• How Does Teacher Retention Affect Student Achievement?

      Ardon, Ken; Rivera, Tatiana (2019-05-01)
      This paper attempts to analyze the impact that teacher retention has on student achieving. This study estimates the effects of teacher retention on 324 10th grade high school ELA and Math MCAS scores in Massachusetts as a whole while also including economically disadvantaged and English as a Second Language selected-student populations. The results indicate that teacher retention specifically does not have much of an effect on their scores. The effects appeared to be slightly greater with the ELA MCAS scores in schools that are low-performing where the retention rates are lower due to the economically disadvantaged populations.
    • College Major and the Gender Pay Gap

      von Seekamm, Kurt; Gentile, Isabella (2021-05-01)
      Using the IPUMS USA database and the American Community Survey sample for the year of 2018, this paper seeks to explain how graduating with a bachelor’s degree in a female dominated major can affect post-graduation earned income. Increases in the percentage of female students within a field of study have negative effects on an individual’s earned income. Even after controlling for the percentage of female students within a degree field, there is an additional penalty to one’s income for working within a female dominated industry.