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  • Photography in the World of Advertising

    Lewis, Richard; Gibbons, Michelle Patrice (2016-05-01)
    Photography in the World of Advertising is a photography portfolio focusing on commercial product photography. My portfolio, which contains 10 commercial product images, was completed over the course of one semester. The portfolio explores the different techniques used to photograph products for commercial uses, such as advertising, catalogs, or websites. I decided to use a mix of both on location and in studio photo-shoots to get a feel for the range of techniques used in both locations (backgrounds, natural lighting, artificial lighting, and environmental factors that could effect the shot).
  • Rosie the Photoshopped: An Exploration in the Media's Use of Women's Bodies

    Sinnett, Gretchen; Murphy, Jacquelyn (2015-05-01)
    This project focuses on the media's use of women's bodies and how Photoshop is used to twist and distort. What is twisted and distorted is now considered normal in today's society and it affects young girls every day. The number of cases of eating disorders has increased over the years and it is heavily influenced by the media. This project uses the silhouettes of photoshopped women printed on life-size paper. Visitors are encouraged to trace themselves in marker over the shadows. No shape will match because these shapes are unattainable and ridiculous. The goal of this project is to bring awareness to the media's twisted use of women's bodies and to get people talking about ways to fix it. In the end, there should be a rainbow of different body shapes on the papers. Every shape is unique and none should be shamed over others. The media does not define who you are. You do.
  • WickedFit – An Athleisure Brand

    Malloy, Mark; Tran, Duyen (2020-05-01)
    Athleisure is a style of clothing that has a growing influence in American modern fashion as a result of its functionality and aesthetic. People from the East Coast are generally high career-driven yet health-conscious and fashion-forward. According to Gallup Healthways State of American Well-Being research, Boston is ranked number one in active living environment. We are constantly on the go and prioritize living a healthy lifestyle. Thus there is a high demand in fashion styles like athleisure, which can provide looks, quality and comfort at the same time. The objective of this project is to build the brand from market research and develop a cohesive brand identity.
  • The Finer Things in Life

    Lewis, Richard; Gelinas, Emma (2014-05-17)
    Have you ever really looked at the shapes that make up the world around you? Have you ever noticed that your life is made up of repetitive forms that create a rhythm? This collection of photographs focuses closely on objects to show the repetition of life. Each photograph is taken in a way that highlights the small details of objects. Objects that you may see everyday, but may have never looked at in this way before. The "Finer Things in Life" is a collection of original photographs that are presented in a coffee table book. This book encompasses my photographic style. There is order, geometry, and repetition. These photographs utilize the elements and principles of design to create intriguing compositions that focuses the viewer's attention on the small details, or the finer things in life.
  • Studies in Angle and Shape: Paintings by Matt Curley

    Malloy, Mark; Curley, Matthew (2013-05-18)
    Paintings completed over the course of two semesters serve as the basis for this art exhibition in the Winfisky Gallery at Salem State University’s Ellison Campus Center. Abstract paintings in a variety of media explore visual themes such as landscape and architecture and make up a series of large and small canvases, as well as shaped panels. Each painting’s color palette relates to the natural landscape, but the mostly geometric compositions reflect inspiration found in both geology and architecture. The larger works expand upon ideas established in the smaller, mostly acrylic paintings but use more varied media to create layers of visual information and texture. An artist statement will be displayed alongside the paintings in the gallery. The exhibition will give me an opportunity to present a coherent body of work to the school community.
  • Developing Assessment Methods to Benefit Middle School Art Students

    Black, Meg; Melo, Christine (2016-01-01)
    The purpose of this study was to determine what assessment rubrics middle school art students find most beneficial. The need for more reliable and effective assessment tools for visual arts teachers is addressed. Literature is reviewed on the risks and benefits of assessment in art education; the variety of assessment strategies that are available for art teachers; and how to design a scoring rubric, which is the most common assessment strategy used among art teachers. Eighth-grade art students in Massachusetts were surveyed to determine which of three rubrics were most helpful to them. The results allow art teachers to better understand how to communicate students’ grades through rubrics, how much information to include in rubrics, and students’ preferred rubric formats. This study can help art teachers develop rubrics that are consistent with what students find most useful and maximize the benefits that assessment can provide to art students.