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  • Salem Board of Health Informational Brochure What We Do

    Yu, Joshua; Hatch-Belhumeur, Cynthia (2021-12-13)
    Many businesses have an informative handout that anyone can receive from their offices. These handouts usually come in the form of brochures, booklets, or pamphlets. Contained in these handouts are important details regarding the business, organization, or company, such as their mission objectives, their everyday activities and responsibilities, and how they work with their clients. The Salem Board of Health does not have any form of informative handout and as such, many people are unaware of what the organization does. This poster serves as a brochure template that the Salem Board of Health can utilize and create handouts from to distribute to the public with the goal of increasing public awareness about the organization's tasks and responsibilities in the City of Salem.
  • Recreation During a Pandemic: The Impact of COVID 19 on Programming in Massachusetts

    Lopez, Christian; Everitt, Amy (2021-12-13)
    This project is a review of the impact of COVID 19 on recreation programs in Massachusetts from 2020 through November 2021. The pandemic and how we interact with people have changed the landscape of community gathering and the programs that cities and towns can provide. A review of city/town websites and a pool of telephone interviews helped describe that within communities across Massachusetts there have been changes to available programming. This is significant in both rural and urban environments. Results of this review show that there is some change in the types of programs available, use of staffing, and budget levels.
  • Interpretation and Translation: The Bridge to Linguistic and Cultural Gaps

    Mohamed, Nawal; Everitt, Amy (2021-12-13)
    One of the ways in which we can combat healthcare inequities and improve the quality of care for patients is through cultural responsiveness. This project explored ways we can be culturally responsive on an individual level and on an institutional level. A newsletter was designed to inform participants on ways they can engage in cultural responsiveness. This newsletter was sent to 19 participants through email, and it was also posted on the organization’s webpage. Inquiries were made on behalf of the organization to acquire language support for families accessing the family visitation program at Children’s Services of Roxbury. A relationship was established with a translation company to address the gap in culture and language within the program.
  • Program Advisory Committee (PAC) & Accrediting Commission of Career Schools & College (ACCSC): Journey Towards Accrediting a Medical Assistant Program

    Ramos, Kamille; Everitt, Amy (2021-12-13)
    This study was conducted to establish and observe the creation of an advisory committee, lead the committee through the accreditation process to determine strengths and weakness of the current medical assistants program and guide this committee through the development of recommendations for improvements based on accreditation standards of the Accrediting Commission of Career Schools & Colleges (ACCSC). Recommendations included the creation of adequate space for practicing & evaluation of skills, expansion of reliable equipment for clinical practices & classroom teaching, update and maintain appropriate certifications for instructors, recognize the needs for available resources for students in a variety of platforms, and recognize the need for students to become BLS certified. This process has helped this organization by meeting and maintaining certain acceptable levels of educational standards and quality.

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