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  • Plum Island: Looking At A Vulnerable Landscape

    Krebs, Lorri; Collins, Rowan (2024-05-01)
    Climate change is slowly becoming one of the most commonly discussed modern issues in the world. In a survey spanning 19 countries, the majority of people considered climate change to be a major threat to their country. In the UK, for example, 75% of people considered climate change to be a major threat in 2022, in comparison to 48% in 2013 (Fagan et al., 2022). Among the major threats associated with climate change, Sea level rise (SLR) is one of the most well-known and threatening, bringing with it erosion, flooding, and property damage or loss. Especially at risk are coastal communities such as Plum Island, Massachusetts, a small town in Newbury located on a barrier island. Barrier islands are a deposit of sand that forms parallel to the coast, named for their role in protecting coastal communities and ecosystems from extreme weather (NOAA, 2021). They are particularly vulnerable to erosion, especially when caused by human activity, so their conservation should be considered a priority in order to preserve the property located on them, as well as the ecosystems they foster. This study uses Plum Island as its focus to explore the threat of sea level rise, erosion, and flooding, their impact on housing and property, and potential solutions. This study explores if Plum Island has seen an increase in flooding over the past 10 years, whether this has led to increased property damage and erosion, what solutions have been recommended or attempted, and how Plum Island’s current situation compares to the rest of the world’s experiences. This research report will provide valuable reference to those attempting to understand the potential consequences of climate change, the risks Plum Island faces, and potential courses of action that can be taken.
  • North Shore Region Business Snapshot Report 2023

    Center for Economic Development & Sustainability (2023)
    Data was collected in areas of demographics, business size, and industry composition for the 30 cities and towns in the North Shore. This report contains data in four areas for each of the 30 cities and towns: economy overview, population trends and characteristics, business size and location, and job trends.
  • Future of Work – Overview Trends 2023

    Center for Economic Development & Sustainability (2023)
    This research explores the competitiveness of the businesses located on the North Shore. Specifically, data was gathered and analyzed in response to the changing landscape of business and employeeemployer dynamics. Researchers explored best practices, models, and underutilized labor sources and federal and state legislative workforce policies, at the local, regional, New England and national scales to assist in understanding the regions business climate.
  • Interview with Leo Galperin

    Center for Holocaust and Genocide Studies (2022-06-06)
  • Interview with Mikhail Brusilovsky

    Center for Holocaust and Genocide Studies (2022-09-08)

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