• Hot, Warm, Cool: The YMCA And You

      Scott, Kristina; Correia, Tatiana (2018-01-01)
      In order for children to self-regulate themselves in situations that may escalate their emotions, children must be able to identify their emotions and understand how they affect their body. This can be challenging as de-escalation strategies typically go against our natural reactions to situations, but as parents and educators, we can retrain a child’s minds to cope with their emotions. Breathing, taking a break, communication, etc. are all elements that children can learn as a skill to cope with their emotions. The following children’s book will have a dual purpose of providing families and their children with what resources the YMCA can provide in certain situations as well as provide a visualization for children on their emotions through an emotion thermometer and educate them on techniques to self-regulate their emotions. The story follows children at the YMCA and highlights escalating situations and describes what the best techniques are to cope with them.