• A 21st Century Update of Gender Portrayal in Caldecott Winners

      Gonsalves, Joanna (2016-05-01)
      This study replicated previous studies that investigated the portrayal of gender in Caldecott award-winning books. Past studies found that females were nearly invisible. Females tended to be under-represented in titles, central roles, and illustrations (Weitzman, Eifler, Hokada, & Ross, 1972). In addition, they appeared in the illustrations to be indoors more often than outside and displayed gender-typical behavioral traits. The current study utilizes the methods and procedures of past researchers to present an updated account of gender-portrayal in the Caldecott winners for 2010 through 2015. A content analysis, and a character trait analysis were performed to analyze the books. The researchers found no significant increases or decreases for human single-gendered illustrations and human characters. However, there was a significant increase in the percent of females for non-human single-gendered illustrations and non-human characters. In addition, females were over-represented outdoors, which is in contrast to past research. Furthermore, only three traits were rated as being more salient for females than males: nurturant, rescue and traditional role. Compared with past studies, children's books are becoming more gender equitable in terms of representation, location and behavior traits. However, improvements can still be made to reflect the actuality of societal proportions.
    • A Closer Look at How Children's Choice Book Award Programs Motivate Upper Elementary Students to Read

      Pierce, Michelle (2014-05-17)
      The purpose of my thesis was to learn more about children's choice book award programs such as the Massachusetts Children's Book Award Program (sponsored by SSU). Specifically, I wanted to know what prior research tells us about the impact of children's choice award programs and children's motivation to read, children's reasons for participating in such a program, and children's strategies for selecting books and deciding on a favorite. I completed a review of literature to see what past research has found about the effectiveness of children's choice award programs and their motivation to read. Through a survey completed by seventeen 4th and 5th graders who participated in the 2013-2014 MCBA program, I was able to find answers to support prior research done on the effectiveness of children's choice award programs as well as raise questions for further research.
    • A Combinatorial Method To Producing Portfolios

      Belock, Julie (2016-12-01)
      There is a lack of research on portfolios and combinatorial methods in finance. In this paper, we outline a new method for producing long-term portfolios of stock using a combinatorial approach. A retrospective data analysis shows that this method produces protable long-term portfolios.
    • A Green Future In The desert: A Navajo Energy Transformation

      Silvern, Steven (2021-05-01)
      This thesis is an investigation into the link between settler-colonialism, capitalism, environmental degradation, and the corresponding modern conditions of the Navajo Nation and its people - the Dine. This thesis uses existing History, Geography, and Indigenous Studies academic scholarship, as well as new research to connect the processes of settler-colonialism and capitalism to Indigenous federal policies within the United States. The United States' settler-colonial political and economic systems have facilitated the destruction of Indigenous sovereignty and installation of extractive energy projects, such as uranium and coal on the Navajo Nation. These policies and industries have created a legacy of dire socio-economic conditions and damage to the land and culture of the Dine people residing in the Navajo Nation. However, this is not a narrative of defeat. Recently, The Navajo Nation's undertaking of multiple renewable energy proposals and projects points towards not only an energy transformation, but a revival of tribal sovereignty and Dine culture for the Dine of today and for generations to come.
    • A Journal of the "Resume Adder" Application

      Kasprzyk, Joseph (2014-05-17)
      The computer science programming process has many different elements. From the software development life cycle, to the hands on implementation, to providing the user with the results they are looking for, the procedure has to not on complex, but precise. There have been many different writings related to the SDLC, but this document details the process that I used to design my application for user operation.
    • A Literature Review of the Negative Impact of Dementia on the Nutritional Status of Hospitalized Elderly Patients

      Frost, Marion (2014-05-17)
      Dementia is a progressive psychological disorder in the elderly population that leads to cognitive impairment and can have an impact on many areas of their life, especially nutrition. It is very common to see hospitalized dementia patients not receiving proper nutrition because they are unable to feed themselves, and often are not provided with the help they need. Nutrition is often a topic that is overlooked in the hospital setting because of the narrow focus on the patient’s diagnosis that caused their admission. Dementia is also a disease that may not be diagnosed until it has progressed to later stages, with the person suffering for many years before interventions take place. This is a very important issue in nursing because malnutrition can lead to further illness and a delay of healing in the elderly, leading to prolonged hospital stays, readmissions, and reoccurring health problems in these patients. This thesis will be a review of medical and nursing journals that look at the impact of dementia on proper nutrition in the hospitalized patients and the different nursing interventions that are used to improve nutrition in these patients. I will also make suggestions for changes in these nursing interventions to improve their effectiveness. A review of the epidemiology of dementia and nutrition requirements of the elderly person will also be included in this thesis.
    • A Literature Review of the Onset of Social Media and its Effect on HIPPA Violations

      Magazzu, Tammi (2014-05-17)
      Social media has become increasingly popular in the United States and is accessed daily. It consists of different websites such as Facebook and Twitter. Access to these websites is easy and fast, allowing users to frequently network. In many situations, social media can be utilized in a positive manner. However, in fields such as nursing, social media can be detrimental. The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, HIPAA, provides specific and strict regulations regarding the use of social media in the medical field. Breaching patient confidentiality can jeopardize a nurse’s job and future career. With the onset of social media, HIPAA violations have increased. This thesis will provide a literature review of social media and its onset, and how it affected HIPAA. I will show how these websites have caused more violations of HIPAA, and provide interventions and suggestions to decrease the violations. Specific methods will be included to show how the problem can be fixed. In addition, a brief history of social media will be provided to illustrate how it is extremely prevalent.
    • A Literature Review on Mitochondrial Dysfunction and “Three-Parent” Babies

      Sprenkle, Amy (2020-05-01)
      Mitochondria are the powerhouses of the cell. These organelles are vital in the cell’s production of adenosine triphosphate (ATP) through cellular respiration. As living organisms, we need energy in the form of ATP to survive each and every day. Mitochondrial dysfunction can result in disorders that affect the entire body, and an affected woman will pass that dysfunctional mitochondria along to her offspring. Whether it is from a genetic mutation or a change in mitochondrial function, mitochondria that are functioning less than optimally can have a variety of negative effects on the body. If less ATP is produced throughout the body, muscles get weak, the body gets tired easily, and begins to shut down. In this literature review I will discuss healthy mitochondrial inheritance and embryonic development, mitochondrial dysfunction and its effects on fertility, emerging therapies to address infertility due to mitochondrial dysfunction, the ethics behind a “three-parent” baby, as well as the future perspectives and conclusions.
    • A Path To 2030: Targeting Women And Girls To End The Hiv/Aids Epidemic In Sub-Saharan Africa

      Mirick, Rebecca (2018-01-01)
      HIV/AIDS remains a significant problem in sub-Saharan Africa, even though international efforts have been working in the region for the last fifteen years. This paper examines HIV/AIDS data from four international health organization, the ONE Campaign, PEPFAR, the WHO, and the UN. Findings suggest UN’s Fast Track goals will not be met by 2020, which will jeopardize eradicating HIV/AIDS by 2030, unless changes to programing are made. First, women and girls who are HIV positive in the sub-Saharan Africa should follow the WHO’s Treat All Approach to prevent HIV transmission and those who are HIV negative should be placed on pre-exposure prophylaxis to prevent infection. Second, pregnant women should follow the WHO’s Treat All Approach in order to prevent mother to child transmission. Third, non-medical interventions such as reducing gender based violence and increasing access to education should be increased. Fourth, men’s health should be changed to help reach the Fast Track goals. These changes would include discrete testing services for men to encourage them to know their HIV status and get treated and an increase in voluntary make circumcisions to reduce infection rates. Funding is a major barrier to these recommendations. In order to close the funding gap, the US must keep its funding at current levels and G7 countries and middle and low income nations must increase their funding levels.
    • A Philosophical Examination Of Social Media: The Endangerment Of Respect

      Mulnix, Michael (2019-05-01)
      This paper aims to give a philosophical examination of social media and the threat it holds towards the moral development of children, specifically their level of respect. It is not maintained that these online platforms have the ability to changes adult’s current moral character. To support my claim, I will demonstrate social media’s prevalence and importance in order to establish its ability to have a widespread impact. Moreover, I will present Confucian and Kantian moral doctrines in order to establish respect’s importance. Subsequently, I will examine the nature of social media to exhibit how its means of communication make instances of disrespect more frequent and comfortable. Since, some may argue social media has the potential for Aristotelian virtue friendship, I have also provided a detailed analysis that demonstrates the contrary. I will also explicate further on the nature of social media, as well as human nature, to describe the impact that these platforms can have on individual’s psychological wellbeing. Specifically, social media can cause an increase in narcissistic behavior, and potentially a decrease in empathy, which are contradictory to the notion of respect. Lastly, I will present the concept of the virtual self in order to explain how these psychological consequences may come about. Through these pieces of supporting evidence, it is maintained that social media is negatively effecting the level of respect people have for one another as a society.
    • A Proposed Compensation Plan Using The University Of Kentucky's Men's Basketball Program Under Fair Pay To Play Act

      Daniell, Robert (2020-05-01)
      The purpose of this thesis is gathering research on Kentucky University Men’s Basketball program and the revenue that is generated by the players success. Based on that research, a compensation plan will be created in order to provide the players the financial stability for then they graduate. Having access to this public information in order to see the financial success for the Men’s Basketball program is significant to the thesis in building the plan. In addition, I would like to research how much the university received in revenue for a year that is generated specifically from the Men’s Basketball program festivities. The annual March Madness tournament generates millions of viewers on national television, bringing these prestigious schools to the public eye. With that being said, admission rates also increase due to this tournament, especially if they go into the Sweet Sixteen. Many sports articles such as ESPN will provide me with the information I need to complete my research to develop my thesis. This topic has been heavily debated over the years, and with college basketball athletics becoming a billion-dollar industry, it has attracted a lot of publicity. The main debate is if whether or not the athletes should be compensated for their hard work and dedication to their craft. There has been bills proposed in different states for the “Fair Pay to Play Act,” and there will be research done to see if whether or not that is a good idea and refute the argument by providing information on my compensation plan which is the better option. Many believe that not compensating athletes is wrong. This thesis will agree with that statement, but instead create a different alternative to compensating the players under Fair Pay to Play to provide for these players futures after basketball.
    • A Stage Manager Prepares

      Morris, Christopher (2019-05-01)
      To continue my journey of developing my skills through the process of a production, I served as the production stage manager for SSU Theatre and Speech Department’s production of the musical Ragtime. Throughout this process, I worked with a management team, including a co-stage manager, to run rehearsals, generate the necessary paperwork to develop a stage manager’s prompt book and, come performance, call the show. To give myself an opportunity to respond to my individual process, I also kept a personal journal. Throughout the rehearsal process I maintained the journal with my thoughts from the week in response to the general notes taken for the production. This allows time for self-reflection, to focus in on how I need to improve as a stage manager day to day. Once the show has closed, I will use these journal entries to reflect on my process. This will be a chance to discuss what I think went well and what could be improved, both in my individual experience and in the process. Ideally, selections from this prompt book, as well as the subsequent journal entries, will be able to serve as an insight into the mind of a stage manager, a potential reference for future managers to use to guide their own process. The production process, and the subsequent skills I have learned, serve me far beyond their place in the theatre. I want to take all that I’ve learned and continue, finding a way to help both myself and others, in the only way I know how: through the process.
    • A Strategy to Promote American Undergraduate STEM Programs to International Students

      Dietrich, Sarah (2016-05-01)
      In this project, STEM education in the United States and other parts of the world was analyzed. There has been an increasing number of international students studying STEM programs but not at the undergraduate level, with the exception of China and other countries. To understand what shapes the destination of students to a specific program various factors were taken into consideration: Financing, Language barrier, culture, and standardized testing.
    • A Study Of Children In Musical Theatre: How We Really Are All In This Together

      Cunningham, William (2018-01-01)
      I never thought that I would be directing a full children’s theatre production while still being a full-time college student. When I was hired at the YMCA of the Northshore three and a half years ago, I never thought that I would be directing at all. At the time, I was very content with teaching my classes, and being a theatre camp counselor in the summer. I had no idea that just a few years later, I’d be not only directing at one of our seven locations, but finding my real passion. Now, I aspire to work full-time as a Creative Arts Director upon graduation, so I can continue this wonderful journey of theatre education across the Northshore. However, that is not what this is about. This past summer 2017, when Senior Creative Arts Director Nicole Heena asked if my schedule would allow me to be able to direct the fall show in the Haverhill location, I knew I had to figure out a way to do it. I’ve worked with the Haverhill students multiple times in the years that I’ve worked for the Y, and they have always been some of the kindest, most fun, caring children that I’ve gotten to work with. When I realized that I would be able to direct them, I did not even hesitate to say ‘yes.’ I knew that it would be difficult being in school full time and also directing, but I definitely wanted to make it work. Going into my thesis, I anticipated that I would be teaching these young actors about what it means to be an ensemble. That regardless of lead roles or how many lines their character has, that the work that they all did together to make the show was what was important, was what mattered. I had no idea the lessons that they instead would teach me, and how much I would learn about teaching in the process. I never had to “teach” these kids how to be an ensemble. The love these kids and the staff have for this program, its values, and each other brought this team together in ways I never could have imagined. Ensemble comes together as a result of great leadership, not only from staff, but from other actors, and those skills are ingrained in these particular actors from the smallest six year old to the oldest 15 year old. The Y Core Values of Respect, Caring, Honesty, and Responsibility taught these kids how to be an ensemble. I was just a guiding hand in that process.
    • A Study of Fidel Castro: Motives Behind the Cuban Revolutionary

      Louro, Michele (2016-05-01)
      Fidel Castro was dictator of Cuba during the years of 1959 up until 2008. He took power after the Cuban Revolution. He is a complicated character in history at best, with most of the world having differing views about his leadership style and political agenda. The great majority opinion of the former Cuban dictator in the United States is one that is unfavorable and negative, often placing Castro in a harsh category that has held the names of Hitler, Stalin, and Mussolini. Yet outside of the United States view point, Castro has been given praise for being a strong, positive, and indeed beneficial leader to Cuba. A majority of those citizens in Cuba during the revolution supported Castro in his rise to control and power. He has been seen as a savior in their country, freeing them from the former leader Fulgencio Batista. Across the world, he has become a hero and inspiration for many of the poor through his revolution and reform in Cuba. These variations in opinion of Fidel Castro prompted a question to explore what his true intentions were for his country of Cuba and its people. What were his motives for the revolution, which may influence whether he deserves the praise or the criticism which he has been granted to him for many years across the world. What did Castro hope to gain through the Cuban Revolution and did he achieve what he set out to accomplish through his leadership and power? Were his motivations for gaining complete control of his country? Were they for beneficial reasons, or did he have a more sinister agenda for taking total control? Did he see himself as a hero and champion for his people? Did he see himself as acting in the best interests of the Cuban people? Through information from his speeches, letters, and interviews during his reign, the evidence yields an answer that Castro is indeed a different beast than those of Hitler and Stalin. His motivations were for the best interests of his people and country. Though he does not do in favor of the United States, he has been a beneficial leader to those who need him to be "the people of Cuba."
    • A Study of Semi-Strong Form of Market Efficiency: Active vs. Passive Portfolio Strategies - with Bloomberg Terminals

      Jain, Sanjay (2021-05-01)
      This research paper gives a detailed analysis of semi-strong form of market efficiency when there are being used Active vs Passive portfolio strategies. This study shows if the market can be outperformed through the comparison of the returns of two portfolios with 20 stocks each. On a daily basis, market efficiency, through the semi-strong form, provides investors and all market participants with the same information and prices which respond respectively to the information given in any market. At this moment no one will have the possibility to outperform and profit anyone, given the same tools. Market efficiency won't allow investors to make a profit above the average because it gives them the opportunity to be rational and make reasonable choices. Both portfolios used to conduct this study were created through Bloomberg Terminals for a period of 12 weeks. Active portfolio stocks are chosen through an extensive analysis in detail as how the market was performing and what stocks were predicted to have the greatest return. On the other hand, the passive portfolio stocks were chosen not through an extensive analysis but are expected to have returns as closely as it can be possible. Each portfolio has equity indices; these portfolios will be compared with the market index for better insights and understanding. This study indicates if market is outperformed, or if market is efficient as well as will give the answer to questions like how market efficiency affects the economy, how would the economy be better off.
    • A Study of Social Media's Effectiveness as a Vehicle for Social Change

      Vincent, Cindy (2015-05-01)
      Human trafficking is one of the greatest sources of crime in the world, second only to the drug trade. Modern day slavery isn’t just an issue abroad, though, it happens in the United States every day. Public relations experts are calling social media the next big industry secret, but can it tackle social issues this big? Social media is a cheap alternative to traditional public relations tactics that are too costly for nonprofit organizations, but it might not be the best way to create the lasting change they are looking for. In this study, I tested how I could use social media to show college students that human trafficking is happening in their backyards and they have the tools to end it at their fingertips. I posted photos, videos, infographics, quotes, articles, and information about anti-trafficking organizations daily for two months on Facebook and Twitter and monitored likes, shares, favorites, and retweets. At the end of the study, I encouraged followers to take a survey that asked about their engagement with the posts on social media and their actions offline regarding the information. I hope that other researchers will continue this work so we can understand the effectiveness of this industry trend.
    • A Whale Of A Good Time: Whale Watches Spreading Conservation Through Education

      Ratner, Keith (2020-05-01)
      Ecotourists are more concerned with their impact on the environment compared to mainstream tourists. They have a strong commitment to preserving nature and look for educational experiences. These values and motives translate into the activities ecotourists choose to participate in while vacationing. Understanding ecotourist behavior is important, so that destination managers can better market their sites or activity. For example, whale watching is increasing in popularity. Whale watches are a good way to incorporate ecotourist values and help further the conservation of whales. Studies have shown whale watches have an educational component that satisfies visitor expectations. If people are satisfied with the experience, they are more likely to pass on the conservation related information they learned and get their peers to undergo a similar trip. This research project is a literature review of the history of whale watching, motivations of ecotourists, and case studies of whale watches in different areas. In addition to the literature review, I went on a whale watch tour in Cape Ann, Gloucester to see how tours on the North Shore of Boston compare to the case studies. The conclusions in this research project are important as they can be applied to any whale watch to improve visitor satisfaction and better incorporate ecotourist values.
    • Accessibility Of Social Service Agencies For Clients With Limited English Proficiency

      Mirick, Rebecca (2021-05-01)
      This study examined the accessibility of social service agencies in the city of Lynn, Massachusetts for clients with limited English proficiency (LEP). Social service agencies (N=27) participated in phone interviews and/or an online survey, exploring services offered by the agencies, the availability of translation services and if so, in what languages and procedures for providing translation services. Results showed that more than half of the agencies provided oral translation services to clients who prefer to engage in a language other than English by relying on bilingual staff members, and family and friends of the client to act as the interpreters. Many agencies only offered services in Spanish and English. The study's findings offered some important insight into the availability of services to the sizable portion of the city's residents who have LEP status, revealing the disparities that exist in access to language assistance.
    • Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia from the Perspective of Immune Cells: A Book to Help Children Understand Cancer

      Scottgale, Gwen (2019-05-01)
      Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL) is the most common type of childhood cancer. According to the American Cancer Society 3 out of 4 childhood leukemia cases are ALL, and the main treatment for these patients is chemotherapy. There are various tools that doctors and nurses use in order to effectively communicate with these young patients and their families about what this type of leukemia is, and what chemotherapy will do in order to help. There are children’s books on cancer, but they are mostly coping aids or answer general questions. My children’s e-book however invites the young reader (6 to 14-year-olds) into the world of immune cells, by following the life of a T-cell as he learns about his environment and how to interact with other immune cells to fight against ALL and protect their human. The reader also witnesses how the cells react to the chemotherapy, and their journey after treatment. My goal for this creative project is that it will serve as another educational tool for patients with ALL. Also, I hope that it inspires its audience and gets them excited about science. Even though this children’s book is written with scientific detail, the concepts are presented in a simple and attainable way, enabling my young audience to comprehend what ALL is, unlocking their perception towards the disease with this new approach.