• The Effects Of A Safe Sleep Environment And The Reduction Of SIDS

      Moske-Weber, Charlene; Sarwar, Sonia (2019-05-01)
      This research addresses the prevalence of the phenomenon Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). Not much is known about the pathophysiology of SIDS, but steps can be taken to help decrease the risk of the disease, yet, it still prevails. The aim of this research will be to look closer into the risk factors for SIDS and its prevalence since the creation of the 1994 public health initiative, the 'Back to Sleep Campaign'. There are many complexities to its prevalence including but not limited to race, culture, education level, income, individual nursing practices, and lack of SIDS policies in hospitals. This research will look closely into these different risk factors and what can be done from a nurse’s stand point. SIDS risk reduction is important to nursing because its reduction is primarily education based. At risk populations are not receiving the proper education on SIDS and its risk reduction. The lack of nursing education with the combination of other risk factors mentioned before creates a complex situation to which a solution is necessary. The research for this paper will be gathered through a systematic review of literature. All articles will be gathered using the nursing database Medline Plus and will include qualitative and quantitative research articles published between 2010-2018. All articles used for this paper will be in English and limited to the age group 'infant, newborn: birth-1 month'.