Recent Submissions

  • Theodore Crowninshield Browne Salem Fire Letter

    Crowninshield, Theodore (1914)
    Theodore Crowninshield Browne Salem Fire Letter, 1914
  • The Salem Fire Relief

    Perry, Montayne (Milo A. Newhall & Co., Printers, 1915)
    'The story of fire relief at Salem, Massachusetts, was published as a newspaper serial when temporary rehabilitation of the families made destitute by the conflagration, had been completed. Its purpose was to furnish the inquiring public an unofficial account of the problems connected with giving relief to fire sufferers and the methods employed in the effort to give justice and satisfaction to both recipients of relief and donors of the fund. It is reprinted in its present form, at the request of persons engaged in social service, because it is deemed valuable as embodying information applicable to the giving of any emergency relief." Reprint of a serial published in the Salem Evening News.
  • Report of Salem Rebuilding Commission

    Salem, (Mass.). Rebuilding Commission (Newcomb & Gauss, 1917)
    Created by Act of Massachusetts Legislature, Chapter 777, Acts of 1914. Members appointed by His Excellency, Governor David I Walsh, July 7th, 1914. For the term of three years. Members of the Commission: Edmund W. Longley, Dan A. Donahue, Eugene J. Fabens, Emile Poirier, Michael L. Sullivan 35 pages of text, 10 pages of photos, 2 fold-out maps.
  • Data on Burned District at Salem, Mass.

    F.W. Dodge Company (F. W. Dodge Company, 1914)
    "Nature of Buildings Burned - Materials of Original Construction - Assessed Valuation on Land and Buildings - also Insurance on Buildings and Contents, where obtainable. Arranged according to Name of Owners, Street Location and Classes of Buildings." 20 pages.
  • The Conflagration at Salem, Mass., and the Destruction of the Mills of the Naumkeag Steam Cotton Co., June 25, 1914.

    Smith, Charles H.; Associated Factory Mutual Fire Insurance Companies ([Boston, Inspection Dept., Associated Factory Mutual Fire Insurance Companies], 1914)
    24 page booklet; fire inspector's report (15 pages), illustrations (9 pages), folding map, plus two folding plates. "This pamphlet is substantially a reprint of the Department Fire Report, prepared by Mr. C. H. Smith, and is circulated that all Members may have the full advantage of this experience."