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    • Hot, Warm, Cool: The YMCA And You

      Scott, Kristina; Correia, Tatiana (2018-01-01)
      In order for children to self-regulate themselves in situations that may escalate their emotions, children must be able to identify their emotions and understand how they affect their body. This can be challenging as de-escalation strategies typically go against our natural reactions to situations, but as parents and educators, we can retrain a child’s minds to cope with their emotions. Breathing, taking a break, communication, etc. are all elements that children can learn as a skill to cope with their emotions. The following children’s book will have a dual purpose of providing families and their children with what resources the YMCA can provide in certain situations as well as provide a visualization for children on their emotions through an emotion thermometer and educate them on techniques to self-regulate their emotions. The story follows children at the YMCA and highlights escalating situations and describes what the best techniques are to cope with them.
    • Exploring Differences In Job Satisfaction Among Nurses In Union And Non-Union Work Settings

      Frost, Marion; Anderson, Elizabeth (2018-01-01)
      This research addresses the ever growing problem of job dissatisfaction and job burnout among nurses. Job burnout is a state of “physical, emotional or mental exhaustion combined with doubts about one’s competence and the value of one’s work” (Mayo Clinic, 2015). Job burnout has negative impacts on the health and wellbeing of the nurse, as well as his or her patients. Policies and regulations can vary depending on the union status of the establishment where the nurse is employed. A union is an association made up of a group of individuals sharing a common purpose. Staffing ratios, salary, benefits and job stability can all be seen to vary within different facilities depending on their union status. There are both positives and negatives to each union and non-union facility. This research will explore these topics in order to see if any correlation among the nurse’s job dissatisfaction and union status exist. A cross-sectional electronic survey was sent out to Salem State University School of Nursing alumni. Registered Nurses (RN) participating were asked to complete a survey containing demographic information, nursing specific questions, questions regarding union status and a modified Burnout Inventory Risk questionnaire. The dichotomous outcome variable will be union versus non-union work settings. Due to a lack of research on this topic in the United States, this research will be a positive contribution to nursing science. The purpose of this study is to better identify job burnout among the nursing profession as well as researching factors that could have an effect.
    • Looking Through the Eyes of Primary School Teachers: A Study of How White Teachers Talk About Race

      Leith, Chad; Dunn, Jessica (2014-05-17)
      A study of how White Primary teachers talk about race was conducted. Two different schools districts from Massachusetts were chosen, along with three different teachers from each district that represented a range of different grade levels. One suburban town North of Boston, Massachusetts, was comprised of primarily White students, while one urban city North of Boston, Massachusetts, was primarily composed of a diversified population of students. After conducting a series of interviews with teachers from each representative school district, results were analyzed to conclude two different teaching strategies used by White teachers when talking about race - a proactive teaching approach and a reactive teaching approach. Both of these teaching approaches proved to be important for all teachers to employ in order to be able to respond to their students' questions about race, as well as appropriately plan different lessons and units that highlight this important topic that impacts the lives of students throughout the United States.
    • Mindfulness in Elementary Schools

      Carroll, Greg; Polino, Amber Lee (2016-05-01)
      Breathing is vital to our well-being. Being attentive to our breathing and taking deep breaths can actually help our bodies relax and focus. Teaching students to pause and focus on their breath can help them handle difficult situations that arise during the school day. This technique is something students can carry with them and use as they grow up. Breathing also helps develop mindfulness, which helps improve attention skills and memory. Mindfulness also encourages compassion, kindness, and understanding. In this children's book, Bah Bah faces many difficulties on his first day at a new school. He handles his emotions discreetly by pausing and having breathing breaks throughout the day that help him relax and move on. Read along and learn to breathe like Bah Bah!
    • “When Do We Get To Read?” Reading Instruction And Literacy Coaching In A “Failed” Urban Elementary School

      Pomerantz, Francesca; Pierce, Michelle (2013-09-22)
      From 2005-2009, the state determined that the Williams School had made no progress in raising its poor performance on the state English language arts test. In the fall of 2009, the state awarded literacy partnership grants to provide professional development to low-performing schools, and the Williams School partnered with our institution of higher education to 1) conduct a needs assessment to determine what teachers were doing in regard to reading comprehension instruction, 2) provide professional development to teachers in the form of literacy coaching, and 3) research the effectiveness of the professional development in changing teachers' instructional practices. The investigation sought to determine how professional development based on knowledge building, co-teaching, and coaching influences teachers' application of explicit comprehension instruction. Overall, results showed improvements in teachers' ability to engage in effective comprehension instruction. However, the qualitative evidence gathered as part of the investigation points to various challenges teachers faced in implementing specific aspects of comprehension instruction and the lack of opportunities students had for reading, some of which appear to be related to contextual factors in the school setting. The results highlight obstacles coaches, teachers, and students face in a low-performing, urban district and suggest possible directions for the future.
    • Power Tools for Talking: Custom Protocols Enrich Coaching Conversations

      Pomerantz, Francesca; Ippolito, Jacy (2015-02-01)
      The article examines how the use of protocols increased professional learning among a group of reading specialists when Salem State University collaborated with a suburban school district. The objective was to support eight elementary and two middle school reading specialists as they acted as data coaches, helping classroom teachers investigate the implications of literacy data for teaching.
    • Protocols As Essential Tools For Literacy Professional Learning Communities In The Common Core Era

      Ippolito, Jacy; Pomerantz, Francesca (2014-01-01)
      Jacy Ippolito and Francesca Pomerantz share their experiences in introducing protocols to teachers as a means to enhance the quality of productive talk in professional learning communities. Protocols were used by two groups of collaborating teachers to keep a laser-like focus and achieve their professional development goals.