• Adult Rheumatoid Arthritis: Evaluating Treatment Effectiveness Among Patients

      Villar, Adriany; Everitt, Amy (2021-12-13)
      In the real world, how medications are prescribed and taken by patients differs from a patient enrolled in clinical trials. For example, medications may be given to patients with disease severity ranging from mild to very severe, who have comorbidities, and who have variable adherence to the treatment regimen. After a drug is licensed and on the market, comparative effectiveness studies are conducted with real world data to assure that the drugs remain effective when used by real world patients. CorEvitas conducts comparative effectiveness research among cohorts of patients enrolled in the Rheumatoid Arthritis Registry. This poster presents the design of an observational cohort study, including study protocols.
    • At Home Adaptive Workouts: How Fitness Can Help With Traumatic Brain Injuries

      Aroush, Helen; DeLeon, Patrice (2020-09-01)
      Traumatic Brain Injuries and Acquired Brain Injuries are disruptions in the brain caused by blows to the head, strokes, oxygen deprivation, and drug and alcohol use. The purpose of this senior level internship was to assist in the recovery of persons living with traumatic brain injuries and acquired brain injuries through adaptive at home workouts. Participants completed pre- and post-assessments of their short- and long-term workout goals. Each participant completed an individualized, tailored workout based on their abilities to assist in meeting their goals. Improvements were shown by an increase in repetitions and sets completed by each participant.
    • At Home Cognitive Workouts for TBI Patients: The Use of Journaling During a Pandemic

      Cuneo, Claudia; Everitt, Amy (2020-09-01)
      How do patients with traumatic brain injuries (TBI) persist with their cognitive rehabilitation during a pandemic? Journaling became an important aspect of the program provided by Supportive Living, a non-profit organization that provides residential and long-term wellness programs for survivors of TBI. This project represents how journaling was introduced, implemented and analyzed to determine cognitive improvements while patients were unable to attend typical exercise programs due to restrictions on the use of facilities during the COVID pandemic. A variety of cognitive exercises were completed by TBI patients who were then asked to journal their experience. The results of the journaling were used to track brain healing progress. Examples are shared in this presentation.
    • Balance Training: The Effectiveness Of Exercise In Traumatic Brain Injury

      Dennis, Haley; DeLeon, Patrice (2021-05-03)
      The brain plays a major role in every function of the human body. Traumatic brain injuries can cause setbacks for individuals’ physical abilities, and that is why exercise is very important for this population. This internship consisted of a Neuro Fit program through Supportive Living, Inc. to support brain injury survivors. The main focus of the exercise program was to improve the balance of three participants by observing their independent abilities at week 1, and to consistently practice balance exercises for 12 consecutive weeks. Each exercise plan was created and catered to the three participants’ own physical abilities and goals. Each participant showed great improvement with balance skills, which resulted in better exercise form and ability to increase exercise intensity.
    • Barriers in Healthcare Access: Possible Solutions for North Shore Communities

      McCormack, Olivia; DeLeon, Patrice (2022-05-02)
      The environment in which someone lives and mental health struggles such as depression can impact all aspects of a person's life. Through standard screening assessments like the Patient Health Questionnaires for depression and Social Determinants of Health addressing living conditions and other areas of life, healthcare professionals can provide effective treatment to meet the needs of their patients. For this senior internship project at North Shore Community Health Center, barriers to accessing healthcare resources (language barriers, lack of health literacy, etc.) were uncovered through patient screenings. As a result, possible solutions to make a positive impact will be implemented to improve the lives of individuals living on the North Shore.
    • Bill S.701 and Alopecia: A Student Intern's Contribution to Bill Advocacy

      Sullivan, Amanda; Sweeney, Michele (2022-05-02)
      The project objectives were to create and distribute an educational fact sheet, which would advocate for cranial prosthetics to be covered by the health insurance of those suffering from Alopecia. Information on the fact sheet included disease definition, treatment options, incidence rates, and current legislation as well as the importance of cranial scalp prostheses for those with Alopecia. The fact sheet was distributed to university students and members of the Massachusetts State Senate as well as shared through various social media platforms. The distribution of the fact sheet to educate others was one component in contributing to the advocacy of Bill S.701. Bill S.701 was not passed before the conclusion of this project.
    • Bridgewell & Exploring New Tools For The Satisfaction Survey

      Noel, Jennifer; Waller, Kimberly (2020-12-01)
      Quality assurance is one of the key factors in assessing the quality of care in the Healthcare industry. This process involves collecting data from stakeholders and analyzing the results which determines the level of satisfaction. There are several tools used to retain this data some of the most common types include anonymous surveys. This study consists of exploring different data collecting tools that would involve gathering information in real time. Bridgewell's quality assurance department utilizes online - Survey Monkey as well as physical surveys to collect data from stakeholders. In this study, the survey was reconstructed on the Google Form platform and test runs were conducted to determine possible outcomes. This concluded that Google Forms was more convenient and would allow for frequent feedback compared to previous methods of collecting data. The significance for this project was to create a new tool that will allow Bridgewell the opportunity to access the quality of care and provide feedback more consistently.
    • Bridgewell's Day Program at Rosewood: Creating Instructional Resources

      Lazo, Yasmin; Everitt, Amy (2022-05-02)
      Bridgwell's Rosewood Day program in Danvers, MA is a daily day program for adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder. These clients come in for the day to continue working and developing daily living skills, communication skills, and motor skills. This project was devoted to the development of instructional resources for the staff when working with clients. After observing the various activities and programming provided, three topic areas emerged including communication skills, four-step cooking/ recipes, and exercise/stretching activities. Each area was researched culminating in three binders that were created to provide readily accessible instructional resource materials for use by both staff and clients.
    • Bridgewell: Quality And Assurance For State Inspection

      Lopez, Kiana; Batten, Julie (2020-12-01)
      I have spent my internship at Bridgwell, a disability and recovery care facility in Haverhill, Massachusetts, where I learned to master record-keeping and quality control tools essential to adhering to state health and safety mandates. I also learned the importance of recognizing and respecting the patient's rights as I worked on their medical files in the eHana database. Overall, during my time at Bridgwell, I developed a better understanding of the challenges posed by state inspections, working remotely from home and maintaining patient independence & integrity by professionally accounting for their financial wellbeing.
    • Bridgewell’s Day Program at Rosewood: Creating Instructional Resource

      Lazo, Yasmin; Everitt, Amy (2021-12-13)
      Bridgwell’s Rosewood Day program in Danvers, MA is a daily day program for adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder. These clients come in for the day to continue working and developing daily living skills, communication skills, and motor skills. This project was devoted to the development of instructional resources for the staff when working with clients. After observing the various activities and programming provided, three topic areas emerged including communication skills, four-step cooking/ recipes, and exercise/stretching activities. Each area was researched culminating in three binders that were created to provide readily accessible instructional resource materials for use by both staff and clients.
    • Building A Healthier Community Together: The Salem Pantry

      Bettencourt, Janice; Alvandi, Maryam (2022-05-02)
      Food insecurity is a widespread issue that impacts billions of people globally. Food pantries strive to provide resources for those in need. The Salem Pantry is a non-profit organization that relies heavily on community support. The purpose of this project was to learn the importance of outreach and expand resources across Salem and neighboring towns. Research was conducted to identify non-profit organizations with similar mission and vision in Salem and surrounding areas. A flyer was made and emailed to organizations on how their clients can access the pantry. Data was analyzed and the results revealed a significant growth in partnership. While more people attending the pantry, there will a reduction in individuals with low food security.
    • Capturing Stories And Wellness: Creating Community Wholeness

      Diaz, Sabrina; DeLeon, Patrice (2021-05-03)
      The Guild is a multi-sited social enterprise and cross-sector ecosystem, owned and led by Black, Indigenous, and People of Color. The purpose of this senior-level internship was to gain insight from community members on the impact of The Guild during the pandemic. Through interviews and casual interactions with community members at The Guild, there is clear understanding that The Guild offers a sanctuary space with holistic effects due to its intentional design. Specific questions were asked of the community members in which they expressed gratitude for the love they receive and peace they feel when they visit especially during the COVID-19 pandemic.
    • Collaborative Care Models For Behavioral Health: Establishing Protocols For Close Monitoring Of Patients Receiving SSRI Drug Therapy

      Smallwood, Devin; Batten, Julie (2021-05-03)
      More children and young adults are diagnosed with depression and anxiety each year. Selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors, or SSRIs are the first-choice treatment method in both adult and pediatric patients presenting with depression and or anxiety. SSRIs cause fewer side effects than other medications, however, these side effects disproportionately affect patients at the pediatric level. This poster demonstrates the impact that Woburn and North Andover Pediatric Associates SSRI Protocol has had on patient outcomes at the pediatric level. Closer monitoring of patients and an increase in patient care coordination form the foundation of this newly implemented protocol. This study analyzes real patient data over the course of three months.
    • Computerized Cognitive Training: A Simple Tool To Build Confidence After Brain Injury

      Velez, Kellie; Waller, Kimberly (2020-12-01)
      After a traumatic brain injury (TBI) or acquired brain injury (ABI) it is common for individuals to have difficulty with attention, concentration, speech, problem solving and spatial awareness. This project represents how Computerized Cognitive Training (CCT) was introduced, implemented, and analyzed to see cognitive and physical improvement during their exercise program at Supportive Living Inc. Elevate and Peak were the apps utilized by the patients that adapted to their performance and abilities. The results have shown that after utilization there were improvements in their concentration, spatial awareness, motivation, and overall confidence.
    • Controlling Blood Pressure Among US Veterans; Evaluating VISN 1's PMC Note Tool

      Abalaka, Valerie; Everitt, Amy (2022-05-02)
      Hypertension or high blood pressure is a prevalent chronic illness in approximately 45% of Americans and nonveterans compared to veterans who have a 65% higher chance of developing hypertension. Hypertension significantly increases the risks of heart, brain, kidney, and other diseases, so controlling blood pressure is essential in managing and preventing these fatal diseases. Therefore, it is important to periodically screen patients for hypertension. The purpose of this project at the VA Hospital was to provide support and evaluate the organization wide 'Improving Veteran Blood Pressure Rate' project. This project was implemented as a preventative measure; to get a better understanding of Veteran's blood pressure tends to prevent future disease outcomes due to hypertension.
    • COVID-19 and Hospice Care: Safety Protocols and Policies for End of Life Care

      Jean-Francois, Stephania; DeLeon, Patrice (2021-08-23)
      COVID-19 has had a significant impact on the health of individuals and the overall healthcare industry. It has also had a tremendous impact on individuals living in healthcare facilities including palliative and hospice care. The purpose of this senior level internship was to collect and distribute updated information on COVID-19 policies and safety protocols among families and employees in multiple hospice care facilities. The updated policies and safety protocols were applied to these facilities and major precautions were taken. Which helped them in resuming programs while requiring patients to wear masks and gather in groups of 15 or fewer.
    • COVID-19 And You

      Manfra, Maria; Hatch-Belhumeur, Cynthia (2022-05-02)
      This undergraduate internship project was to create and implement a solution that informs students and parents about health disparities, health trends, and the benefits of using telehealth services as it relates to the coronavirus disease. Currently, there is no quick and efficient way for parents and students to access health information that will impact their daily decisions during the ever-changing pandemic.
    • Developing a Powerpoint that Educates Incoming Staff and Interns about the Cath Lab Department: Highlighting the Significance and Impacts of TAVR Procedures on Patients

      Taylor, Jalani; Shilo, Amanda; Sweeney, Michele (2022-08-15)
      The Stamford Hospital Cath Lab department is an area where cardiac procedures such as TAVR and angiograms are performed. The laboratory consists of multiple healthcare specialists that all play a key role in these various procedures. For this poster the main tasks involve educating incoming staff and interns in the cath lab department about transcatheter aortic valve replacement procedures, along with emphasizing the significance of it. To add on, the interns and staff must also be informed about the complexity of these procedures in order to improve their knowledge and skills in this department. Aside from that, the methods that will be implemented is collecting pieces of data on patients regarding this procedure while forming it into bar graphs. Overall, the main goal will be to have incoming staff and interns be aware of how TAVR procedures is such a critical aspect to this department and how it impacts the healthcare community.
    • Digital Health Communications Project, Understanding College Student Health Through Instagram

      Columna, Lessley; DeLeon, Patrice (2021-05-03)
      In recent years, digital health promotion has quickly increased and has allowed health professionals to develop and provide a variety of online resources. These tools can be especially beneficial in reaching college students who are increasingly seeking health resources online. The proposed project examined student interaction on online platforms specifically Instagram and the relevant health topics being explored. Online health resources were developed based on Salem State University’s participation in the 2020 American College Health Association – National College Health Assessment III. This project focused on five main health topics including; sexual health, sleep, substance use, mental health, and nutrition/food security. Pre-topic questions were created to examine health seeking behaviors and main topic health promotion questions to analyze interaction and develop relevant health resources.
    • Educating the Black Community on Reproductive Justice: Reproductive Justice Virtual Discussion

      Celestin, Jewel; Sweeney, Michele (2020-08-01)
      Reproductive Justice is more than just reproductive rights. The term acknowledges equal access to safe abortion, affordable contraceptives and sex education, & freedom from sexual violence. In a senior level undergraduate internship, this author's goal was to educate the black community on Reproductive Justice in Dorchester, MA. A survey was distributed to ages 16-35. Inquires were made on the respondents sexual reproductive interests and level of knowledge. Survey results demonstrated a need for information on Maternal & Child Health, and interest in access to resources. Based on the responses, a virtual discussion was planned and conducted for the community. Attendees received access to family planning programs, youth programs, and free contraceptives and menstrual kits as a result of the discussion.