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    • Sexual and Reproductive Health Education Curriculum: Empowering Young Adult

      Pierre, Faranah; Everitt, Amy (2024-04-29)
      This research project was designed to assess the effectiveness of implementing a comprehensive sexual and reproductive health education curriculum for young adult males in a residential program at Wayside Youth and Family Support Network. The curriculum was designed to enhance knowledge and skills related to sexual health, decision-making, and healthy behaviors among both staff and clients aged 18 to 22. Using pre- and post-training assessments, the study evaluated the impact of the curriculum on knowledge scores, confidence in discussing sensitive topics, and awareness of available resources. This project demonstrated the importance of ongoing sexual education and support in promoting informed decision-making and healthy relationships among young adult males in residential programs.
    • Updating Documentation Storage at Bridgewell: Physical Files Converted to Digital Format

      O’Brien, Matthew; Everitt, Amy (2024-04-29)
      Bridgewell offers a wide array of different services to several populations including individuals who struggle with addiction, individuals who are experiencing housing instability and individuals with physical and mental disabilities. The organization is complex, with many branches and over one thousand employees. The majority of employees are in direct contact with clients, making it essential that Bridgewell dutifully maintains all filing associated with their personnel. This includes state mandated background checks for individuals who work with vulnerable populations. The objective of this project was to improve Bridgewell’s file keeping by creating a framework for the conversion of physical files into a digital format allowing for seamless retrieval and auditing of said files in the future.
    • Enhancing Student Awareness and Engagement: Bridging SSU Disability Services Office with Campus Community Through Tabling Events

      Nunez, Nathalie; Everitt, Amy (2024-04-29)
      The objective of this project was to raise awareness of the accommodations and services provided by the Disability Services Office for students that can further enhance their academic success in higher education. Two table events were held on Salem State University's South and North Campus to provide information on the office’s location, accommodations, and services to an array of students in all majors. Flyers, postcards, QR codes of the office Instagram page, giveaway opportunities, and much more were offered to all students who wanted to participate and learn more about the office. Tabling proved to be a successful way to interact and educate students on campus.
    • On Boarding and Training Processes in the Volunteering Department; Scheduling and Organization

      Merchant, Abby; Everitt, Amy (2024-04-29)
      This project focused on creating the on-boarding process for volunteers to be more organized and efficient. By assessing and re-organizing the process, it will be more efficient and smoother for both the volunteer joining and the person on-boarding the volunteer. The re-created process goal is to have five volunteers on-boarding at a time and have the training take just over a month to complete. Working with five new volunteers at a time allows for more individualized training and attention to insure that they have everything they need. This process would consist of applying to be a volunteer, interviewing, completing to be medically compliant, and orientation, leading to training.
    • Mastering Mindfulness: North Shore Education Consortium

      Gillis, Annie; Everitt, Amy (2024-04-29)
      The North Shore Education Consortium SOAR & EMBARK Programs provide a unique opportunity for students with disabilities to further their education while simultaneously strengthening their social & life skills. Many of these students struggle with concentration, emotional regulation, and staying grounded, especially in the classroom. The implementation of providing students with mindfulness strategies is imperative in aiding students with this challenge, and the benefits of these exercises were observed and evaluated while students utilized the techniques. These coping skills are useful to anybody, but are especially helpful in assisting these young adults with disabilities as they prepare to be more functional in the professional working world, which represents a major component of the mission of the North Shore Education Consortium.
    • Comprehensive Board Of Health Intern Inspection Checklist: Intern’s Guide to Ensuring Community Health and Safety

      Hernandez, Grisely; Everitt, Amy (2024-04-29)
      This project aims to enhance public health standards by developing a comprehensive checklist for food interns. Through meticulous assessment and guidance, interns will ensure compliance with hygiene protocols, food handling practices, and regulatory requirements. By nurturing a culture of diligence and accountability, we strive to safeguard consumer well-being while fostering culinary excellence. This initiative not only elevates Salem's food industry but also strengthens community trust in the quality and safety of our gastronomic offerings. Ultimately, our goal is to create a vibrant and sustainable food ecosystem that benefits both residents and visitors alike.
    • Brain Injury Survivors: The Benefits of Physical Activity

      Del Valle, Shariany; Everitt, Amy (2024-04-29)
      Traumatic brain injuries affect both mental and physical health which can often lead to long-term complications. The Neuro-Fit program allows individuals who have suffered a traumatic brain injury to attend weekly one-hour exercise sessions that target their personal goals. This program has the physical benefits of exercising weekly with assistance and mental health benefits such as creating a community for participants to be social with others in the program along with members of the YMCA. This project focused on functional assessments performed every semester to track the progress of Neuro-Fit participants. These assessments target physical tasks as well as subjective objectives that allow interns and supervisors to see how participants are feeling about their life after a brain injury and the program.
    • Stigma: Effects On Female Patients With Addiction And Their Recovery

      Catalano, Jessica; Everitt, Amy (2024-04-29)
      Recovery Centers of America is a treatment center for those suffering with substance abuse disorders. Stigma involving substance abuse includes negative attitudes and stereotypes that can cause barriers to an individual's treatment. The objective of this project was to see if stigma has had an effect on patients and their addiction, as well as if stigma has had any effect on their recovery. To explore whether stigma has had an effect, patients of Recovery Centers of America were given two surveys: The Perceived Substance Abuse Scale (PSAS) and the Illicit Drug Use and Stigma Scale Survey. In the healthcare field it is important to understand that stigma can create barriers to individuals recovery, and to try our best to eliminate stigma while providing care.
    • Massachusetts School-Based Health Alliance-Impact Map

      McCormack, Melissa; Mack, Amanda (2024-04-29)
      The Massachusetts School-Based Health Alliance (MASBHA) is dedicated to promoting children's and adolescents' health, resilience, and academic success through advocacy for school-based health centers (SBHCs) and support for student well-being. MASBHA offers technical assistance, training, advocacy, resource sharing, networking, and community engagement to enhance school-based health care. The MASBHA Impact Map Project aims to visually represent the impact of SBHCs in Massachusetts by mapping their locations, documenting services offered, highlighting partnerships, and assessing health outcomes. This project seeks to demonstrate the importance and effectiveness of SBHCs in improving access to health care and enhancing student well-being.
    • My Lahey Chart Patient Satisfaction, Queue Durations, and Workflow Outcomes

      Carreno, Diana; Mack, Amanda; Gallo, Linda (2024-04-29)
      This research was done to show how much impact an inconvenient action can have on the workflow and patient satisfaction rates. The results of this research concluded that when a patient does not do their pre-screening question before their appointment, it does have an impact on other patients and their own wait times. It was also proven that by a patient not filling out their pre-screening questions beforehand, their entire visit is prolonged. These rates also have a huge impact on workflow balance and how smoothly the day runs.
    • Addressing Teen Vaping Concerns in the Revere Public Schools

      Alukonis, Anna-Marie; Mack, Amanda (2024-04-29)
      This project addresses teen vaping concerns in the Revere Public School System. Teens across the country are using vaping devices without a complete understanding of the health effects. There is a lack of effective student education in place to encourage not using vapes. Likewise,there is a lack of policy in place to support educators in stopping teen vaping. Research was conducted to analyze best practices. These best practices were compiled into two handouts:one for students and one for staff. They serve as proposed material to be implemented in the classroom in an effort to improve education on vaping and support educators.
    • Navigating ASD: Fostering Mental Health in Adolescents with ASD: Tailored Workshops for Emotional Regulation and Social Flourishing

      Coccia, Makayla; Noah, Amanda (2023-12-11)
      This project is a mock proposal to create a workshop that aims to allow children with ASD to improve emotional regulation during social interactions and well-being. The goal is to hold workshops that enhance participants’ emotional regulation, coping skills, and stress management, in order to enhance quality of life. This creates support, improves inclusivity, and develops social skills for those with ASD. Limited attention spans and sensory sensitivities are taken into account by incorporating engaging activities and a sensory-friendly environment. The workshop requires research to create curriculum, implementation, and collecting data on progress. Comparing before and after data results is beneficial to show the positive impact of these tailored emotional regulation programs on children with ASD.
    • Resource Guide for Healthcare Professionals: Credentialing Providers and Information Verification

      Newell, Genevieve; Everitt, Amy (2023-12-11)
      Allergy & Asthma Specialists is a healthcare facility focused on providing treatment for individuals with allergies, asthma, or immunologic diseases. Credentialing and insurance verification is a complicated and timely process for healthcare facilities. The purpose of this project was to create a resource guide to assist current and future employees through the process of credentialing. Information was collected from 10 notable sources, detailing the significant steps during the credentialing process. The data indicated noteworthy steps of collecting provider information, updating a CAQH profile, verifying information, and completing status updates. This project resulted in the development of a resource guide to help employees through the complex process of credentialing.
    • Assessing Patients' Experiences in Radiology: Enhancing Comfort for Claustrophobic MRI Patients

      Vittorini, Jessica; DeLeon, Patrice (2023-12-11)
      Claustrophobia is a common fear experienced by individuals undergoing MRI scans, which can significantly impact their comfort and overall experience. During this senior project, various methods for alleviating claustrophobia in MRI patients were explored. The importance of addressing this issue to improve patient satisfaction, reduce scan disruptions, and enhance diagnostic accuracy was highlighted. These included pre-scan interventions such as patient education, communication, and counseling to manage anxiety levels effectively. The use of relaxation techniques like deep breathing exercises, meditation, or listening to calming music sounds during the procedure was also discussed. Healthcare workers can enhance the overall experience for their patients while ensuring high-quality imaging results.
    • Ultimate Kronos Group System: New Hire Aid

      Valera, Yismeiry; Everitt, Amy (2023-12-11)
      This project focused on the New Ultimate Kronos Group (UKG) system. This healthcare employee based digital program gives employees access to personal functions such as self-scheduling, timecard punches, time off requests, shift swaps, and shift pick-ups. Through the UKG tool staff members can do things on their own time and correct discrepancy between their personal schedule and information. This poster contains information on the importance of high performing digital tools such as UKG to ensure employee engagement and performance. UKG will facilitate employees providing better care to the public. Included in the poster is an overview of the implementation process with some of the recurring issues staff members had. A survey was also conducted to measure the efficacy of the implementation materials and to receive any suggestions.
    • Inculcate The Ultimate Kronos Group: Obtaining Insight

      Allen-Randazzo, Betty; Everitt, Amy (2023-12-11)
      This poster focused on the importance of the Ultimate Kronos System. This system is designed for employees to be a helpful tool used to check timecards, create schedules, request vacation, and more. For Mass General Brigham, the system wasn't easy to transfer over. The transition required going floor to floor around the hospital answering questions concerning UKG. In addition to being a guide for scheduling staff. UKG plays a major role in the staffing office. It's used on a daily basis as shown in the graph provided.
    • Financial Monitoring and Independent Assistance at Bridgewell

      Uchendu, Jennifer; Noah, Amanda (2023-12-11)
      The core of Bridgewell's mission is to empower people with disabilities and other life challenges. This organization envisions a world in which everyone can accomplish goals, participate in communities, and lead satisfying lives, irrespective of their unique circumstances. Bridgewell, which is well-known for its creative and dynamic approach, offers a wide range of support services, such as day programs that encourage independence, residential care, and clinical and behavioral health treatments. By being involved in the community, the organization creates partnerships and promotes social inclusion. This project aims to improve residents’ financial independence through one-on-one financial monitoring; in order to achieve a success rate in accomplishing goals, encouraging efficient budgeting, and advancing long-term financial self-sufficiency.
    • Crip Camp: A Disability Revolution: Student Academic Meetings

      Lumumba, Teka; Everitt, Amy (2023-12-11)
      Crip Camp is a documentary that shows us a painful world that segregates disabled people from the non-disabled. The film poses a series of specific pains that disabled people experience and how they deal with it on an everyday basis. It showed how particularly painful experiences helped to impact a powerful movement for disability rights. The event I created to show the film "Crip Camp" was meant to educate students on campus about persons with disabilities.
    • Patient Scheduling And Organization: Effectiveness Of MyChart Messages For Scheduling Follow Up Appointments

      Geysen, Jillian; Everitt, Amy (2023-12-11)
      Scheduling follow up appointments at Woburn Pediatrics is important to providing quality care for patients. This project focused on the effectiveness of "MyChart" messages. This process consisted of checking who was due for follow-up appointments and when, and then sending them a "MyChart" message that it is time to reschedule. The effectiveness of MyChart messages is dependent on how many people viewed and called the office to reschedule an appointment. After reviewing all of the MyChart messages I determined that out of the 350 messages, 284 appointments were scheduled. MyChart messages help dramatically with the scheduling process at Woburn Pediatrics.
    • Youth Outcomes in Various School Settings: Big Brothers Big Sisters Analysis of 2022 Matching

      Hall, Naomi; Everitt, Amy (2023-12-11)
      This study compares a public and private school within the Greater Boston area; The Thomas Edison and Sacred Heart Stem schools. Information was gathered through a database company called Salesforce. Within youth inquiries it shows evaluations recorded by volunteers, guardians, and youth who participate in this mentoring program. A randomized name generator was used to select the names of students of the Thomas Edison School because more matches were created at this school within 2022. Information on Salesforce is limited since everything is self-administered but after analyzing the results of strength and relationship evaluations (SOR) and guardian and youth (SEL) evaluations it was determined that there is an overall positive correlation of improvement in youth within six months.