• Creative Salem: A Public Relations Report

      Vincent, Cindy; Diamantides, Alyse (2018-01-01)
      This project serves to clarify and simplify the brand identity of Creative Salem –– an integral organization that connects creative individuals, community and commerce in the city of Salem under owner and chief creator, John Andrews. After extensive background research and planning, a proposal report was created to highlight what Creative Salem is and how it helps the community. The goal was to lay the foundation of the brand from a public relations lens in order to help the business grow and continue to become more financially sustainable as it expands into more communities across the North Shore. For this project, I began by conducting background research on my client and establishing a PR plan with deadlines. As the timeline progressed, I created materials such as a mission statement, elevator pitch and media relations kit that included a backgrounder, news release, fact sheet, staff biographies, illustrated designs, and media links, along with other supporting documents. From then, I organized and conducted a focus group of 10 people to present the information I created and receive feedback. As a result, I listened and took into consideration their advice and presented the final materials to my client for ultimate review.