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  • Zora Neale Hurston, Their Eyes Were Watching God: Southern Food Culture And Regional Identity

    Wright, Heather; Gubbins, James (2022-05-05)
    African American author Zora Neale Hurston (1891-1960) provides a literary gateway to the past. A close study of her novel Their Eyes Were Watching God, reveals numerous references to southern food and southern food rituals. Hurston uses the universal experience of food rituals to create an emotional connection to the American South. These food traditions connect the reader to the experience of cooking and sharing a meal, while simultaneously exposing the rich history of African American foodways in the South.
  • Dehumanization, Criminalization, Persecution, And Extermination: An Examination Of The Legal Oppression And Horrific Violence Against Queer People In Nazi Germany

    Weisse, Christian B.; Kyrou, Alexandros (2022-05-05)
    This PowerPoint is a summary of my research conducted during the spring 2021 semester. The research focuses on the legal persecution, and ultimate extermination, of queer people in Nazi Germany. As a trigger warning, this PowerPoint, capstone thesis paper, and research contain graphic content involving murder, assault, medical experimentation, and other disturbing material.
  • Medicinal Properties Of Sea Lavender (Limonium)

    Wonson, Lauren; MacTaylor. Christine; MacTaylor, Christine (2022-05-05)
    Sea lavender, Limonium, was collected from the Pickman Park salt marsh in Massachusetts as shown on the map and was plated to grow endophytes. Endophytes are fungi that live symbiotically inside other plants and are known to have beneficial medicinal properties. In this research, they were tested, for anti-bacterial properties and 16 medicinal compounds were identified
  • A Trip To Neverland

    Sousa, Olivia; Miller, Betsy (2022-05-05)
    What is the "inner child"? How can we access it? This Capstone in Dance project uses movement and music as instigators for expression, creativity, and authenticity, and is presented in the form of a choreographic work. A Trip to Neverland was premiered in the dance program's production, Dances in the Raw, on April 25, 2022.
  • Georadar Analysis For Geomorphic Evidence Of Prehistoric Breaches At Nahant Tombolo, Massachusetts, USA

    Rosario, Korina; Hanson, Lindley; Hubeny, Brad; Hanson, Lindley; Hubeny, Brad (2022-05-05)
    Paraglacial coasts utilize their barrier systems as a defense mechanism for the mainland from the open ocean. Large storms, such as nor’easters and hurricanes, occasionally breach barriers, altering back barrier environments. Therefore, understanding both the nature and periodicity of such events is pivotal in maintaining coastline sustainability. In this study we investigated the Nahant, MA tombolo which serves as a barrier seaward of the Saugus River mouth. Nahant tombolo is a sand dominated barrier, spanning 2km long and 150m wide with a tidal range of 2.7m. Our goal was to observe the geophysical stratigraphy in order to identify potential storm driven breach channels, and to interpret them in the terms of the evolution of the tombolo. A GSSI Ground Penetrating RADAR (GPR) with a 350 MHz hyperstacking antenna was used to investigate the subsurface, and Radan was used for data analysis and processing. Subsurface profiles were generated along 14 continuous beach segments located on a paved path seaward of the done crest. Reflectors were compared to previous studies of subsurface RADAR facies. GPR records logged only three inlet features which were concentrated in a 300 m sector of the 2km tombolo. Inlet features include a basin fill, and two channel fill patterns including complex and accretionary. Prehistoric channels range from 3 to 6m in width and 5 to 6m in depth. Our data indicates that the Nahant tombolo has experienced at least three breaching events since its formation, possibly 3 to 5 thousand years ago. Such events are constrained to a specific stretch of the tombolo, and are infrequent in the geologic record.
  • Medicinally Useful Metabolites Of Common Mullein Endophytes

    Sanger, Emma; MacTaylor, Christine (2022-05-05)
    Mullein was procured from the Salem salt march and tested for medically useful compounds. Endophytes grown from mullein leaves and its metabolites were tested for bioactivity against four strains of bacteria. Extracts were also evaluated with LCMS to identify medically interesting components.
  • Fact Or Fiction: Investigating Whether The Csi Effect Is A Valid Concern Or Popular Myth

    Santana, Anthony; Curcio, Gina (2022-05-05)
    The CSI effect is a phenomenon in which forensic science used in criminal investigations has been exaggerated by fiction-based crime TV shows and movies (i.e., CSI, Law and Order, Criminal Minds, etc.), which has influenced public perception on what to expect from real criminal investigations. These TV shows have portrayed an image of what criminal investigations should look like and the type of evidence that is presented in television courtrooms far from what is actually done in reality. Thus, people in the criminal justice system (i.e., prosecutors, judges, lawyers) have attributed an increase in people and juror expectations and demands for more scientific evidence (i.e., DNA, fingerprints) in criminal trials to the CSI effect. To investigate this claim of a rise in expectations and demands for scientific evidence, this research study conducted an anonymous, self-administered online survey consisting of about 17 questions that was administered to Salem State University undergraduate and graduate students from all different disciplines (N = 90). The survey collected demographic data as well as more specific information about students’ crime-based TV shows viewing habits and their demands for scientific evidence in criminal trials.
  • Patients, Providers And Perceptions: Achieving Quality Of Care When Goals Are Not Aligned

    Smith, Catherine; Ebersole, Nancy (2022-05-05)
    Despite asthma remaining one of the most common chronic pediatric conditions, patients are still constantly hospitalized due to poor self-management. Patient-centered care requires professionals to understand what barriers need to be modified in order to promote controlled asthma during healthy childhood/adolescent development. This literature review consists of seven key articles from CINAHL and PubMed with common themes identified: (1) nurses can help incorporate asthma care techniques that enhance healthy childhood and adolescent development (2) nurses can help identify family roles to start establishing patient resilience in childhood and (3) patients who have an interdependent relationship with providers have increased medical treatment adherence. These themes highlight the need for healthcare workers to ensure that patient-centered care is the core of patients self-managing their asthma. At the same time, natural family roles are respected, and patients can care for themselves with little distractions from having a healthy childhood. In return, this will help improve the quality of self-care and decrease hospital readmissions in asthmatic pediatric patients.
  • The Effect Of Music Therapy Programs On Inmates' Anxiety, Depression, And Self-Esteem

    Robblee, Molly; Howerton-Orcutt, Amanda (2022-05-05)
    Music therapy is becoming a more commonly used rehabilitative technique. However, the use of music therapy in correctional settings is a relatively new concept. Because of this, the effects of music therapy programs on inmates' mental health have not been widely studied. In my Senior Honors Thesis project, I conducted a literature review comparing ten studies on the impact of music therapy in correctional facilities on inmates' anxiety, depression, and self-esteem. I found that music therapy does have the ability to reduce inmates' anxiety and depression and increase their self-esteem, however, there are significant limitations that must be taken into consideration. It is crucial to conduct further research on the matter to fully understand the impact that music therapy may have on inmates' mental health.
  • Endophytic Species Linked To Medicinal Uses Of Juniperus Virginiana

    Pham, Deoliveira, Sam,Camilla; MacTaylor, Christine (2022-05-05)
    In this study, fungal endophytes were isolated and studied for medicinal use from Juniperus Virginiana, widely known as the Juniper plant. A Juniperus Virginiana sample was taken from the salt marsh at Salem State University. Antibacterial properties of stem, berry, and leaf sections were tested against Eschera Coli, Staphylococcus Aureus, Pseudomonas Aureus, and Vibrio Parahaemolyticus. LC-MS was used to examine the extracts further. Many molecules were collected from the LC-MC and their medicinal properties were analyzed.
  • Understanding Alzheimer’s Disease And Its Connection With Sleep Disorders.

    Ovalles, Ismenia; Chen, Changqing (2022-05-05)
    An overview of different sleep studies and how breathing disorders and sleep disturbances are associated with Alzheimer's Disease.
  • The Impact Of Disparate Treatment On Pregnancy Outcomes In Minority Women 

    Pueyo-Garcia, Claudia; Ebersole, Nancy (2022-05-05)
    The disproportionate burden of maternal mortality among the African American community can be attributed to inequitable laws, cultural norms, and health practices. Over the course of a woman's lifespan and pregnancy, each of these elements has contributed to and aggravated the rising prevalence of health morbidities, life stresses, access to health care facilities and preventative treatment, as well as a lower quality of care.
  • The Correct Response To ‘Hey Boss Babe’ Is ‘No’: An Exploration Of The Recruiting Techniques Of Multilevel Marketing

    Ortiz, Marguerite M.; Bahnan, Nisreen (2022-05-05)
    While many people have heard the term “multilevel marketing”, most may not know what the term means and are not aware that the business model is controversial. Multilevel marketing, also known as MLM, sometimes referred to as network marketing or relationship marketing, is a version of direct selling where products are sold and bought through various channels of independent distributors. Many do not want to discuss the messy, unethical, and illegal business practices that may go on in the MLM community. With tactics such as undisclosed earnings and empty promises of effortless riches, MLM corporations enlist a variety of people who are looking for an easy and quick way to make money on the side, such as college students and mothers. While there is some research on the legal and moral issues of MLM -- and that of MLM in relation to gender -- there is little scholarly research using personal experiences to connect gender to the recruitment practices of MLM businesses. Not only do those at risk of being targeted by MLM deserve to know what warning signs to look for in a company, but victims of this system must have their voices and stories heard. Using surveying as a methodology, this research explores the cautionary signs and unethical recruitment practices of MLM corporations, with a specific emphasis on gender. This paper proves the hypothesis that MLM distributors and recruiters disproportionately target women, with 89% of those approached and 96% of participants in MLM identifying as female.
  • Patient-Physician Communication; The Importance Of Effective Communication For Surgical Procedures

    Oliveira, Joice; DeLeon, Patrice (2022-05-05)
    A physician’s ability to effectively communicate information to their patient is critical for a successful patient-physician relationship. Patients who understand their physician are prone to acknowledge their health condition, understand their treatment plan, adjust their behavior, and follow recommendations. For the following research study, I reviewed current literature on how physicians communicate with young patients about surgical procedures. I recruited undergraduate students at Salem State University to participate in a brief anonymous survey about their experiences with open or laparoscopic appendectomies. Results yielded that 3 out of 30 participants had a laparoscopic appendectomy; 2 of those 3 participants reported having struggled with obtaining satisfactory information about the procedure.
  • An Investigation Into The Role Of Gamma Oscillations In Alzheimer's Disease And Future Treatment Options

    Moge, Serena; Chen, Changqing (2022-05-05)
    Alzheimer’s disease (AD) is the most common form of dementia and involves the deterioration of memory and other important cognitive functions. Despite 1 in 3 seniors dying from AD or another form of dementia, there still remains no cure.1 An accumulation of amyloid-beta (Aβ) plaques and tau protein aggregates are what characterize AD. There have been medicines developed that target Aβ and tau protein in order to improve symptoms, but these can neither stop nor delay the progression of AD. Instead, most of the medicines available only aid in symptom control and patient comfort. Researchers have begun to search for new theories of pathogenesis, which may assist in creating new treatments that might cure this disease. One novel area of research in this field is the role of gamma oscillations. It is believed that a disruption in gamma brain waves could be a cause of the formation of Aβ and tau protein aggregation. Although changes in gamma wave activity have been linked to several neurodegenerative and neuropsychiatric disorders, treatments that restore gamma oscillations to their normal activity have not been investigated widely. The goal of this research is to investigate the current knowledge on AD pathogenesis and treatments, with special emphasis on the impact of gamma oscillations and the exploration of treatments that target restoration of gamma waves.
  • How Is The Collaborative Nature Of A Group Affected By Gender?

    Moge, Serena; Conlin, Luke (2022-05-05)
    Previous research suggests that male and female students divide their time in physics lab differently. This study finds that gender affected not just the hands-on division of labor in lab, but also the cognitive division of labor. We analyzed video of lab group's interactions, finding gendered differences in how students distanced themselves by hedging or questioning (Conlin & Scherr, 2018). Male students tended to provide suggestions first and be confident in their initial ideas (less distancing). Female students tended to question initial ideas and think more critically before beginning experiment (more distancing). Understanding how gender plays a role in collaboration can allow group dynamics to be improved in a way that takes this into account.
  • People Behind The Parks: The CCC

    Monasterios, Sarah; Larsson, Erik; Reddick, Evan; Negri, Michael; Grasso, Josh; Bloom, Katherine (2022-05-05)
    The Civilian Conservation Corps was created by President Franklin D. Roosevelt as part of his New Deal legislation. The impact of the CCC cannot be understated.
  • Medicinal Properties Of The Endophytes From Prunus Avium

    Mendoza, Gisady A.; MacTaylor, Christine (2022-05-05)
    Isolated fungal endophytes from the Prunus avium tree, Wild Cherry Tree, were studied for its medicinal properties and uses from the Pickman Park Salt Marsh in Salem, Massachusetts behind Salem State University.
  • Witness Me

    McCollim, Abriana; Miller, Betsy (2022-05-05)
    Witness Me, a Capstone in Dance project, is an exploration of authentic movement in a performance setting. Recording from Salem State University dance program production, Dances in the Raw, April 25, 2022.
  • Training For Success In The Age Of Globalization

    McCormack, Jared; Mullane, Ken (2022-05-05)
    Globalization has caused businesses to operate across varying cultures. Proper cultural training will maximize efficiency and minimize mistakes. This paper examines the relationship between American and Chinese cultural practices within this context.

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