Recent Submissions

  • Dreaming

    Pratt, Kristy; Beattie, Emily (2020-05-04)
    This is a dance film that was made for a special topics in dance final. It used camera techniques that we worked with all semester such as editing, and camera angles. The prompt for this project was to make a dance film based on how we are feeling at the moment and how we hope to feel in the future.
  • A Slow Dream of Quarantine

    Kimber, Savannah; Beattie, Emily (2020-05-04)
    This film shows all the technique we have been taught over this semester. We were given a prompt based on how we feel about COVID-19 and how we hope to feel when it's over.
  • Anthropocentrism

    Hanafin, Erin; Miller, Betsy (2020-05-04)
    Anthropocentrism is a dance work which premiered in the Salem Dance Ensemble 2019 Fall Concert. It draws its inspiration from environmental ethics. Music: “Golden Clouds,” by The Orb “Fool”; “Lessons (instrumental),” by SOHN, edited by Erin Hanafin. Zippo sound effect by Picture to Sound. Fire sound effect by Abderrezek Bouhedda.
  • Quarantine 2020 | What to do?

    Fotopoulos, Vasia; Beattie, Emily (2020-05-04)
    This dance film shows off the techniques we have learned this spring semester. The prompt for this dance study was how we are feeling in this Covid-19 era and how we hope to feel afterwards.
  • The Success the Performing Arts Bring to the Classroom

    Foden, Alyssa; Miller, Betsy (2020-05-04)
    This is a rehearsal piece of seven dancers embodying what success looked like to them when dance was a part of their k-12 education.
  • Seeing Red

    Verville, Alex; Beattie, Emily (2020-05-04)
    The prompt for the project here was how we feel during this quarantine. The video is a culmination of techniques learned through the semester by other artists in order to tell stories within videos. Research was done in the areas of space, time, editing, and camera work.
  • Daily

    Hanafin, Erin; Beattie, Emily (2020-05-04)
    The feeling of being stuck inside during quarantine and how I hope to feel in the future.
  • In versus Out (Of my Mind)

    White, Abbie; Beattie, Emily (2020-05-04)
    This dance film represents a semester of research in Dance and Film. We learned techniques, screened works by artists using these techniques to tell stories, and then created our own studies. This film is the culmination of all of our embodied research in space, time, camera work, and editing. This study represents how I feel in our current situation vs how I want to feel. Through this study, I found that we have to create our own happiness and freedom in every situation- especially during the Pandemic. Freedom from one's own mind can be found, if one only looks hard enough.
  • Waiting for Quarantine to be Over

    Pratt, Malissa; Beattie, Emily (2020-05-04)
    Waiting For Quarantine To Be Over is a dance film that I made for my special topics in dance final. In the video I practiced using editing techniques and different camera angles. The dance film is about how I am feeling about being in quarantine at the moment and how I hope to feel later.