• Understanding Your Target Audience: A Communications Plan For The Olde Colonial Cafe

      Torlone, Lauren; Eckhardt, Matthew (2019-05-01)
      Having a clear and consistent brand is an important marketing tool for any business. As a whole, the restaurant industry has a unique opportunity to attract a wide range of customers and multiple tools at their disposal to help deliver consistent clientele as well as draw in new people. This paper provides a case study of the Olde Colonial Cafe, a restaurant located in Norwood, Massachusetts. The purpose of this study was to examine the current state of the restaurant and find and create tools that the owner and manager could use to attract a younger target audience, which is a stated primary goal of theirs. Using a variety of research as well as by drawing on my own experiences as a seven year employee of the O.C.C., several changes were recommended and models provided to demonstrate the kinds of updates that are likely to expand their customer base. Sweeping upgrades were made to the O.C.C.’s website and menu. To align with the O.C.C’s goal of reaching a younger audience, two releases were created. The first was a standard format event release and the second a social media release. Both were created based on findings from original research and conversations with the manager and staff at the O.C.C. about ways they might be interested in reaching their desired target audience.