Recent Submissions

  • Canada ou Nouvelle France

    Mallet, Allain Manesson (1684-01-01)
    An early depiction of the Eastern Seaboard, from Terres Arctiques Incognues to Virginie, including also an outline of the Great Lakes. Native Indians appear at the top right and the title is displayed on a scroll cartouche at lower left. From the German text edition published by Davis Zunners. Allain Manneson Mallet (1630-1706), was a military engineer and geographer who worked in 17th century France under King Louis XIV.
  • A Correct Map of North America

    Paas, Cornelius (1800-01-01)
    Relief shown pictorially. Hand colored. Inset: "Supplement to Carolina" shows parts of South Carolina and Georgia. Includes rivers, lakes, boundary lines, cities, towns, forts, and Indian villages and tribal territory. A version of the Robert de Vaugondy map of 1753. Source: A New Historical and Commercial System of Geography; Manchester (UK), 1800. McCorkle 800.2