• French Canadian Folktales

      Beaugrand, Honoré; Filiatreault, Aristide; Frechette, Louis; LeMay, Pamphile; Quinel, Charles; Rouleau, Charles-Edmond; Stevens, Paul; Stickney, Sam; Blood, Elizabeth; Burgess, Kristen; et al. (2022-05-04)
      Folktales often communicate cultural values and pass on collective wisdom to future generations. In 19th-century French Canada, the telling of tales was also a way to entertain a crowd huddled by a fire on a cold winter evening. In this collection of English translations of French Canadian folktales, you will find stories that are fantastical, telling of fairies, ghosts, werewolves and devils, as well as stories that are historical, recounting feats of daring and bravery from the early days of the colony; others will describe humorous situations meant to teach a moral lesson or just provoke a laugh. Each captivates and entertains in its own way while drawing the modern reader into the cultural world of early French Canada.