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    • Developing a Powerpoint that Educates Incoming Staff and Interns about the Cath Lab Department: Highlighting the Significance and Impacts of TAVR Procedures on Patients

      Taylor, Jalani; Shilo, Amanda; Sweeney, Michele (2022-08-15)
      The Stamford Hospital Cath Lab department is an area where cardiac procedures such as TAVR and angiograms are performed. The laboratory consists of multiple healthcare specialists that all play a key role in these various procedures. For this poster the main tasks involve educating incoming staff and interns in the cath lab department about transcatheter aortic valve replacement procedures, along with emphasizing the significance of it. To add on, the interns and staff must also be informed about the complexity of these procedures in order to improve their knowledge and skills in this department. Aside from that, the methods that will be implemented is collecting pieces of data on patients regarding this procedure while forming it into bar graphs. Overall, the main goal will be to have incoming staff and interns be aware of how TAVR procedures is such a critical aspect to this department and how it impacts the healthcare community.
    • Rock Painting: A Suitable Community Project For People With Developmental And Intellectual Disabilities

      Lamour, Walky; Everitt, Amy; Sweeney, Michele (2022-08-15)
      Rock painting is a suitable project for people with developmental and intellectual disabilities. It is designed to develop fine motor skills, social skills, and to unlock artistic potential, which create opportunities to serve their community by engaging themselves in decorating public spaces. Rock painting projects involve teaching and leisure activities. Participants were taught how to hold and use multi-purpose acrylic paints and paint brushes, and were also taught the art of community as part of ensuring their integration. Activities involved going outside to pick rocks and outdoor exploration. Also included was the art of engaging in creativity like mixing paints and drawing. The people involved in the program took part in hiding and finding rocks, and decorating a place in their community with the painted rocks.
    • Individual Treatment Plan: Thirty Day Check in and Discharge of Cardiac Rehab Patients

      O'Mera, Molly; Sweeney, Michele (2022-08-15)
      This undergraduate internship was to show the importance of participating in a cardiac rehabilitation program after heart surgery and the importance of living a heart healthy life. The cardiac rehabilitation program at Anna Jaques Hospital (MA) includes an initial, holistic assessment and patient goal setting followed by scheduled re-assessments and a physician’s approved discharge. The intern’s project demonstrated their ability to conduct scheduled re-assessments and discharges of select patients. Facilitated by the student intern, the patients demonstrated growth in the following areas upon their discharge: exercise workloads, frequency of exercise, healthy nutrition choices, reduced stress levels. Patient two was not able to reach their ITP discharge nutritional goal.
    • Impact of Controlled Exercise Programs on Balance and Coordination: A Case Study of Stroke Survivors

      Stefanski, Anastasia; Everitt, Amy (2022-08-15)
      The purpose of this project was to monitor and record the progress of coordination and balance by using a controlled exercise program in stroke survivors. All participants had predetermined goals of improving coordination and balance, which helps improve ambulation and other functionality. The exercise routines of each participant were designed carefully by professionals in the field of exercise science using proven techniques focusing on the upper body, lower body, core strengthening, and transition to standing and walking. Implementing consistent exercise programs to improve balance and coordination over ten weeks also resulted in transferable functionality in the participants' daily lives, including increased independence for daily living activities and enjoyment.
    • Hospital Employee Satisfaction: Best Practices in Staffing Ineffectiveness Prevention

      Busane, Bertille; DeLeon, Patrice (2022-08-15)
      This project investigated the issues that prevented staffing effectiveness at Tewksbury Hospital. Project objectives included identifying staffing issues and uncover strategies to improve their overall effectiveness. Interviews were conducted on 18 staff members of various ethnic backgrounds and from multiple departments within the hospital. The interview consisted of eight questions regarding staff satisfaction with their jobs and their overall work environment. Results showed that most staff members are not completely satisfied with their jobs (including their compensation and workload). Hospital leadership seeks to utilize the results of the survey to improve staffing effectiveness. Some suggestions from the interview included revising staff compensation, providing physical and mental health support for staff, and encouraged flexibility and understanding of staff needs.
    • Striving For Quality & Accurate Data Collection

      Betek, Emmanuel; Sweeney, Michele (2022-08-15)
      Service providers rely on precise and valuable data to deliver effective, person-centered care to acquired brain injury individuals. The purpose of this internship was to educate staff and improve their daily reporting of individuals’ data. Individual data collection was not always recorded because of challenges staff faced. Challenges included newly hired staff that were not trained and passwords that had expired. The role of the student intern was to problem solve and develop solutions that would increase data intake. Solutions included educating staff and providing a meaningful rationale for accurate data collection. Due to the student intern’s interventions, all staff improved the quality and quantity of data collected.
    • Medical Document Renovation: Utilizing the eHana System to Improve Client Record Content

      Kallo, Kadiatou; DeLeon, Patrice (2022-08-15)
      The implementation of technology to aid in healthcare processes such as data storage aims to provide ease of medical documentation through improved data accessibility. Using the eHana system, health outcomes were improved. This project involved examining the efficacy of transitioning from paper medical records to the eHana system for a safer, faster way to access patient records and provide treatment. The results showed that during the transition, more than 40 clients’ medical records were transferred to a securer, more convenient electronic space weekly.
    • Sensory Overload in a Workout Environment: Managing Sensory Overload After a Traumatic Brain Injury

      Barrows, Amber; Everitt, Amy (2022-08-15)
      This case study analyzed a participant over a ten week period in an exercise environment dealing with sensory overload after a Traumatic Brain injury. The project was designed to learn what triggers the participant and makes them feel overstimulated, and to learn how to minimize those triggers and better manage their overstimulation while working out. Working closely with the participants twice a week for 10 weeks, a behavioral log was created to keep track of the environment around him and any triggers that could have caused the participant to feel overstimulated. The results have shown that loud noises and sudden movements have been a main trigger, along with being over instructed during his workout routine.
    • Workout Recording Log: Implementing Progressive Overload

      McMenimen, Daniel; Hatch-Belhumeur, Cynthia (2022-05-02)
      This undergraduate internship project was aimed to implement an effective work out log to record a participant’s progress of a designed workout plan. All workouts and routines were created to accomplish a predetermined fitness goal. Using a workout log, participants were able to track what exercises were completed. The new workout log was created focusing on the principle of Progressive Overload and phases were implemented in which exercises could be modified in either weight, resistance, or repetitions. A gradual increase in these categories overtime allow for progress to be made and helps to avoid participants from reaching a plateau in their workout program. Furthermore, exercises can be modified to increase difficulty and strength, ultimately achieving progress towards the participants’ overall fitness goals.
    • COVID-19 And You

      Manfra, Maria; Hatch-Belhumeur, Cynthia (2022-05-02)
      This undergraduate internship project was to create and implement a solution that informs students and parents about health disparities, health trends, and the benefits of using telehealth services as it relates to the coronavirus disease. Currently, there is no quick and efficient way for parents and students to access health information that will impact their daily decisions during the ever-changing pandemic.
    • Meeting The Needs Of Others: COVID-19 Home Testing Kit Distribution Within Low-Income North Shore Communities

      Vicarie, Amyrah; DeLeon, Patrice (2022-05-02)
      The purpose of this senior internship project was to continue to help combat COVID-19 within underserved populations on the North Shore. North Shore Community Health partnered with seven organizations to ensure that home testing kits were being distributed within local communities. 90 home testing kits were distributed to local homeless shelters and 135 to local food pantries. Having these accessible resources were beneficial in maintaining the overall general health and safety of these communities. Through partnership and community outreach, North Shore Community Health provided the necessary support to help individuals continue the fight to stop the spread of COVID-19.
    • Workforce Development: Youth Program

      Chhay, Monica; Alvandi, Maryam (2022-05-02)
      Salem Hospital features a variety of programs for the community and youth; however, the number of applications has decreased as a result of COVID-19. The pandemic has altered the way the internship for Salem Public High Schools is conducted. Prior to the pandemic, it was in person, then shifted abruptly to remote during the pandemic, and now it is hybrid for the Summer 2022 internship. The purpose of the project was to demonstrate the current internship statistics and enhance the number of student interns in the coming years. Our data indicate more students are interested in participating and seizing internship opportunities in hospital.
    • Barriers in Healthcare Access: Possible Solutions for North Shore Communities

      McCormack, Olivia; DeLeon, Patrice (2022-05-02)
      The environment in which someone lives and mental health struggles such as depression can impact all aspects of a person's life. Through standard screening assessments like the Patient Health Questionnaires for depression and Social Determinants of Health addressing living conditions and other areas of life, healthcare professionals can provide effective treatment to meet the needs of their patients. For this senior internship project at North Shore Community Health Center, barriers to accessing healthcare resources (language barriers, lack of health literacy, etc.) were uncovered through patient screenings. As a result, possible solutions to make a positive impact will be implemented to improve the lives of individuals living on the North Shore.
    • The Importance Of Health In Residential Living Experiences: Introducing A Walking Group To Assist With Mental Health

      Mbangu, Ngabua “Gloria”; Sweeney, Michele (2022-05-02)
      Mental Health and mental disabilities are growing issues in the United States and worldwide. As the population increases, the need for behavioral health services and systems to serve the population will also increase. Physical activity can play an essential role in maintaining health, well-being, and quality of life for those living with mental illnesses. Even though exercise itself might act as a stressor, it can reduce the harmful effects of other stressors when performed at moderate intensities. The objective of this undergraduate internship project was to create a walking group for residential individuals living with a mental illness/disability. The goal for all participants was to walk a total of 3 miles. Those that completed the 3 miles, which was 8000 steps, was rewarded a Dunkin donut card and dinner outing with the staff.
    • Unprecedented Times: Reviewing COVID-19 Protocols at Bridgewell

      Szymanski, Katherine; O'Neil, Melissa (2022-05-02)
      Two years ago, COVID-19 disrupted our daily lives, and everyone was told to stay home to stop the spread of the virus. For some people, they still had to go to work every day, and for those working at Bridge well’s residential programs, they had to deal with the changing guidelines by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. They had to work around residents not seeing their families, being essential workers, testing and quarantine protocols. This project examines COVID-19 protocols at Bridgewell based on the opinions of residential program managers and directors, and what they believed worked, and what should have been changed.
    • Bill S.701 and Alopecia: A Student Intern's Contribution to Bill Advocacy

      Sullivan, Amanda; Sweeney, Michele (2022-05-02)
      The project objectives were to create and distribute an educational fact sheet, which would advocate for cranial prosthetics to be covered by the health insurance of those suffering from Alopecia. Information on the fact sheet included disease definition, treatment options, incidence rates, and current legislation as well as the importance of cranial scalp prostheses for those with Alopecia. The fact sheet was distributed to university students and members of the Massachusetts State Senate as well as shared through various social media platforms. The distribution of the fact sheet to educate others was one component in contributing to the advocacy of Bill S.701. Bill S.701 was not passed before the conclusion of this project.
    • Rainbow Adult Day Health Care Center of Lynn: Senior Support Group Program

      Toh, Sophanna; Flynn, Regina (2022-05-02)
      The Rainbow Adult Day Health Care (ADHC) opened in May 2018 in Lynn, Massachusetts. The adult daycare program focuses on older adults. They offer the following services such as medical services, social work services, nutrition services, alternative therapies, exercise programs, transportation services, daily activities, and recreational therapy. The Senior Support Group Program is facilitated with video chat and in-person at ADHC. The project’s goals focus on reducing depressive symptoms, decreasing social isolation, and improving social skills such as communication with peers and collaboration. As a result, participants can learn how to engage with one another through technologies that allow them to interact with the ADHC staff and each other in resolving issues that they are faced with regarding living situations, language barriers, and being senior citizens.
    • Wheelchair Postural Training: Benefits of Exercise for Patients with Traumatic Brain Injuries

      Trejo, Julissa; Everitt, Amy (2022-05-02)
      Traumatic brain injuries have a major effect on your physical and mental health, with damage to the brain leading to long term complications. Supportive Living created the Neuro-Fitness Wellness Program for patients with traumatic brain injuries. Exercise plans are created to accommodate each participant based on their needs and goals. Participants that were in a wheelchair were able to work on postural training. Posture is important because it affects the neck, shoulders, and back. Specific exercises programs were developed and implemented to work on posture. Over the course of twelve weeks, there was a dramatic change in the participants' strength and confidence, leading to better physical and mental health.
    • Employee Satisfaction and Engagement: Planning Events Post-Pandemic

      Psaros, Jessica; Sweeney, Michele (2022-05-02)
      Employee engagement and satisfaction is crucial to ensuring employee retention. During the COVID-19 pandemic, employees were placed under a great deal of stress, and many employee appreciation and engagement events were put on hold. This led to employees feeling unappreciated for their work during such a trying time. The purpose of this internship project was to survey employees regarding new and future appreciation events. Collecting employees' responses is an opportunity for companies to provide for their wants and needs. Based on the information received in the survey, a plan was created for an employee appreciation week.
    • Recreation During a Pandemic: The Impact of COVID 19 on Programming in Massachusetts

      Lopez, Christian; Everitt, Amy (2022-05-02)
      This project is a review of the impact of COVID 19 on recreation programs in Massachusetts from 2020 through November 2021. The pandemic and how we interact with people have changed the landscape of community gathering and the programs that cities and towns can provide. A review of city/town websites and a pool of telephone interviews helped describe that within communities across Massachusetts there have been changes to available programming. This is significant in both rural and urban environments. Results of this review show that there is some change in the types of programs available, use of staffing, and budget levels.