• The Effect Of Music Therapy Programs On Inmates' Anxiety, Depression, And Self-Esteem

      Robblee, Molly; Howerton-Orcutt, Amanda (2022-05-05)
      Music therapy is becoming a more commonly used rehabilitative technique. However, the use of music therapy in correctional settings is a relatively new concept. Because of this, the effects of music therapy programs on inmates' mental health have not been widely studied. In my Senior Honors Thesis project, I conducted a literature review comparing ten studies on the impact of music therapy in correctional facilities on inmates' anxiety, depression, and self-esteem. I found that music therapy does have the ability to reduce inmates' anxiety and depression and increase their self-esteem, however, there are significant limitations that must be taken into consideration. It is crucial to conduct further research on the matter to fully understand the impact that music therapy may have on inmates' mental health.
    • A Trip To Neverland

      Sousa, Olivia; Miller, Betsy (2022-05-05)
      What is the "inner child"? How can we access it? This Capstone in Dance project uses movement and music as instigators for expression, creativity, and authenticity, and is presented in the form of a choreographic work. A Trip to Neverland was premiered in the dance program's production, Dances in the Raw, on April 25, 2022.
    • An Investigation Into The Role Of Gamma Oscillations In Alzheimer's Disease And Future Treatment Options

      Moge, Serena; Chen, Changqing (2022-05-05)
      Alzheimer’s disease (AD) is the most common form of dementia and involves the deterioration of memory and other important cognitive functions. Despite 1 in 3 seniors dying from AD or another form of dementia, there still remains no cure.1 An accumulation of amyloid-beta (Aβ) plaques and tau protein aggregates are what characterize AD. There have been medicines developed that target Aβ and tau protein in order to improve symptoms, but these can neither stop nor delay the progression of AD. Instead, most of the medicines available only aid in symptom control and patient comfort. Researchers have begun to search for new theories of pathogenesis, which may assist in creating new treatments that might cure this disease. One novel area of research in this field is the role of gamma oscillations. It is believed that a disruption in gamma brain waves could be a cause of the formation of Aβ and tau protein aggregation. Although changes in gamma wave activity have been linked to several neurodegenerative and neuropsychiatric disorders, treatments that restore gamma oscillations to their normal activity have not been investigated widely. The goal of this research is to investigate the current knowledge on AD pathogenesis and treatments, with special emphasis on the impact of gamma oscillations and the exploration of treatments that target restoration of gamma waves.
    • The First School Shooter: Examining Multiple Causation In A Case Of Mass Murder

      Lowe, Madison; Gow, David (2022-05-05)
      Case study of Charles Whitman, examining multiple avenues of causation leading up to a school shooting at the University of Austin Texas. Social, environmental, behavioral, and biological factors are discussed in relation to how they influenced Whitman to commit the shooting.
    • Dressed For The Occasion: Fashion And First Ladies Of The Nineteenth-Century

      Foley, Caroline; Kyrou, Alexandros (2022-05-05)
      American First Ladies of the nineteenth-century utilized fashion as a method of communication and influence.
    • D.O.S.E.

      Gomes, Aquissana; Miller, Betsy (2022-05-05)
      D.O.S.E., a Capstone in Dance project, explores the relationship of dance to joy. This choreographic work premiered at the dance program's production of Dances in the Raw on April 25, 2022.
    • A Duet

      Edmunds, Amanda; Miller, Betsy (2022-05-05)
      A Duet is a choreographic work which offers an abstract, embodied reflection on the power of dance in communication and discovery of the self in relationship to the world beyond. This Capstone in Dance project was first presented at the Salem State University dance program's production, Dances in the Raw, on April 25, 2022.
    • The Racialization Of Gumball Waterson

      Hoard, Emilyann; Hains, Rebecca (2022-05-05)
      This was a report on the racialization of Gumball Waterson from the Amazing World of Gumball.
    • An Investigation Into Which Techniques Of Play Therapy Are Most Effective Across A Spectrum Of Behaviors In Children

      Boghosian, Jamie; Gonsalves, Joanna (2022-05-05)
      Play Therapy, a type of therapy in which play is used to help a client share their emotions and work through their issues, is a globally used practice (Cassado-Frankel, 2016). It is used to help many children combat their trauma, anxiety, depression, and several other disorders and conditions. This thesis reports on a meta-analysis of 11 previous research studies in the psychological literature research conducted on this subject and an analysis of data collected via an original survey completed by seventeen child therapists in the New England area who use play therapy on a regular basis with their clients. Consistent with previous studies in the literature, survey respondents reported that play therapy is very effective in helping children clients with their struggles. The survey found that the participants believed a play therapy session should be 30-60 minutes on average in order for it to be effective. The survey also found several patterns in which types of play therapy are most commonly practiced for different types of conditions. For example, the most preferred types of play therapy to practice were Child-Centered Play Therapy and Non-Directive Play Therapy. Another pattern found was that play therapy was most popularly practiced with clients who have anxiety disorders and least used with clients who have oppositional defiant disorder.
    • Exploring The Line Between Representation And Exploitation Of Disabilities In Entertainment Media

      Crowley, Sophia; Gonsalves, Joanna (2022-05-05)
      Consistent with the sociocultural model, consumption of popular media influences a community's thoughts, opinions, feelings, and actions towards groups of people represented. Because of this it is important that historically marginalized groups of people are accurately represented in the entertainment media. However, this is often not the case, especially in regard to the disabled community. To showcase the lack of representation a content analysis of 100 popular media sources with disabled characters was conducted. These sources were then analyzed to see the types of representation in much of the popular media of today, for example if characters were played by an actor with a disability or if the disability was a main plot point of the story. Along with the content analysis, ten qualitative interviews with people within the disabled community were conducted to learn about their views of disability representation, exploitation, and existing examples in the media. These interviews asked questions about people’s view of representation, exploitation, and their opinions on the existing examples in the media. This research found that not only is there a lack of representation, but a lack of accurate representation, and this is viewed as problematic by participants in the current study. This research provides guidance on how the entertainment industry can improve the representation of the disabled community.
    • The Molecular Pathophysiology Of Late Onset Alzheimer's Disease

      Jeffries, Fred; Chen, Changqing (2022-05-05)
      Alzheimer's Disease is a progressive degenerative neurological disease that is characterized by the insidious loss of memory, with the degree of cognitive impairment worsening over progressive decades. It has distinct neuropathological findings that define the disease, including, amyloid (Aβ) plaques, neuritic plaques, and neurofibrillary tangles composed of filamentous tau proteins. The accumulation and deposition of Aβ peptide in the brain has been long been suspected to be a primary cause of Alzheimer's disease (AD). Aβ plaques provide the nexus for the formation of neuritic plaques. Microglia interacts with the neuritic plaques, releasing cytokines and reactive species that may be responsible for dysconformation of tau, leading to neurofibrillary tangles (NFTs). Tau pathology, NFTs, and neuronal death are likely the cause of cognitive deterioration in AD. The molecular pathophysiology of AD demonstrates a complex interplay between production and clearance, stimulation and overstimulation. The result is a disease whose cure needs to take multiple different forms, including targeting Aβ accumulation or clearance, immune modulation, tau interaction accumulation.
    • In Search Of My Identity: A Multi-Cultural Upbringing

      Adam, Shannon; Melilli, Mary (2022-05-05)
      13-minute video with voiceover narration, interviews, and text describing the firsthand experiences of five college-age women (including the author) who were born in one country, have lived in at least one other country, and speak several languages. The women share stories and thoughts on what it means to be multi-cultural while living in the US.
    • Witness Me

      McCollim, Abriana; Miller, Betsy (2022-05-05)
      Witness Me, a Capstone in Dance project, is an exploration of authentic movement in a performance setting. Recording from Salem State University dance program production, Dances in the Raw, April 25, 2022.
    • Sport Related Performance Anxiety In Collegiate Student Athletes: Examining The Effects Of COVID-19

      Hogan, Gracie; Schoen, Christopher (2022-05-05)
      This study uses a combination of survey instruments and qualitative measures to analyze and seek to understand levels of performance anxiety in division 3 student athletes and how the Covid-19 pandemic has impacted this.
    • How Our Relationships With Ourselves Impact Our Relationships With Others

      Kollman-Veit, Chloe; Mark, Christopher (2022-05-05)
      Out of the many theories as to why and how humans choose their long-term mates, two different models are explored in the present study. Evolutionary models explore the mating strategies used by the two sexes, focusing on the resources each sex can provide to their mate and any subsequent offspring to increase the probability of sexual reproduction in said offspring. Alternatively, cognitive models explore the reasons behind a human’s thought processes and potential emotions that contribute to mate choice. Evolutionary models cannot explain all human mating, especially those who cannot reproduce heterosexually. Specifically, the LGBTQ+ community have been historically overlooked regarding these theories. The present study investigated whether human mate preference is most accurately described using a evolutionary versus a cognitive model. It was hypothesized that the mating preference for those who identify as being part of the LGBTQ+ community will be best explained by a cognitive model, while the mating preference of heterosexual participants will be best explained by an evolutionary model. Participants (N=97) were asked to rate certain traits, first for themselves and then for a potential future partner. Results showed that a cognitive model could explain mate preference for both LGBTQ+ and heterosexual individuals [linear regression: df = 1, F = 983.528, p < .0001, R2 = .912] Someone who rated a characteristic in themselves highly would rate that characteristic important in a partner highly as well. Those who recreate this study should try a random sampling method, and further, explore how people’s expression of their sexuality impacts their long-term mate preference
    • Medicinal Uses Of Rhus Coriaria Aka Sumac

      Jones, Meghan; MacTaylor, Christine (2022-05-05)
      Rhus coriaria or Sumac is a plant which is most known as being used as a spice and a dye. In addition to this, it also has biological activity. It has been used as an antioxidant, antimicrobial, antifungal, anti-inflammatory, antidiabetic, an anticancer.
    • Exploring The Medicinal Properties Of Juniperus Virginiana L.

      Jor, Ryan; MacTaylor, Christine (2022-05-05)
      Juniper endophytes/metabolites are extracted and analyzed for medicinal properties with LCMS. Four types of bacteria provide a test for inhibition with our juniper endophytes/metabolites.
    • Social Isolation And Loneliness In The COVID-19 Pandemic

      Lee, Emma; Krugman, Martin (2022-05-05)
      A literature review was conducted on the effects of social isolation and other variables on loneliness in the COVID-19 pandemic. It was found that loneliness was prevalent - but did not seem to generally increase - in times of social isolation during the first year of the pandemic. It was also found that some additional variables influenced the prevalence of loneliness during times of social isolation in the first year of the pandemic.
    • New Constraints On Formation Of Orthogneiss In Southern Adirondacks Using Integrated Petrology, Zircon U-Pb Geochronology, And Whole Rock Geochemistry

      McCaffery, Kyle; Toraman, Erkan; Chiarenzelli, Jeffery R.; Toraman, Erkan (2022-05-05)
      The Adirondack Mountains (ADK) form the southern part of the Grenville Province, a poly-deformed orogenic complex formed in the Mesoproterozoic during the formation of Rodinia. The ADK is subdivided into two domains, separated by the Carthage-Colton Mylonite Zone. The Lowlands are characterized by upper amphibolite-facies metasedimentary rocks, including marbles, evaporites, and volcanic units, whereas the Highlands are formed by granulite-facies meta igneous rocks and anorthosite-mangerite-charnockite-granite magmatic complex. A large suite of granulite-facies orthogneisses exposed in the Southern Highlands yields the oldest (>1.3 Ga) ages, however, those ages come from a limited number of outcrops. We present new petrological, geochemical, and geochronological results from several quartzofeldspatic orthogneiss units to better document the timing and tectonic setting of these rocks. All samples are mainly composed of quartz, felspar, biotite, pyroxene, and opaque minerals. Foliation and lineation are defined by elongated quartz ribbons and feldspar grains, or biotite laminae. High-temperature microstructures, such as flame perthites in feldspars or checkerboard extinction in quartz are commonly observed in thin sections. Major element analyses show that samples have calc-alkaline affinities, suggesting an arc environment. U-Pb zircon geochronology indicated two age groups. 1150 Ma which is the Shawinigan Orogeny and 1350 Ma which aligns with known pre-orogenic magmatic activity.
    • Characterizing The Petrology & Geochemistry Of The Nahant Gabbro & Salem Gabbro-Diorite

      Kopellas, Ava; Mana, Sara; Mana, Sara (2022-05-05)
      The Avalon Terrane formed during the late Proterozoic as a volcanic arc that was originally part of Gondwana and later rifted away from the supercontinent. During this rifting process, the Nahant Gabbro (NG) formed ~488 Ma, and later stages of rifting within Avalon led to the intrusion of the Salem Gabbro-Diorite (SGD; 431-425 Ma) and other plutons as part of the Mid-Paleozoic plutonic belt. Avalon gradually made its way across the Atlantic and collided with the modified margin of Laurentia, contributing to the formation of the Appalachian Mountains. The SGD and the NG outcrops are adjacent and due to their similarities in rock types, they can be hard to distinguish in the field. In this study, we collected five samples in four different localities (Nahant, Marblehead, Highland pluton, and Forest River pluton) to establish possible differences in petrology and geochemistry. Petrographic and modal analyses are performed on thin sections, while major and trace elements are obtained via whole-rock XRF and LA-ICP-MS. The NG is phaneritic with coarse plagioclase, pyroxene, and amphibole. Samples collected from Marblehead, Highland Pluton, and Forest River display a porphyritic-phaneritic texture with plagioclase phenocrysts. Finally, a component of the Highland Pluton is phaneritic, although fine-grained, and displays a “dalmatian” pattern with clusters of mafic minerals. On a TAS diagram, samples from Nahant and Marblehead are basalts while the samples from the Highland Pluton and Forest River plot along a trend from basalt to trachyandesite. Samples from Nahant, Marblehead, and the dalmatian sample from the Highland Pluton are consistently more primitive with high MgO, low SiO2, and are depleted in incompatible trace elements as compared to the SGD. At this time we are unable to conclusively discriminate between the two plutonic bodies confirming the significance of this study.