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  • Impact of Controlled Exercise Programs on Balance and Coordination: A Case Study of Stroke Survivors

    Stefanski, Anastasia; Everitt, Amy (2022-08-15)
    The purpose of this project was to monitor and record the progress of coordination and balance by using a controlled exercise program in stroke survivors. All participants had predetermined goals of improving coordination and balance, which helps improve ambulation and other functionality. The exercise routines of each participant were designed carefully by professionals in the field of exercise science using proven techniques focusing on the upper body, lower body, core strengthening, and transition to standing and walking. Implementing consistent exercise programs to improve balance and coordination over ten weeks also resulted in transferable functionality in the participants' daily lives, including increased independence for daily living activities and enjoyment.
  • Individual Treatment Plan: Thirty Day Check in and Discharge of Cardiac Rehab Patients

    O'Mera, Molly; Sweeney, Michele (2022-08-15)
    This undergraduate internship was to show the importance of participating in a cardiac rehabilitation program after heart surgery and the importance of living a heart healthy life. The cardiac rehabilitation program at Anna Jaques Hospital (MA) includes an initial, holistic assessment and patient goal setting followed by scheduled re-assessments and a physician’s approved discharge. The intern’s project demonstrated their ability to conduct scheduled re-assessments and discharges of select patients. Facilitated by the student intern, the patients demonstrated growth in the following areas upon their discharge: exercise workloads, frequency of exercise, healthy nutrition choices, reduced stress levels. Patient two was not able to reach their ITP discharge nutritional goal.
  • Rock Painting: A Suitable Community Project For People With Developmental And Intellectual Disabilities

    Lamour, Walky; Everitt, Amy; Sweeney, Michele (2022-08-15)
    Rock painting is a suitable project for people with developmental and intellectual disabilities. It is designed to develop fine motor skills, social skills, and to unlock artistic potential, which create opportunities to serve their community by engaging themselves in decorating public spaces. Rock painting projects involve teaching and leisure activities. Participants were taught how to hold and use multi-purpose acrylic paints and paint brushes, and were also taught the art of community as part of ensuring their integration. Activities involved going outside to pick rocks and outdoor exploration. Also included was the art of engaging in creativity like mixing paints and drawing. The people involved in the program took part in hiding and finding rocks, and decorating a place in their community with the painted rocks.
  • Medical Document Renovation: Utilizing the eHana System to Improve Client Record Content

    Kallo, Kadiatou; DeLeon, Patrice (2022-08-15)
    The implementation of technology to aid in healthcare processes such as data storage aims to provide ease of medical documentation through improved data accessibility. Using the eHana system, health outcomes were improved. This project involved examining the efficacy of transitioning from paper medical records to the eHana system for a safer, faster way to access patient records and provide treatment. The results showed that during the transition, more than 40 clients’ medical records were transferred to a securer, more convenient electronic space weekly.
  • Hospital Employee Satisfaction: Best Practices in Staffing Ineffectiveness Prevention

    Busane, Bertille; DeLeon, Patrice (2022-08-15)
    This project investigated the issues that prevented staffing effectiveness at Tewksbury Hospital. Project objectives included identifying staffing issues and uncover strategies to improve their overall effectiveness. Interviews were conducted on 18 staff members of various ethnic backgrounds and from multiple departments within the hospital. The interview consisted of eight questions regarding staff satisfaction with their jobs and their overall work environment. Results showed that most staff members are not completely satisfied with their jobs (including their compensation and workload). Hospital leadership seeks to utilize the results of the survey to improve staffing effectiveness. Some suggestions from the interview included revising staff compensation, providing physical and mental health support for staff, and encouraged flexibility and understanding of staff needs.

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