• What are you?: A case study of an individual's experience growing up Asian American

      Boun, Sovicheth; Ballard, Eleanor (2020-05-01)
      This presentation will reveal the struggles the Asian American population faces when trying to form their identity by using a case study of an individual's first-hand experiences portrayed in a Vlog. The Vlog will showcase the individual’s family dynamic, the discovery of race through self-categorization required by standardized tests, and her journey to self-acceptance. Identity is a term that unites but also divides. Asian Americans are divided by language, social class, culture, sexuality, and race. Through a series of videos presented in the Vlog, the audience will gain a better understanding of how pervasive stereotypes continue to shape how society perceives Asian Americans and how Asian Americans view themselves. Being of mixed race as well adds the struggles of feeling pressure to identify with one race over the other. By describing the bullying she suffered as a student, the audience will also see how she felt alienated by both cultural groups for not being considered “authentic enough” and did not feel a sense of belonging. By sharing her first-hand experiences through the Vlog, the audience will understand how identity is influenced by the community and how stereotypes affect Asian Americans’ sense of independence and pride. It is crucial for society to explore where these stereotypes stem from to help the Asian American community rebuild a positive self-image. This is a story of an individual's experience losing her voice as a young person after being exposed to the assumptions and prejudices associated with being Asian American, and later coming to terms with this identity and asserting her voice as an adult.