decisions on which technical program they wish to pursue. Students will also begin their own research into possible career paths. This will give students the opportunity to uncover what educational requirements are needed for life after high school.