• Power Tools for Talking: Custom Protocols Enrich Coaching Conversations

      Pomerantz, Francesca; Ippolito, Jacy (2015-02-01)
      The article examines how the use of protocols increased professional learning among a group of reading specialists when Salem State University collaborated with a suburban school district. The objective was to support eight elementary and two middle school reading specialists as they acted as data coaches, helping classroom teachers investigate the implications of literacy data for teaching.
    • Protocols As Essential Tools For Literacy Professional Learning Communities In The Common Core Era

      Ippolito, Jacy; Pomerantz, Francesca (2014-01-01)
      Jacy Ippolito and Francesca Pomerantz share their experiences in introducing protocols to teachers as a means to enhance the quality of productive talk in professional learning communities. Protocols were used by two groups of collaborating teachers to keep a laser-like focus and achieve their professional development goals.