Recent Submissions

  • Whitman Travels: Expectations Vs Reality

    Boardman, Phoenix; Bohm, Cinnamon; Libby, Alicia; Mager, Amanda; Pena, Ashley (2020)
    Zine created by students in IDS 333A and explores the expectations that a traveler has of their destination locale versus the reality of the lived experience. This is explored through the lens of Walter Whitman, a professor at Salem State College in the early 20th century, and current study abroad students. Comparisions are made through architecture, burials, clothing, festivals, and transportation. Zine uses archival material from the Whitman Collection at Salem State University Archives and Special Collections.
  • Water We Doing To Our Planet?

    Rochlin, Theo; Valatka, Jeremy; Gutierrez, Jaiden (2021)
    Zine created by ENG 110 students on the topic of water pollution. Zine discusses what black carbon is, why we should care, how we can help, how to secure safe drinking water, and other environmental issues affecting our planet. Works cited included.
  • What Is White Privilege

    Flynn, Dan (2023)
    The zine of White Privilege describes the privilege of white Christian men and the difficulty of black men and women. It starts back from slavery. Then it goes on to describe land opportunity for white men, but the opportunity for other races and gender have more of a struggle to succeed. Women's Suffrage and the Combahee River Collection describes what they have for "freedom" in America including race and gender. In the current days of America, it still includes violence and discrimination to people of other races and genders. A white man can have difficulties to succeed, but there are not as many obstacles that other races have.
  • When I Poop, You Must Scoop!!

    Bissel, Madison (2022)
    Dog waste is an environmental pollutant & a human health hazard. 8 billion pounds of dog poop are left on the ground each year. Just on gram of dog poop contains 23 million bacteria. The most serious problem associated with dog waste is the contamination of water ways. When left on the ground it eventually breaks down and wasted into the water supply. The moist environment of dog waste is perfect for flies to lay eggs that become maggots. People can get roundworm from contact with feces.
  • Where We At: Whiteness In Fine Art

    Ericson, Steph; Bell-Paolucci, Garrett; Lapre, Sanji; Fitzpatrick, Amber; Vitale, Nick (2020)
    Created by Neenah Estrella-Luna's SOC 110 course in Spring 2020. Zine highlights a few artists of color that have been excluded from the fine art canon as well as white artists who have created art that was unintentionally offensive to oppressed groups.
  • Whiteness In Law Enforcement

    Donalds, Bill; Crooker-Domey, Jackie; Provencher, Raeanne; Charak, Tim; Reinoso, JC (2020)
    Created by Neenah Estrella-Luna's SOC 110 course in Spring 2020. Zine addresses racial makeup of the U.S. police force, Black Lives Matter movement, The Black Panthers and the Broken Window Theory.
  • The Struggle For Quality Of Life

    Guerrier, Sydney; Moncion, Rey; Wolfe, Ash; Wood, Diana (2020)
    Zine created by Lisa Delissio's BIO 218 course in Spring 2020. "Topics discussed within this zine include: effects of war on the environment, low-income leads to poor nutrition choice, access to healthcare, poor lack of sex education and its effect" (taken from zine abstract).
  • Systemic Racism

    Grupposo, Hannah (2021)
    This zine addresses the issue of systemic racism.
  • Testing Inequalities For COVID-19

    Cora, Delmaris; Field, Courtney; Pfefferle, Lily (2020)
    Created in Neenah Estrella-Luna's SOC 347 course in Spring 2020. Zine addresses the racial and economic disparities in COVID-19 testing. Folx from lower socioeconomic backgrounds are being denied testing and hospital care because they lack insurance or have insurance with a large deductible. These disparities are costing lives while the rich keep getting richer.
  • Voting With COVID-19

    Layton, Cassie (2020)
    Created in Neenah Estrella-Luna's SOC 344 course in Spring 2020. Zine addresses the issue of voting during COVID-19. Entries include absentee voting, voting by mail, and the possibility of the current presidential term being extended.
  • Suffocating On Air...

    D.R.; K.J.; J.B. (2022)
  • Rising Waters: Struggling To Save Our Fish

    Grelle, Jenny; Nichols, Jax; Smagala, David; Naghst, Sevda; Avery (2022)
  • Overlooked And Underprivileged: The Struggles Of People Of Color

    Medrano, Anisha (2020)
    This zine pertains to the opportunity of people of color or the lack of.
  • Reproductive Rights: Justice For Women

    Welch, Kara (2020)
    Zine was created in IDS 232 and addresses reproductive justice for women. Topics include white privilege, gender bias, racism and sexism. Zine looks at seven cultural objects that highlight how women have less rights than men. Bibliography included.
  • Opportunity For People Of Color

    Sanderson, Darren (2020)
    This zine is about how America may not be a "Land of Opportunity" for everyone.
  • Opportunity For Women's Rights And Fighting For It

    Gaye, Harriet (2020)
    This zine focuses on Women's Rights and the lack of opportunities that have been given.
  • Opportunity For Women Compared To Men In The United States

    Toto, Leah (2020)
    This zine was created to inform readers in the unequal treatment of women in the United States and the many centuries if oppression that they lived through. It goes through different cultural products and outlines the tough times women have faced. I also have included a current day cultural product that reflects on the times and how things are beginning to change for the better.
  • Indigenous Narratives: Excluded Stories

    Wright, Heather (2020)
    This zine, created in IDS 232, is a small collection of cultural products that reflect the lack of Indigenous Narratives. Topics covered are Indigenous storytelling, Wampanoag Tribe, American narratives, and the sense of belonging. Includes a work cited.
  • Inequality Between School Districts

    Chez, Ashley; Trannguyen, Lindsay; Setzer, Liam; Nur, Leylah (2020)
    Created by Neenah Estrella-Luna's SOC 110 course in Spring 2020. This zine focus on the comparison of wealthy and poor school districts and how they relate to racial inequalities. The two schools that are talked about are Lynn Public School (poor) and Marblehead Public School (wealthy). Although both are public schools, Lynn Public has more minorities, less funding, and the graduation rate is a little over half. The authors discovered that different factors such as the government, redlining, and so much more all have something to do with racial inequalities in these schools.

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