The Commonwealth Honors Program fulfills Salem State's commitment to provide a stimulating academic environment that offers a high quality education at an affordable cost. It's designed to offer a more challenging curriculum to students whose abilities and previous performance are demonstrably higher than the norm. All majors are eligible to participate in Honors. The program enables motivated and talented students to work with our most accomplished and enthusiastic faculty. Honors courses are qualitatively different in design and content, and smaller class size allows greater interaction. A seminar format is used in most Honors courses, giving students the opportunity for independent research, class presentations, and the chance to learn from one another. Field trips and visiting scholar sessions add to a rich academic experience. Students are encouraged to think independently and creatively, and complete a senior honors project, typically a capstone experience that stands as an education high-water mark.

Recent Submissions

  • Streaming Consciousness: Treading the Conceptual Rapids of Psychological Theory

    Noonan, Anne (2016-05-01)
    This thesis is the first section in a book length project. The aim of this thesis is to explore the relationship between the academic field of psychology and the creative nature of the field. Through use of memoir, detail, and conscious experience, this thesis is a contemporary interpretation of the theories of Sigmund Freud.
  • The Learning Needs of Newly Licensed Registered Nurses

    Fraley, Hannah; Goodwin, Paige Allison (2016-05-01)
    Nurses are on the frontline of healthcare delivery. The learning needs of newly licensed registered nurses are poorly understood. The aim of this study is to identify the specific learning needs of these newly licensed nurses so that they are able to confidently provide excellent care to culturally, ethnically, and racially diverse patients. A qualitative approach was used to complete this study. Convenience sampling was used to recruit ten newly licensed registered nurses who were interviewed by phone. The interviews were transcribed. Questions targeted working nurses experiences with nursing skills, interdisciplinary interactions, and documentation. Data was analyzed and coded for the identification of themes. Gaps in the literature exist regarding the specific learning needs of newly licensed registered nurses. Understanding their learning needs can provide insight into how to better transition student nurses to registered nurses so that they are able to adequately and safely take care of a diverse patient population and work successfully as new nurses.
  • Risks and Benefits of Self-Diagnosis Using the Internet

    Fraley, Hannah (2016-05-01)
    As technology use increases, self-diagnosis using a symptom checker on the World Wide Web has become a topic of discussion in the health field. Given that many in the United States continue without access to medical care, it is becoming common practice for patients to self-diagnose using information sought on the internet. Health literacy of internet health information is a concern, especially among vulnerable populations, such as immigrants and those without access to health insurance. The aim of this study is to understand the phenomenon of self-diagnosis using the internet as a source of health information among a convenience sample of Salem State University students (N= 150). A survey instrument was used to examine the following: perception of accurate health information sought throughout the internet; follow-up with primary physicians, how much trust is placed in internet self-diagnosis, and how often participants use the internet to self-diagnose. Data was analyzed using thematic coding methods. The internet provides us with access to information, yet among those seeking health-related information, there is a concern that critical health information can either be misinterpreted, unreliable or both. Self-diagnosis using the internet is a particular concern if patients are using the internet in the place of a physician. Results from this study can inform healthcare professionals about college faculty, staff and student perceptions regarding use of the internet to self-diagnose prior to seeing a primary physician, as well as inform future study of this phenomenon.
  • Photography in the World of Advertising

    Lewis, Richard (2016-05-01)
    Photography in the World of Advertising is a photography portfolio focusing on commercial product photography. My portfolio, which contains 10 commercial product images, was completed over the course of one semester. The portfolio explores the different techniques used to photograph products for commercial uses, such as advertising, catalogs, or websites. I decided to use a mix of both on location and in studio photo-shoots to get a feel for the range of techniques used in both locations (backgrounds, natural lighting, artificial lighting, and environmental factors that could effect the shot).
  • Pleasure and Pain in Charlotte Bronte's Villette and Jane Eyre

    Mulman, Lisa (2016-05-01)
    Like every character, Lucy Snowe and Jane Eyre, respective protagonists of Charlotte Brontë's Villette and Jane Eyre, grapple with pursuing pleasure and avoiding pain. Pleasure and pain are unavoidable universals, of course, but everyone treats their own pleasure and pain differently. Furthermore, pleasure and pain do not exist in a vacuum; there are other considerations—such as morality, self-respect, and lack of absolute control—that affect how each person treats and prioritizes them. Lucy and Jane, in particular, are not hedonists, so when looking at how they pursue pleasure and avoid pain, it is also important to account for the things that they care about more than either. Examining how Brontë's heroines approach pleasure and pain in relation to other facets of their lives reveals their priorities, an understanding of which is essential to understanding their choices and burgeoning selfhood.
  • Patriot and Loyalist Women of the American Revolution: How Feminine Figures Dealt with the Challenges of War and the Confines of Gender

    Louro, Michele (2015-12-01)
    When war struck out between American colonists and the British crown in 1775, the political and social climate of what would become the United States was forever changed. The colonists took up arms and created militias to battle against what they considered to be tyrannical British rule. In the colonies themselves, another battle was being waged between citizens that considered themselves American patriots and those whom remained loyal to the British rule. While the history of this struggle has been told countless times by examining the involvement of men, what was the role for the women who aligned themselves with each side during these wartime affairs? This paper aims to focus on a group of four women, who represented both sides of this internal colonial conflict. These four women are Mercy Otis Warren, Lucy Knox, Grace Growden Galloway, and Elizabeth Murray Inman. By examining these women's journals, diaries, and letters of correspondence, one can see that every action that these women took was defined in some aspect by their femininity and the home itself. They all took on two roles during the war, with their main role being that of a traditional 18th century colonial woman and the second, that of a person trying to survive a war torn environment. Their lives were focused around the home and although the war changed aspects of their lives, the importance of domesticity remained.
  • Exploring Grapes of Wrath, Oleanna, and Tribes: A Directorial Journey

    Sampieri, Peter (2016-05-01)
    Within this thesis, I will compile a culminating prompt book of my directing experiences this year for my Assistant Directorship on Grapes of Wrath by Frank Galati, my capstone project Oleanna by David Mamet in Directing II, and my presentation of Tribes by Nina Raine for the SDC Fellowship at KCACTF Region I. My work on Grapes of Wrath was based far more on my in rehearsal experience. For this reason, I digitally captured much of the rehearsal process, which may be found as an appendix to my written work on Tribes and Oleanna.
  • The Effect of Instagram on Self-Esteem and Life Satisfaction

    Gonsalves, Joanna (2016-05-01)
    This quasi experiment examined the effects of Instagram, a social media site that consists of posting pictures, on self-esteem and life satisfaction. Specifically, I looked at the effects of following celebrities on Instagram in relation to the ideas of social comparison theory. Traditionally aged college females (N = 51) were assigned to either the control group where they were asked to use Instagram as they normally would, or the experimental group where they were asked to follow 15 specific celebrities for 4-6 weeks. Participants were given a pretest and posttest which included a self-esteem and a life satisfaction survey. There were no statistically significant differences found between the experimental group and the control group, nor between the pretest and posttest scores, and there was no interaction effect between time of measure and experimental group. However, a subgroup of participants that initially followed a minimal amount of celebrities before the experiment showed a decline in their life satisfaction at posttest which approached statistical significance. Further experimental research is needed to confirm that altering one's social comparison group on Instagram can lower life satisfaction among traditionally-aged college females.
  • Assessing the Nutritional Health of College Students: An Ethnographic Approach

    Hills, Donna (2016-05-01)
    The culture of college students does not appear to give adequate attention to nutritional health. The purpose of this study seeks to explore whether college students are at risk for imbalanced nutrition. Among the studies reviewed, samples suggest that college students are at risk for imbalanced nutrition due to their financial instability, lack of nutritional knowledge, and inability to obtain healthy foods. The results of this systematic review of the literature suggest that implementations of nutritional education may reduce those risks.
  • The Benefits of Cardiac Rehabilitation for Post-Myocardial Infarction Patients

    Fraley, Hannah (2016-05-01)
    Myocardial infarction is one of the most significant causes of death worldwide. Factors leading to a patient's risk of having a myocardial infarction are obesity, smoking, high cholesterol, hypertension, and a sedentary lifestyle. If patients knew of these risks, the likelihood of a myocardial infarction occurring could decrease. Because of a lack of information about the topic, many patients unfortunately experience a myocardial infarction before it is preventable. Lack of knowledge about how serious the disease is and treatment is also a reason for not going through with cardiac rehabilitation. People around the world need to be educated about myocardial infarction risks and the positive outcomes of attending cardiac rehabilitation. The aim of this study is to improve the quality of life of myocardial infarction patients by determining the long-term benefits of going through with cardiac rehabilitation. A review of the literature was conducted. CINAHL was used to search articles pertaining to the research topic. Results include the following: a lack of cardiac knowledge led to patients' unawareness of the need for attending cardiac rehabilitation; patients improved both physically and psychologically after attending rehabilitation; individualized education has been the most effective for myocardial infarction patients. Myocardial infarction can potentially be prevented through education of cardiac patients on the benefits and importance of cardiac rehabilitation. Results from this study have implications for helping to decrease morbidity and mortality among this high-risk population.
  • An Analysis of Operating Environment & Strategy: A Case Study of Tata Motor

    Gu, Jian (2016-05-01)
    This report provides an in-depth study of the environment in which India-based company Tata Motors competes. In order to understand key aspects of the company, a SWOT analysis was conducted to better determine both the internal and external aspects of the operating environment. Using this analysis in combination with a summary of the conditions in the domestic environment, suggested strategies are given. The purpose of these strategies is to provide creative, beneficial, and resourceful ways Tata can continue to succeed in the highly competitive automobile industry. Along with the general strategies, a brief implementation plan is given to demonstrate how to put these strategies into action.
  • Shameless: An Examination of Addiction and Alcoholism in the Family

    Amato, Phil (2014-05-17)
    The principle objective of this paper is to examine the effects of alcoholism and addiction on the family system through the analysis of a fictional family, the Gallaghers from Shameless. To explore the role of alcoholism and addiction in the family, this paper analyzes the family system through resilience, happiness, and family intervention. Because alcoholism and addiction are stigmatized in the media, people suffering from these two diseases have been dehumanized. The producers of Shameless have the opportunity to create a television series that accurately portrays alcohoism and addiction and the effects it has on families. A realistic depiction of alcoholism and addiction impacts the audience's perception of the two diseases.
  • Student Nurses' Knowledge of End-of-Life Treatment Options in Dementia Patients

    Fraley, Hannah (2016-05-01)
    Dementia is a serious disease that affects 46.8 million elders globally with 9.9 million new cases each year. It is not often understood that dementia is considered a terminal illness, and it is thought that misconceptions about dementia may be a factor of poor quality of care for this vulnerable population at the end of their lives. Nurses are on the front lines of caring for dementia patients, however nurses may lack knowledge of how to best care for dementia patients and their families. A qualitative survey study will be conducted using a convenience sample of Salem State nursing students (N= 100). Specific study aims include: do nursing students know about dementia, advanced directives, and end of life care and treatment options specifically related to the dementia patient? Thematic coding methods will be used to analyze the data. Results from this study will help identify knowledge needs of nursing students related to end-of-life treatment for dementia patients. Understanding knowledge needs of nurses can further inform future educational programs for nursing students in order to increase the quality of care for this population.
  • Navigating My Life: Memoirs of a College Student

    Flynn, Regina (2016-05-01)
    For many students, college is one of the most defining times in a person's life. With the overarching theme of coming-of-age, this collection of creative nonfiction essays details the author's personal development during her college years. The pieces are centered on experiences, including her time spent as an orientation leader, her travels to Europe and the Northeastern United States, and her coverage of a political rally.
  • Medical Mistrust across Different Ethnic Groups

    Todaro, Janet (2016-06-01)
    This study explores various factors that contribute to medical mistrust among a population of college students from a medium sized, public university. The hypothesis of the study was that ethnic minority status would be related to high levels of medical mistrust. This was tested using a self-authored instrument, which was made available to participants online. Participants were asked to rate various statements pertaining to medical mistrust (i.e. "I feel a high amount of anxiety when going to see a doctor" on a Likert scale, ranging from 1 to 7, 1 indicting that the participant strongly agreed and a 7 indicating strongly disagreed with the statement. Results were analyzed using statistical tests such as independent samples t-tests, one-way analyses of variance, and a factor analysis. While a relationship was not found between ethnicity and medical mistrust, other factors such as gender, age, citizenship status, socio-economic status, and birth country were found to be related to medical mistrust.
  • Loggerhead Sea Turtle (Caretta caretta) Conservation Efforts: Nesting Studies in Pinellas County, Florida

    Buttner, Joseph (2016-05-01)
    Understanding a species is very important to manage it effectively. Effective conservation efforts require detailed, accurate information. Such information is lacking for Loggerhead Sea Turtles, Caretta caretta, which are currently listed as endangered. Thorough data for all marine turtles, not just Loggerhead Sea Turtles is nonexistent, such as on details of their life cycle and demography. The majority of management practices focus on nesting females, eggs, and hatchlings. Clearwater Marine Aquarium is permitted through Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission to conduct Nesting Surveys in Pinellas County, Florida. Data collected through surveys for nesting seasons 2010 through 2015, inclusive, was analyzed for trends within and between nesting seasons. Trends observed supported a high success rate of hatching success and emergence success for nests in this region. It is suggested that post beach renourishment hatching success and emergence success rates increased versus pre-renourishment. It appeared that risks associated with nest relocation are less than the risks associated with washouts and a complete loss of the nest. Nesting surveys provide useful insight into where efforts and resources should be targeted. More studies should be conducted to confirm.
  • Case Study of TATA Motors: SWOT Analysis and Strategy Suggestions

    Gu, James (2016-05-01)
    According to the case study, the company, TATA Motors wants to have a multiband approach to competing in the global car industry. Based on the case-study, I analyzed the company as a whole in the global car industry and based on my findings figured out their SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats). After figuring out their SWOT analysis, I suggested potential strategics that could possible lead to becoming stronger and having a chance in competing in the global car industry.
  • Pro-fluoridation Efforts in a Changing Environment: Pro-active and Reactive Tactics of State Oral Health Coalitions

    Jackman, Jennifer (2016-05-01)
    Community water fluordiation is an important public health measure that helps children build strong teeth that are susceptible to tooth decay. Despite science proving its safety and efficacy at target levels, fluoridation remains a target of misinformation and ignorance. State oral health coalitions play an important role in protecting, implementing and educating the public on fluoridation and its benefits. This paper discusses the various proactive and reactive tactics state oral health coalitions have utilized in support of the fluoridation of public water supplies, and the tactics of the fluoride opposition in attempt to manufacture ignorance.
  • Hitler and Putin: A Cautionary Tale

    Green, Paul (2016-05-01)
    Adolph Hitler and Vladimir Putin are just two political leaders who have utilized the power of propaganda in order to benefit their career ambitions. Others such as Kim Jong-un and Donald Trump have also built an almost cult following behind them of supporters who can, in some cases, wind up committing brutal acts of terror under their leadership, like the SS officers who worked in Hitler's concentration camps. This paper analyzes the methods in which Putin and Hitler came to power and provides insight on other leaders whose actions allow me to draw parallels between them and Hitler. The aim of this paper is not to say that Putin is the next Hitler, but rather to synthesize and draw parallels between political leaders through the commonalities in their employed propagandas and to show that danger can sometimes lurk in the shadows. What I have found in committing to this thesis is that there are almost endless similarities between powerful men and women and Hitler, which has led me to decide that this will be the first draft of what will end up being a more comprehensive work including more political figures and groups such as ISIS. My intention is that this cautionary tale can be appreciated by the public as a written work that will force readers to think more critically about the information they get from their media sources. I also offer this thesis as a prime example for why we should always remember our history because if we don't, we will inevitably repeat it.
  • Europe and USA: Cultural Differences in Youth Soccer Development

    McMahon, Stuart (2016-05-01)
    The objective of this thesis is to compare and contrast the differences between the cultural impact on the development of youth soccer players in the United States and the continent of Europe. Along with the cultural differences, I will be looking at the importance of playing for clubs/academies and the importance of coaches. The European model has proven to be an exceptional model in terms of developing athletes. The clubs and coaches in Europe have developed exceptional players, such as Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi. This is all down to players, such as these exceptional talents, being nurtured and protected by these clubs and coaches as they grow up. When it comes to culture, Europeans see soccer differently than Americans. Soccer and sports in general, are viewed as just entertainment in the US. It's a money-making industry. In Europe, the mentality is different. Soccer is a way to express yourself and to show your passion. What can the US learn from the European model? How can the US be on the same level as many European countries? Could they instill the same passion as the Europeans have for the beautiful game? That's what we are going to look at in this thesis. The US have the resources, but it's how they use it to their advantage.

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