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    • Lost: A Collection of Poetry

      Carey, Kevin; Hidden, Cheyenne Michelle (2016-05-01)
      Loss is something we often try to forget, or at the very least, something that we keep deeply private. I began this chapbook with a very specific idea of loss; I wanted to base my poetry on people who had disappeared without a trace. I imagined what could have happened to them. I also wanted to give them the homecomings they deserved. Soon after beginning, I realized that I needed to broaden the theme of loss to include more of a spectrum, from great to small, from personal to abstract, while still allowing room for my own imagination. In this way, I found the freedom to explore the theme of loss in a few different forms with a variety of poems and subjects.
    • Burgeoning Biraciality: What It Means To Be a Young Mulatto In America Today

      Jaros, Michael; Perkins, Via (2013-05-18)
      In the form of 25 open-ended questions, I interviewed six half-black, half-white Salem State University students to seek their uncensored experiences in defining themselves and their world as biracial people. I endeavored to build upon the little existing literature that focused on the complexities of being "mulatto" - a loaded term in and of itself. Transitioning from a once uncommon, disgraced, and shamed community, half-black, half-white individuals now represent the largest group of biracial people in America, which comes with its own modern challenges and triumphs. In the vein of Lise Funderburg's Black, White, Other, these six narratives weave together a complex tapestry of valuable memories, perspectives, and insights that each of these young mulattos possesses. I share the text of these interviews in conjunction with photographs I shot of each interviewee, which add an intimate visual dimension to each narrative. I also include a personal introduction to the project, which explains the inspiration for my undertaking as a part of my own biracial journey. Furthermore, the thesis reveals the benefits of engaging in curious and honest conversations about race - the ways it helps shed light on America's past, and how it can create more understanding and respect between individuals and groups alike in the present. Along with the thesis, there are 18 additional files, including the text of the six interviews and 2 photographs of each interviewee.