Recent Submissions

  • A New Asymmetric Encryption Algorithm Involving Both Group And Number Theory: Derivation Of The Lucente Stabile Atkins Cryptosystem Using Gauss’s Generalization Of Wilson’s Theorem

    Lucente Stabile, Francesco; Atkins, Carey; Rosenthal, Arthur James; Rosenthal, Arthur James (2020-05-04)
    Our research led to the discovery of an asymmetric encryption algorithm that follows Kerckhoff's principle and relies on a specific case of Gauss's Generalization of Wilson's Theorem. Unlike prime factorization based algorithms, the eavesdropping cryptanalyst has no indication that he has successfully decrypted the cyphertext. For this reason, we aim to show that this algorithm is not only more secure than existing asymmetric algorithms, but it has the potential to be significantly computationally faster.
  • Aimé Césaire’s "A Tempest" As A Fresh Perspective In Secondary Education Curriculum

    Devino, Stephenie; Valens, Keja (2020-05-04)
    This essay urges for secondary education English courses to offer students new perspectives of the "classic" works commonly taught, by comparing William Shakespeare's play "The Tempest" to Aime Cesaire's adaptation "A Tempest".
  • Youth Recommendations For Substance Use Education And Prevention

    DeMagistris, Samantha; Vissing, Yvonne; Vissing, Yvonne (2020-05-04)
    Vaping, marijuana, alcohol, and other drugs have become part of many young people’s lifestyles. This qualitative study examines substance use trends among youth, the effects of peer influence, and how schools and communities incorporate substance abuse education and prevention programs. Focus groups with high school students in New England reviewed causes of youth substance use and efficacy of traditional models of education and prevention. Youth regard most alcohol and drug education programs as ineffective. Education information does not seem to mitigate against the impact of peer pressure. Recommendations on prevention and about how students can better manage the impact of peer pressure surrounding substance use are provided.
  • Transgender Health Care for Nursing Faculty

    Sweeney, Chelsee; Williams, Cheryl (2020-05-04)
    Aim: The purpose of this paper was to examine the lack of research on transgender health care in the nursing curriculum. Background: Nursing faculty are inadequately educated on the subject and unable and often unaware of the importance to teach this subject. Method: CINAHL and PubMed were utilized to find research articles on the subject. Conclusion: Based on the lack of specificity and numbers in articles in transgender health care, there is truly an educational gap.
  • Practical Issues Involved In Implementing The Lucente Stabile Atkins (LSA) Cryptosystem

    Atkins, Carey; Lucente Stabile, Francesco; Rosenthal, Arthur; Rosenthal, Arthur James (2020-05-04)
    We discuss practical issues involved in implementing the Lucente Stabile Atkins (LSA) cryptosystem, a new asymmetric encryption algorithm that involves both group and number theory. The LSA algorithm requires a key exchange at the beginning of the process to define the group that will be used for the information sharing. We show that the LSA cryptosystem can be implemented with an algorithm that generates an arbitrarily large number of keys of various lengths using a computationally efficient method. By using this list of keys to determine the cyclic group to be used, we have developed a cryptosystem that can be more secure than existing encryption algorithms while also being computationally faster.
  • Teach-out, MAT in Art Education Thesis Exhibit

    Black, Margaret; Delmonico, Tony; Doke, Ashley; Englehardt, Emily; Kirk, Ben; Jackson, Ryan; Mulcahy, Alicia; Teal, Susan (2020-05-04)
    Artist statements and samples of artwork by the 2020 MAT in Art Education Professional Licensure students.
  • "My Half-Marathon Journey" from It Can't Rain All the Time

    Vitale, Mia; Valens, Keja (2020-05-04)
    A selection from a memoir written as part of the MA in English-Writing program.
  • The Growth Mindset in Nursing Education

    Hall, Justine; Williams, Cheryl; Williams, Cheryl; Williams, Cheryl (2020-05-04)
    Introduction: The growth mindset model has been linked with academic success in disciplines outside of nursing. Growth mindset learners are more likely to believe that intelligence is malleable, remain engaged in learning, persist through challenges, remediate, and have greater academic success. This study examined whether growth mindset nursing students were more engaged in their curriculum, were more persistent (gritty), and their perceptions of belonging in nursing school as opposed to fixed mindset peers. Methods: 102 students from a national database responded to a web-based survey. Results suggested that growth mindset learners were grittier and expressed higher levels of belonging than their fixed mindset colleagues. Implications include a need to consider the integration of the growth mindset model into nursing education.
  • The Witches of Silent Harbor

    Tew, Lucy A.J.; Valens, Keja (2020-05-04)
    A selection from a a young adult novel composed in the Masters of Arts in English-Writing program.
  • Mary G. Walsh Writing Center: The "Literal" Center for Writing at SSU

    DeCiccio, Al; Nguyen, Justin; Pagan-Suarez, Natalia; Delaney, Marc; Johnson, Devin; Hill, Jacquelyn; Swanton, Molly; Barbagallo, Sal; Hughes, Courtney; Mazares-Monga, Michelle C.; et al. (2020-05-04)
    The Writing Center has changed to offer, not just face-to-face tutoring, but group tutoring, tutoring for multilingual students, tutoring in the high school, tutoring online, course-embedded tutoring, tutoring in professional programs, and tutoring in the Graduate School. Tutors and Coordinators are learning that these developments brand the updated community of practice in the Mary G. Walsh Writing Center as the “‘literal center’ for writing” across the university and the community, just as Michael Pemberton describes in “Rethinking the WAC/Writing Center/Graduate Student Connection.”
  • My Granddaughter Zulia

    O'Day, Joe; Valens, Keja (2020-05-04)
    Creative Nonfiction piece about wholeheartedly attending to what's in front of us.
  • Mid-career Faculty and Integrated Scholarship in Public Comprehensive Universities

    DeFelippo, Anne M.; Dee, Jay R. (2020-05-04)
    Despite heavy teaching loads, some mid-career faculty in public comprehensive universities in our study described how they successfully completed scholarly research by employing integrated scholarship- that for many faculty spontaneously evolved at this time in their career. This unexpected study finding suggests that some faculty intentionally worked on their research to also inform their teaching, and their teaching simultaneously informed their research was first described by Carol Colbeck (1998) in her article titled "Merging in a Seamless Blend: How faculty integrate teaching and research." This paper was to be presented at the AERA Annual Conference in a round-table discussion in San Francisco which was canceled because of the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Latinx Representation in Community Art

    Jordan, Kate; Marshall, Jane; Ruiz, Yvonne (2020-05-04)
    North Shore Community Development Coalition's Punto Urban Art Museum, located in a predominantly Latinx neighborhood in Salem, MA, features permanent art installations that celebrate Latinx culture and community. The art, featured on the brick walls of neighborhood apartment buildings, examines themes of immigration, assimilation, and culture. This photovoice project asks the viewer to look closely at the art to reflect on the modern Latinx experience in Salem and beyond.
  • Growth Mindset Training in Prelicensure Nursing Students

    Williams, Cheryl; Lewis, Lisa; Dawson, Stephanie (2020-05-04)
    Growth Mindset training correlates with student success at all educational levels but has not been applied to nursing education. This pilot study evaluated 35 prelicensure community college registered nursing students regarding their mindset perspective and learning styles before and after a brief mindset training intervention. Following a mindset training intervention, participants demonstrated increased growth mindset attributes and utilization of more improved evidence-based learning strategies.
  • Lived Experiences of Male Undergraduate Nursing Students – Lessons for Faculty: An Integrative Review

    Eze, Justice; Williams, Cheryl (2020-05-04)
    The purpose of this integrative review was to examine the lived experiences of male nursing students in undergraduate nursing schools. Most importantly, this study highlighted the challenges faced by male nursing students in the course of their nursing education and offered strategies for their retention in the academic environment.
  • Reflective Journaling in Nursing Education: An Integrative Review

    Pulliam, Diane; Williams, Cheryl (2020-05-04)
    The purpose of this integrative review is to examine the lived experiences of nursing students in undergraduate nursing schools and highlight the challenges faced by male nursing students in the course of their nursing education and offer strategies for their retention in an academic environment.
  • With Community and Environment in Mind: Bike Share System in Salem, MA

    Serafat, Sheida; Emlinger, Ana Mesquita (2020-05-04)
    In recent years, there has been a proliferation of new forms of mobility in the urban space. Salem, a small tourist town in the northeastern United States, follows this trend. Sharing bicycles, scooters and other services offer not only new options for travelers, but also new sources of data that can help municipalities make better investments in transportation and policy options. Since 2007, a bicycle sharing system has been at the forefront of the micro-mobility revolution in the city. This service is a positive resource for residents, passengers, students and visitors who want to explore the city faster than walking and more sustainable than driving. As each vehicle has a GPS and can be parked almost anywhere, the system can provide a detailed picture of travel patterns in the region. Although the start locations of the race may not be exactly where the cyclist started his journey (since a bicycle may not be available outside his origin), it is likely that the end of the cycle path is very close to the intended destination. The objective of this study is to describe the changes that occur in the community after the establishment of cycling stations in the city of Salem and, based on the literature review, observations in-loco and interviews with users of the system, provide guidelines for possible expansion and/or improvements in the network. All pictures in the presentation were taken by Sheida Serafat.
  • The Efficacy Of Handout Use In Undergraduate Nursing Classes: Literature Review

    Chartier, Amy; Williams, Cheryl; Williams, Cheryl (2020-05-04)
    This integrative review examined the need and processes regarding the use of class handouts in nursing education. Results were multifactorial; largely revealing students' need to learn how to take notes in class.