• Welcome Addresses and Keynotes 1-3

      Solloway, Michele; Koury, Samantha; Finkelhor, David (2021-04-16)
      Welcome addresses from Yvonne Vissing, Director of SSU CCYS, and John Keenan, President of SSU. Keynote 1: Trauma in Children, Youth, Families and Communities by Michele Solloway. Dr. Solloway will provide data on trauma, ACES, and a framework that will guide our understanding of trauma on this day. Keynote 2: Trauma Informed Organizations: What they are & how be one by Samantha Koury. This keynote address will explore what trauma-informed care is and how it can be used in our different roles as we support children and youth. She will focus on how important it is for institutions to take a preventative, trauma-informed approach. Keynote 3: Screening Children for Trauma and Adversity: Opportunities and Concerns. Crimes Against Children and Traumatization. By David Finkelhor. Protocols are being implemented to conduct universal screening for trauma and adversity in medical practices and schools. Dr. Finkelhor will talk about why caution is warranted, and some of the important considerations to be taken into account.