• A Duet

      Edmunds, Amanda; Miller, Betsy (2022-05-05)
      A Duet is a choreographic work which offers an abstract, embodied reflection on the power of dance in communication and discovery of the self in relationship to the world beyond. This Capstone in Dance project was first presented at the Salem State University dance program's production, Dances in the Raw, on April 25, 2022.
    • A Poke And Prod Into The Attitudes Of College-Aged Students Towards The COVID-19 Vaccine

      McCarthy, Morgan; Leong, Pamela (2022-05-05)
      This research investigates the attitudes of college-aged students towards the COVID-19 vaccine. The prediction is that vaccine hesitancy towards the COVID-19 vaccines that exists in the college-aged population is due to misinformation, distrust in vaccines, and being uninformed. To test this hypothesis, a survey was conducted collecting information regarding vaccines and the COVID-19 pandemic from Salem State University students. The results could not confirm the hypothesis since no significant relationships were found due to the limitations of the study. Although the hypothesis of this research could not be confirmed, this research provides   foundation for future research.
    • A Trip To Neverland

      Sousa, Olivia; Miller, Betsy (2022-05-05)
      What is the "inner child"? How can we access it? This Capstone in Dance project uses movement and music as instigators for expression, creativity, and authenticity, and is presented in the form of a choreographic work. A Trip to Neverland was premiered in the dance program's production, Dances in the Raw, on April 25, 2022.
    • Adolescents And E-Cigarette Use: The Hidden Danger Of Developing E-Cigarette And Vaping Associated Lung Injury

      Aniagu, Anastasia C.; Ebersole, Nancy (2022-05-05)
      Adolescents' excessive use of smoking electronic cigarettes can lead to a new health difficulty called EVALI (electronic cigarette/vaping associated lung injury).
    • Adolescents With Migraine Headaches: Managing Triggers To Support A High Quality Of Life

      Darden, Mikayla; Ebersole, Nancy (2022-05-05)
      A literature review focused on how managing triggers can improve the quality of life for adolescents. Adolescents who suffer from migraine headaches have a decreased quality of life. It is important to understand who is most at risk for migraine headaches, taking into consideration age, family & medical history, lifestyles, and triggers.
    • An Investigation Into The Role Of Gamma Oscillations In Alzheimer's Disease And Future Treatment Options

      Moge, Serena; Chen, Changqing (2022-05-05)
      Alzheimer’s disease (AD) is the most common form of dementia and involves the deterioration of memory and other important cognitive functions. Despite 1 in 3 seniors dying from AD or another form of dementia, there still remains no cure.1 An accumulation of amyloid-beta (Aβ) plaques and tau protein aggregates are what characterize AD. There have been medicines developed that target Aβ and tau protein in order to improve symptoms, but these can neither stop nor delay the progression of AD. Instead, most of the medicines available only aid in symptom control and patient comfort. Researchers have begun to search for new theories of pathogenesis, which may assist in creating new treatments that might cure this disease. One novel area of research in this field is the role of gamma oscillations. It is believed that a disruption in gamma brain waves could be a cause of the formation of Aβ and tau protein aggregation. Although changes in gamma wave activity have been linked to several neurodegenerative and neuropsychiatric disorders, treatments that restore gamma oscillations to their normal activity have not been investigated widely. The goal of this research is to investigate the current knowledge on AD pathogenesis and treatments, with special emphasis on the impact of gamma oscillations and the exploration of treatments that target restoration of gamma waves.
    • An Investigation Into Which Techniques Of Play Therapy Are Most Effective Across A Spectrum Of Behaviors In Children

      Boghosian, Jamie; Gonsalves, Joanna (2022-05-05)
      Play Therapy, a type of therapy in which play is used to help a client share their emotions and work through their issues, is a globally used practice (Cassado-Frankel, 2016). It is used to help many children combat their trauma, anxiety, depression, and several other disorders and conditions. This thesis reports on a meta-analysis of 11 previous research studies in the psychological literature research conducted on this subject and an analysis of data collected via an original survey completed by seventeen child therapists in the New England area who use play therapy on a regular basis with their clients. Consistent with previous studies in the literature, survey respondents reported that play therapy is very effective in helping children clients with their struggles. The survey found that the participants believed a play therapy session should be 30-60 minutes on average in order for it to be effective. The survey also found several patterns in which types of play therapy are most commonly practiced for different types of conditions. For example, the most preferred types of play therapy to practice were Child-Centered Play Therapy and Non-Directive Play Therapy. Another pattern found was that play therapy was most popularly practiced with clients who have anxiety disorders and least used with clients who have oppositional defiant disorder.
    • Analysis Of Metabolites Present In Limonium Carolinianum Endophytes

      Galante-Barrett, Quinn; MacTaylor, Christine (2022-05-05)
      Sea lavender (Limonium carolinianum) is a plant native to salt marshes along the Northeast coast that has medicinal properties in folk medicine. Symbiotic fungi that live inside the plant, called endophytes, were studied to determine if the metabolites produced by the endophytes could be what gives the plant its medicinal properties.
    • Characterizing The Petrology & Geochemistry Of The Nahant Gabbro & Salem Gabbro-Diorite

      Kopellas, Ava; Mana, Sara; Mana, Sara (2022-05-05)
      The Avalon Terrane formed during the late Proterozoic as a volcanic arc that was originally part of Gondwana and later rifted away from the supercontinent. During this rifting process, the Nahant Gabbro (NG) formed ~488 Ma, and later stages of rifting within Avalon led to the intrusion of the Salem Gabbro-Diorite (SGD; 431-425 Ma) and other plutons as part of the Mid-Paleozoic plutonic belt. Avalon gradually made its way across the Atlantic and collided with the modified margin of Laurentia, contributing to the formation of the Appalachian Mountains. The SGD and the NG outcrops are adjacent and due to their similarities in rock types, they can be hard to distinguish in the field. In this study, we collected five samples in four different localities (Nahant, Marblehead, Highland pluton, and Forest River pluton) to establish possible differences in petrology and geochemistry. Petrographic and modal analyses are performed on thin sections, while major and trace elements are obtained via whole-rock XRF and LA-ICP-MS. The NG is phaneritic with coarse plagioclase, pyroxene, and amphibole. Samples collected from Marblehead, Highland Pluton, and Forest River display a porphyritic-phaneritic texture with plagioclase phenocrysts. Finally, a component of the Highland Pluton is phaneritic, although fine-grained, and displays a “dalmatian” pattern with clusters of mafic minerals. On a TAS diagram, samples from Nahant and Marblehead are basalts while the samples from the Highland Pluton and Forest River plot along a trend from basalt to trachyandesite. Samples from Nahant, Marblehead, and the dalmatian sample from the Highland Pluton are consistently more primitive with high MgO, low SiO2, and are depleted in incompatible trace elements as compared to the SGD. At this time we are unable to conclusively discriminate between the two plutonic bodies confirming the significance of this study.
    • Comprehensive Implementation Of Trauma Informed Care In Medical Settings: A Preliminary Framework (Phase One)

      Geary-Souza, Martine K.; Sierra-Diez, Neitza; Vincent, Rebecca; Pizzi, Samantha; Saltikoff, Nathalie (2022-05-05)
      Adverse childhood experiences, or ACEs, are traumatic events that occur in childhood (0-17 years) (Centers for Disease Control [CDC], 2021). According to The Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) Study, conducted by the CDC and Kaiser Permanente, approximately 61% of adults surveyed across 25 states indicated that they had experienced at least one type of ACE, while close to 1 in 6 had experienced 4 or more types (Centers for Disease Control [CDC], 2021). Given the prevalence of ACEs, or trauma, in our society, it is reasonable to extrapolate to the importance of addressing it universally in our culture. Since childhood trauma has been linked to several negative health outcomes (CDC, 2021), the comprehensive integration of services aimed at treating trauma must include health care systems with global staff participation – including but not limited to physicians, administrative staff, front of house staff, and nurses. This study aimed to create a preliminary, comprehensive framework for the medical implementation of Trauma Informed Care (TIC) through surveys of medical professionals' opinions, understanding, and current practices regarding TIC. A purposive snowball sampling method was used to recruit participants. The inclusion criteria for the study was that participants were 18 years of age and older and worked in the health care field. Seventeen individuals completed an anonymous online survey on SurveyMonkey. There was a mix of quantitative (Likert scale) questions and open-ended questions. Both EXCEL and SPSS were used for the data analysis. Qualitative data was analyzed using content analysis. Forty-one percent of the sample were Physicians and eighteen percent were Nurse Practitioners. Twenty-nine percent of respondents reported having a personal history of trauma. Although the sample size was small, enough qualitative data was collected to make initial recommendations for the integration of TIC into health care settings. Findings also indicated that practitioners with a personal history of trauma had a higher level of confidence in their competency to utilize TIC standards of care.
    • D.O.S.E.

      Gomes, Aquissana; Miller, Betsy (2022-05-05)
      D.O.S.E., a Capstone in Dance project, explores the relationship of dance to joy. This choreographic work premiered at the dance program's production of Dances in the Raw on April 25, 2022.
    • Dehumanization, Criminalization, Persecution, And Extermination: An Examination Of The Legal Oppression And Horrific Violence Against Queer People In Nazi Germany

      Weisse, Christian B.; Kyrou, Alexandros (2022-05-05)
      This PowerPoint is a summary of my research conducted during the spring 2021 semester. The research focuses on the legal persecution, and ultimate extermination, of queer people in Nazi Germany. As a trigger warning, this PowerPoint, capstone thesis paper, and research contain graphic content involving murder, assault, medical experimentation, and other disturbing material.
    • Dressed For The Occasion: Fashion And First Ladies Of The Nineteenth-Century

      Foley, Caroline; Kyrou, Alexandros (2022-05-05)
      American First Ladies of the nineteenth-century utilized fashion as a method of communication and influence.
    • Endophytic Species Linked To Medicinal Uses Of Juniperus Virginiana

      Pham, Deoliveira, Sam,Camilla; MacTaylor, Christine (2022-05-05)
      In this study, fungal endophytes were isolated and studied for medicinal use from Juniperus Virginiana, widely known as the Juniper plant. A Juniperus Virginiana sample was taken from the salt marsh at Salem State University. Antibacterial properties of stem, berry, and leaf sections were tested against Eschera Coli, Staphylococcus Aureus, Pseudomonas Aureus, and Vibrio Parahaemolyticus. LC-MS was used to examine the extracts further. Many molecules were collected from the LC-MC and their medicinal properties were analyzed.
    • Exploring The Line Between Representation And Exploitation Of Disabilities In Entertainment Media

      Crowley, Sophia; Gonsalves, Joanna (2022-05-05)
      Consistent with the sociocultural model, consumption of popular media influences a community's thoughts, opinions, feelings, and actions towards groups of people represented. Because of this it is important that historically marginalized groups of people are accurately represented in the entertainment media. However, this is often not the case, especially in regard to the disabled community. To showcase the lack of representation a content analysis of 100 popular media sources with disabled characters was conducted. These sources were then analyzed to see the types of representation in much of the popular media of today, for example if characters were played by an actor with a disability or if the disability was a main plot point of the story. Along with the content analysis, ten qualitative interviews with people within the disabled community were conducted to learn about their views of disability representation, exploitation, and existing examples in the media. These interviews asked questions about people’s view of representation, exploitation, and their opinions on the existing examples in the media. This research found that not only is there a lack of representation, but a lack of accurate representation, and this is viewed as problematic by participants in the current study. This research provides guidance on how the entertainment industry can improve the representation of the disabled community.
    • Exploring The Medicinal Properties Of Juniperus Virginiana L.

      Jor, Ryan; MacTaylor, Christine (2022-05-05)
      Juniper endophytes/metabolites are extracted and analyzed for medicinal properties with LCMS. Four types of bacteria provide a test for inhibition with our juniper endophytes/metabolites.
    • Fact Or Fiction: Investigating Whether The Csi Effect Is A Valid Concern Or Popular Myth

      Santana, Anthony; Curcio, Gina (2022-05-05)
      The CSI effect is a phenomenon in which forensic science used in criminal investigations has been exaggerated by fiction-based crime TV shows and movies (i.e., CSI, Law and Order, Criminal Minds, etc.), which has influenced public perception on what to expect from real criminal investigations. These TV shows have portrayed an image of what criminal investigations should look like and the type of evidence that is presented in television courtrooms far from what is actually done in reality. Thus, people in the criminal justice system (i.e., prosecutors, judges, lawyers) have attributed an increase in people and juror expectations and demands for more scientific evidence (i.e., DNA, fingerprints) in criminal trials to the CSI effect. To investigate this claim of a rise in expectations and demands for scientific evidence, this research study conducted an anonymous, self-administered online survey consisting of about 17 questions that was administered to Salem State University undergraduate and graduate students from all different disciplines (N = 90). The survey collected demographic data as well as more specific information about students’ crime-based TV shows viewing habits and their demands for scientific evidence in criminal trials.
    • Fostering Cohesive Co-Caring Relationships Between Caregivers And Families Of Infant-Toddler Aged Children

      Feener, Abigail M.; Schumaker Murphy, Megan (2022-05-05)
      Instilling cohesive family-teacher relationships is beneficial for all children, especially when it relates to children at the infant and toddler age. When fostering these relationships, educators must be mindful on what a family is, what family functions are, and what the role of an educator is in relation to family functions at a young age. In working with families, it is important to remember that educators are an extension of the families care team, andc while they can make recommendations, decisions are ultimately the families in terms of what is best for that child. In order to instill a relationship in which healthy communication happens, an educator must be culturally responsive, respect the family dynamic, and educate themselves in areas they may not be familiar with. There are many strategies that previous research suggests fosters cohesive co-caring relationships between a parent and an educator in infant and toddler-aged children. These include good and open communication, discrepancies between challenging and undermining the support received and eliminating tension that may be present in conflicts. In this day in age, a lot of communication is present digitally. Educators in the modern world are using mostly online or digital ways of communication, such as Zoom calls, phone calls, or applications that a center may use. While these are substantial ways of communication, we need to ensure that the methods we use are culturally responsive and apply to the needs of all of the students in the classroom, including those who may not speak English at home, do not have technology access, or are working in the hours that educators are providing care to the children.
    • Georadar Analysis For Geomorphic Evidence Of Prehistoric Breaches At Nahant Tombolo, Massachusetts, USA

      Rosario, Korina; Hanson, Lindley; Hubeny, Brad; Hanson, Lindley; Hubeny, Brad (2022-05-05)
      Paraglacial coasts utilize their barrier systems as a defense mechanism for the mainland from the open ocean. Large storms, such as nor’easters and hurricanes, occasionally breach barriers, altering back barrier environments. Therefore, understanding both the nature and periodicity of such events is pivotal in maintaining coastline sustainability. In this study we investigated the Nahant, MA tombolo which serves as a barrier seaward of the Saugus River mouth. Nahant tombolo is a sand dominated barrier, spanning 2km long and 150m wide with a tidal range of 2.7m. Our goal was to observe the geophysical stratigraphy in order to identify potential storm driven breach channels, and to interpret them in the terms of the evolution of the tombolo. A GSSI Ground Penetrating RADAR (GPR) with a 350 MHz hyperstacking antenna was used to investigate the subsurface, and Radan was used for data analysis and processing. Subsurface profiles were generated along 14 continuous beach segments located on a paved path seaward of the done crest. Reflectors were compared to previous studies of subsurface RADAR facies. GPR records logged only three inlet features which were concentrated in a 300 m sector of the 2km tombolo. Inlet features include a basin fill, and two channel fill patterns including complex and accretionary. Prehistoric channels range from 3 to 6m in width and 5 to 6m in depth. Our data indicates that the Nahant tombolo has experienced at least three breaching events since its formation, possibly 3 to 5 thousand years ago. Such events are constrained to a specific stretch of the tombolo, and are infrequent in the geologic record.
    • Greener Medicines Using Verbascum Thapsus

      Butler, Becky; Mactaylor, Christine (2022-05-05)
      Common mullein has been used for many years as an herbal remedy. This study identifies 27 different medicinal compounds and explores the impact of endophytes on green chemistry.