• How Students with Disabilities (SWDs) Perceive Peer Inclusion Related to Student Organizations and Activities

      O'Connor, Meaghan; Fink, Twyla (2021-04-10)
      College Students with Disabilities (SWDs) drop out at higher rates than non-disabled peers (Haber et al., 2016). Both environmental and social factors influence enrollment (Fleming, Oertle, Plotner, & Hakun, 2017) and SWDs may have adverse social experiences with peers (Read, Morton, & Ryan, 2015). This presentation will explore literature conducted on the experiences of SWDs and social participation to discern potential occupational therapy interventions to facilitate an inclusive collegiate experience. By the end of this program, participants will be able to: - Identify social barriers faced by college students with disabilities that inhibit peer inclusion on campus - Describe the impact of social participation on retention rates - List possible occupational therapy interventions for college SWDs who have negative perceptions of peer inclusion