• Climate Change: What Do We Need To Do? What Are We Doing?

      Hayes, John (2022-03-22)
      The Spring 2022 Contemporary Issues Webinar Series tackles the urgent issue of climate change, asking "What do we need to do? What are we doing?" Professor John Hayes of the SSU Geography and Sustainability Department kicks off the series with a discussion of climate action and climate resiliency planning by city, county, and regional governments to confront and mitigate climate change.
    • Climate Justice And Social Work: Connecting The Dots And Taking Action For Change

      Mason, Lisa Reyes (2022-04-12)
      Professor Lisa Reyes Mason, University of Denver, will address climate change as a social justice issue of our times that social work must confront. The talk will overview the climate crisis, give examples of how social workers are already engaged with this pressing issue, and provide practical steps that any social worker can take. Q&A and discussion with the audience will follow the talk.
    • The Promise Of Offshore Wind

      Lattrell, Seth (2022-04-12)
      Learn about Offshore Wind developments in Salem. Seth Latrell, the city’s Deputy Port Authority, will discuss Salem’s plans to participate in the clean energy future by redeveloping its historic port as an offshore wind construction staging facility.
    • Reporting On The Climate Emergency: A Conversation With Dharna Noor

      Noor, Dharna (2022-04-13)
      Salem State’s Geography and Sustainability Professor Noel Healy will interview Boston Globe’s Climate Producer Dharna Noor. The discussion will cover Dharna’s vast reporting on critical issues connected to environmental justice and the climate crisis. Dharna has positioned herself has one of the most critical voices on the climate in the US, reporting on topics from fossil fuel industry obstructionism, climate and energy policy, to the socio-environmental harms of fossil fuels. Geography & Sustainability Senior and Sunrise Salem Founder Joey Wolongevicz will moderate.