• Primary Care Provider’s Perceptions of Occupational Therapy

      Paquette, Hannah; Parker, Maria (2021-04-10)
      Research suggests chronic illness in the United states is the costliest expenditure for the current health care system and is likely going to increase with the aging adult population. Occupational therapy practitioners are skilled in providing chronic illness interventions for older adults in the primary care setting. The purpose of this exploratory research survey is to understand what primary care providers think about the role and scope of occupational therapy practice. Primary care providers who provide chronic illness interventions for adults aged 65 and older will complete a survey about their years in practice, perceptions of chronic illness management, using a collaborative approach, and their understanding of occupational therapy practice for chronic illness. The outcomes of this study may implicate a need for future research about strategies that occupational therapy practitioners can apply to integrate into this emerging area of practice.