• For Goodness Bakes: Family, Cookbooks & Confections

      Torlone, Lauren; Prince, Ashleigh (2020-05-01)
      Cookbooks and recipes are a staple in every kitchen. There are countless dog-eared and sauce stained pages adorning countertops and shelves all around the world, and year after year, those pages are shuffled and shared between friends, family, and the occasional lucky outsider. This thesis project is an exploration of cookbook writing, cookbook culture, digital design, branding and printing. While crafting a cookbook, I will be relating my experiences and findings to research on the history of cookbooks, cookbook culture, and the positive psychological effects of baking. At the conclusion of this project, I will have made and printed a cookbook as a reflection of my findings. This cookbook will be made in honor of the Noel family matriarch, my Great Grandma Ina, who passed away in 2017, and will be titled “For Goodness Bakes”. “For Goodness Bakes” is inspired by Ina and her abundant love for her family, culture, and sharing pastries. My collection of recipes (inherited from Ina and her family members), will be coupled with familial research, personal anecdotes, baking tips, and a series of food and family photography. Throughout this project, it is my goal to further connect to my family’s history, as well as gain meaningful experience in writing and designing for publication.