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    • Opportunity For Women's Rights And Fighting For It

      Gaye, Harriet (2020)
      This zine focuses on Women's Rights and the lack of opportunities that have been given.
    • Opportunity For Women Compared To Men In The United States

      Toto, Leah (2020)
      This zine was created to inform readers in the unequal treatment of women in the United States and the many centuries if oppression that they lived through. It goes through different cultural products and outlines the tough times women have faced. I also have included a current day cultural product that reflects on the times and how things are beginning to change for the better.
    • Indigenous Narratives: Excluded Stories

      Wright, Heather (2020)
      This zine, created in IDS 232, is a small collection of cultural products that reflect the lack of Indigenous Narratives. Topics covered are Indigenous storytelling, Wampanoag Tribe, American narratives, and the sense of belonging. Includes a work cited.
    • Inequality Between School Districts

      Chez, Ashley; Trannguyen, Lindsay; Setzer, Liam; Nur, Leylah (2020)
      Created by Neenah Estrella-Luna's SOC 110 course in Spring 2020. This zine focus on the comparison of wealthy and poor school districts and how they relate to racial inequalities. The two schools that are talked about are Lynn Public School (poor) and Marblehead Public School (wealthy). Although both are public schools, Lynn Public has more minorities, less funding, and the graduation rate is a little over half. The authors discovered that different factors such as the government, redlining, and so much more all have something to do with racial inequalities in these schools.
    • Indigenous Lives In America

      Vogel, Lydia (2020)
      Zine created for Liz Duclos-Orsello's IDS 232 course. Zine addresses the landing of the pilgrims, the Wampanaog Village, Indigenous Peoples' Day, the Warrior Women Project, and the Living Nations, Living Words poetry collection.
    • Is There Opportunity For People Of Color In America?

      Geysen, Jillian
      This zine is touching upon topics to discuss if there is opportunity for people of color in America. When people think of America most people think of belonging, opportunity, and so much more. In my zine you will be able to understand ways that this may not be the case for everyone
    • Less Is Still Less: The Impact Of COVID-19 Has Had On The Homeless And How They Are Able To Stay Safe And Avoid Exposure

      Granda, Katerine; Jones, Michad; Puma, Anthony; Thompson, Anaiah (2020)
      Created in Neenah Estrella-Luna's SOC 347 course in Spring 2020. Zine discusses the myths and reality of homelessness during the pandemic and the impact it has on their health and access to food, water, and shelter.
    • Historical Precedent For Gun Control

      Matias, Elian (2023)
      This zine is about how it's possible for us to fight for gun control even though it might seem hard to do with the 2nd amendment and such. There are examples of people identifying issues surrounding their race or gender, and work together in groups in order to resolve them. By looking at these groups we can see that similar Situations have occurred in the past, and it's not to late to create real change.
    • How Woman Have Been Viewed In Society Over Time

      Mastracci, Angela (2020)
      Zine created in IDS 232 that focuses on how women have been viewed in society over time. The zine addressed self-love, body shaming, and emotions.
    • Hair: How Does It Represent The Suppression Of Culture Within America

      Johnson, Halle (2020)
      This zine is about how the limiting of natural hair colors and textures have been used as medium to suppress other cultures. America is supposed to be the land of belonging but you can only belong if you fit in a certain stereotypical perception. Whether is be African American. Native American, or another sort of culture hair style and texture can play a much larger role in their culture than white American is willing to admit.
    • Education Inequality Due To COVID-19

      Mann, Brooke; Yetts, Jamie; Boghosian, Rachel (2020)
      Created in Neenah Estrella-Luna's SOC 347 course in Spring 2020. Zine addresses educational inequalities in elementary, middle school, high school, and college students during the pandemic.
    • Environmental Death And Human Death

      Boucher, Jake; Dodge, John; Fernandez, Dalhaysy; Nevena, Jurisic; Zimman, Lexi (2020)
      Created for Susan Pilaud's English 110 course in Spring 2020. Zine addresses the death of animals, the environment, and people. Also discusses wildfires and the Amazon Rainforest.
    • Evolution Of Feminism

      Anonymous (2023)
      This zine is about the changes in feminism throughout history. How did feminisms start? Who did feminism represent (class, sexuality, race ect.)? What is feminism today and where are we today with feminism? My zine will take you through the waves of feminism and where we are today with feminism.
    • Extent Of Opportunity & Racial Oppression

      Dillard, Tony (2020)
      Still today in the year 2020 black people are stereotyped discriminated criminalized.
    • Death In The Air

      Gogitidze, Mariam; Voss, Elisa; Moore, Lorean (2021)
      This zine talks about air pollution. There are 3 sections: causes, effects, and solutions. Each section provided information on the subject and there are some pretty interesting facts and pictures.
    • Disabled Americans: A Brief History Of Ableism In America

      Tamborella, Brie (2023)
      This zine looks at ableism and disability rights in the United States Disabled activism is rarely talked about in American History and even in Social Justice movements. Disabled people are at high risk for homelessness and still do not have equal marriage rights. This zine is meant to open up the conversation.
    • Dying To Live Here

      Stone, Joshua; Laskowski, Anna; Mullis, Emily; Walsh, Anastasia (2022)
      What can be done about climate change? How is health is being affected from it? How is air pollution hurting the planet?
    • COVID-19 Impact On Financial Inequalities

      Spain, Treyshaun; Williams, Trinity; Aguilar, Alex (2020)
      Created in Neenah Estrella-Luna's SOC 347 course in Spring 2020. Zine discusses where the virus originated, how to stay safe, and the implications on employment in the U.S.
    • Clostridium Difficile

      Mmoore, Kiiana; Okraska, Richard; Shi, Tania; Spanos, Jamie (2020)
      Created in Amy Sprenkle's BIO 304 Spring 2020 course. Zine addresses what clostridium difficile (c-diff) is, its structures, the oral-fecal route, requirements for growth, pathogenesis, diagnoses, signs and symptoms, drug resistance, resistance mechanisms, treatment, environmental disinfection and hand hygiene, the facility antibiotic stewardship program and clinical trials.