Recent Submissions

  • Division! The Crisis of the Commonwealth in Beverly's Civil War.

    Swindell, Matthew G.; Seger, Donna A. (2021-05-01)
    This thesis delves into the Beverly, Massachusetts, division movement of the 1880s and discusses how through its embodiment of class division issues and concern over the growing influence of money in government during the American Gilded Age, an effort to divide this town into two became the crisis of the Commonwealth as shown in the press and the legislature.
  • Tompson Street Reservation

    Szottfried, Daniel; Parlee, Ian; Young, Stephen (2021-05-01)
    A brief video outlining the Tompson Street Reservation.
  • Arthur Ewell Reservation Video

    Smalley, Rebecca; Young, Stephen (2021-05-01)
    This video was created and edited by Rebecca Smalley. This project was done for Rebecca’s Drones Applications class where she learns how to use drones for numerous activities such as mapping, imagery, and videography. The purpose of this project was to utilize a drone to make a video. The topic of the video is the Arthur Ewell Reservation in Rowley, MA. This reservation is owned and managed by Essex County Greenbelt Association. In the video, you will see footage of the reservation’s scenery and wildlife. All aerial footage of the reservation was taken with a DJI Mavic Pro drone, and all hand-held footage was taken with a Nikon D3400.
  • Race Representation and the Translation from Text to Screen

    Coates, Nicole; Hains, Rebecca (2021-05-01)
    This paper examines the 2012 film Cloud Atlas and how the film portrays certain groups in its unique use of an ensemble cast. It challenges our societal understandings of race, gender, and other differences as a whole. This analysis examines the thematic significance of the appearance changes the actors go through throughout the film as they play characters of different genders, ages, races, classes, etc. and how these changes provide commentary on how contemporary society views these social groups. Central topics of this analysis include the characters portrayed, the time periods in which they live and the connections these characters have to one another. However, it also serves to critique the choices in filmmaking and acknowledge the voices of groups which identify this choice as problematic. Looking at the film itself, this paper will discuss the issues present such as performative diversity and it’s use of yellowface. These issues of the film are prevalent and address concerns which deserve recognition. It is to discuss the paradox of the film’s message versus the problematic use of the ensemble cast. This paper is meant to provide a bridge to connect the film’s embedded message with our understanding of race, gender, etc. and serves to provide an explanation on why the story itself helps to amplify the connections between the movie’s plot and society’s understanding of our many differences. This analysis is meant to connect the key elements and events of the film and provide a possible explanation to the message the film itself attempts to portray.
  • Nanoformulation of Curcumin to Improve Pharmacologic Activity

    Solt, Sarah; Debrow, Justin; Hughes, Alexandra; Chen, Changqing (2021-05-01)
    Found in the plant Curcuma longa (turmeric), curcumin demonstrates a diverse array of medicinal properties with antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, anticancer, and neuroprotectant activities. One promising application of curcumin in the treatment and diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease (AD) has gained scientific interest. The toxic structures, made out of amyloid-beta (Aβ) peptides aggregate in the brain tissue, can cause irreversible neuronal damage, manifesting in clinical signs associated with AD. Research has found curcumin able to bind to Aβ structures to ultimately inhibit toxic structure formation. Curcumin can also serve as a fluorescent probe to monitor the formation of senile plaques, since it interacts differently with various Aβ species. Such diagnostic and therapeutic potential can be hindered by the lack of drug delivery systems developed to ensure the efficient delivery of curcumin to the target site. Being a lipophilic(hydrophobic) substance, the low water solubility of curcumin prevents adequate drug transport in aqueous environment. One method of delivery involving nanoformulation through use of liposomes shows promise to increase curcumin’s solubility for its delivery, along with protection of loaded curcumin from premature degradation. In our research, curcumin was loaded into liposomes under different conditions. The stability of liposomes loaded with curcumin over time was investigated. Our research would assist scientists in therapeutic and remedial drug development to maximize the pharmacologic activities of curcumin.
  • A Review on Alzheimer's Disease

    Moge, Serena; Chen, Changqing (2021-05-01)
    This presentation on Alzheimer's Disease (AD) discusses the causes of the disease, the pathogenesis hypotheses, current methods of detection, as well as medicines and treatment options for AD. This presentation is concluded with an outlook on the future of Alzheimer's disease treatment.
  • Surveying US basketball coaches and administrators to explore practices of integrated development of mass and high performance sport

    Arena, Charlie; Smolianov, Peter; Smolianov, Peter; Smolianov, Peter (2021-05-06)
    Since its inception in 1936, the United States Men’s Basketball team has won 18 medals in 19 Olympic appearances and 15 out 19 possible gold medals (79%). ( Since 1980, the United States Women’s Basketball team has won 9 medals in 10 Olympic appearances and 8 out 10 possible gold medals. ( Since 1980, the United States Men’s Basketball team has won 9 medals in 10 Olympic appearances and 7 out 10 possible gold medals. (
  • Marketing the sport of basketball in the United States

    Andre, Dylan; Arena, Charlie; Dormer, John; Stankard, Samantha; Young, Alex; White, Michael; Satohunsala, Joona; Benguche, Khalill; Filip, Maddi; Grasso, Josh; et al. (2021-05-06)
    The purpose of this study is to provide best practices to advance the product, place, price andpromotion of basketball in the USA. The authors of this USA Basketball Marketing Plan based their findings on extensive research on both Elite and Mass Sport Development which formed the foundation for a survey for US Basketball Coaches and administrators to create a current view of the current landscape in basketball. This analysis will aide USA Basketball in its goal of promoting youth basketball, developing talent in basketball, recruiting superstars to participate in international events and games, and fostering elite talent to compete in international events. Youth children and female participants are the primary consumer participants for this marketing plan. USA Basketball is the governing body for men and womans basketball in the United States and is the focus organization for our marketing plan. The USA Basketballs Organizational Categories consistof: Professional, Collegiate, Scholastic, Youth and Associate
  • Implementation of Convolutional Neural Networks in testing a Dual Lexical System

    Giannatsis, Timothy D.; Gow Jr., David (2021-05-01)
    Gow's (2012) dual lexicon model proposes that wordforms are represented independently in the dorsal and ventral speech processing streams. In this paper I will describe work using convolutional neural networks trained on cochleagrams of 685,000 tokens of spoken words to explore computational pressures that contributed to the emergence of parallel lexica.
  • What is Missing Here? The Absence of a Culturally Responsive Pedagogy in Salem State University's Early Childhood Teacher Preparation Program

    Morin, Julia; Schumaker Murphy, Megan (2021-05-01)
    Due to the immense inequities Black, Indigenous, and students of color face in their schooling, and the reality of the K-12 population diversifying at a consistent rate, this study aimed to conduct a content analysis of publicly available required course descriptions of the Master of Education in Early Childhood Education at Salem State University. The main purpose of this content analysis was to see how embedded a culturally responsive pedagogy is; as culturally responsive teaching is student-centered teaching approach that has been shown to improve the educational experience of students of color in a educational system where the majority of teachers are White.
  • Impact of exercise and/or passive heating on hemodynamics and cardiovascular health

    O'Brien, Jack; Ely, Brett (2021-05-01)
    Exercise is one of the best strategies to improve cardiovascular health, but many individuals are unable to meet daily exercise recommendations. This project will explore the impact of exercise or passive heating as a means to improve blood flow patterns and vascular health in high-risk populations who do not meet physical activity recommendations, such as those with spinal cord injury.
  • An Investigation into the Interactions between Various Amyloid-Beta Species and a Formulated Fluorescent Probe

    Debrow, Justin; Hughes, Alexandra; Chen, Changqing; Chen, Changqing (2021-05-01)
    This research investigated the fluorescence of mixtures of Aβ species and curcumin at different Aβ concentrations.
  • Heart rate variability as a measure of cardiovascular health in individuals with spinal cord injury

    Ademi, Olivia; Ely, Brett (2021-05-01)
    Individuals living with chronic spinal cord injury have impaired cardiovascular health and autonomic function. This project will explore the impact of spinal cord injury on autonomic function, and whether exercise and/or passive heating interventions can improve heart rate variability and restore cardiovascular health.
  • Representation of Black Women in The Faculty at Salem State University

    McCarthy, Morgan; Willis, Camryn; Chenault, Tiffany (2021-05-01)
    The Black community at Salem State University has advocated for a change in the lack of representation for decades. We have gathered archival data from Salem State University which provides us information from the past. We have taken current data from Black faculty and have compared it to the findings in the archives to fully understand the changes made over time.
  • Lasting Psychological Effects on Survivors of Intrafamilial Child Sexual Abuse and the Available Resources and Interventions in Massachusetts

    Hartman, Adrianna; Mirick, Rebecca (2021-05-01)
    Individuals who experienced intrafamilial childhood sexual abuse (ICSA) as a child/adolescent often are impacted as adults by this experience. Many clients of social service agencies may have experienced ICSA as a child or adolescent, but it is unknown how knowledgeable social service agency workers are at recognizing the long-term symptoms and referring these clients for treatment. This research study (N=32) explored the variety of services survivors of ICSA are offered and professionals’ perspectives on the level of effectiveness of these services. All three were deemed helpful by at least 91.30% of participants and referred by at least 52.38%. The goal of this study is to explore the variety of services survivors of ICSA are offered and professionals’ perspectives on the level of effectiveness of these services. This study aimed to answer the questions of what resources are available for individuals with a history of ICSA, what types of interventions do practitioners normally refer these individuals to? The findings from this study and previous research emphasize the importance of education on the topic as well as knowing which resources and interventions are available in the area. Taking these steps would positively impact survivors of ICSA because the individuals who work with this population would be more knowledgeable about the proper interventions, helpful services/resources, and the subject in general.
  • Religion as a Tool of Censorship Against the LGBT community

    Pereira, Harley; Chenault, Tiffany (2021-05-01)
    This is a research project looking at the relationship between the LGBT community and Christians on Salem States campus in the 1970's. It looks at the conflict and possible censorship that occurred between the groups as recorded in the LOG.
  • Activism, Censorship, and Social Class

    Thompson, Casey; Mageary, Brendan; Chenault, Tiffany (2021-05-01)
    We examine the relationship between student activism, censorship, and social class through an archival study of what was known as "'The Black Moochie' controversy" at Salem State College from 1969-1970. A content analysis of student newspaper articles surrounding the controversy provides vivid insight into a time when campus activism was occurring nationwide and sentiments around morality were greatly divided.
  • Learning Through Play in the Elementary Classroom

    Ofiesh, Eleanor; Ciman, Sarah; Charner-Laird, Megin (2021-05-01)
    The purpose of this thesis is to explore how informal play can influence communication development and social-emotional learning in elementary-aged children. In addition, ideas of rejection from play opportunities and the benefits of play-based learning environments were examined. These topics were explored through a comprehensive literature review that covered 18 articles, texts, and journals. It was found that informal play positively influences communication development and social-emotional learning. This development supported by play-based learning environments. This thesis recommends that teachers implement a play-based learning environment into the classroom, as well as opportunities for informal play and academic play during the school day
  • Indicators of Financial Crisis

    Huot, Geech Hor; Jain, Sanjay (2021-05-01)
    The research is about analyzing some of the financial variables that can help indicate future economic crises. The studies will show why the chosen variables are suitable for the subject matter based on their reaction to past financial crisis periods.