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  • Navigating ASD: Fostering Mental Health in Adolescents with ASD: Tailored Workshops for Emotional Regulation and Social Flourishing

    Coccia, Makayla; Noah, Amanda (2023-12-11)
    This project is a mock proposal to create a workshop that aims to allow children with ASD to improve emotional regulation during social interactions and well-being. The goal is to hold workshops that enhance participants’ emotional regulation, coping skills, and stress management, in order to enhance quality of life. This creates support, improves inclusivity, and develops social skills for those with ASD. Limited attention spans and sensory sensitivities are taken into account by incorporating engaging activities and a sensory-friendly environment. The workshop requires research to create curriculum, implementation, and collecting data on progress. Comparing before and after data results is beneficial to show the positive impact of these tailored emotional regulation programs on children with ASD.
  • Resource Guide for Healthcare Professionals: Credentialing Providers and Information Verification

    Newell, Genevieve; Everitt, Amy (2023-12-11)
    Allergy & Asthma Specialists is a healthcare facility focused on providing treatment for individuals with allergies, asthma, or immunologic diseases. Credentialing and insurance verification is a complicated and timely process for healthcare facilities. The purpose of this project was to create a resource guide to assist current and future employees through the process of credentialing. Information was collected from 10 notable sources, detailing the significant steps during the credentialing process. The data indicated noteworthy steps of collecting provider information, updating a CAQH profile, verifying information, and completing status updates. This project resulted in the development of a resource guide to help employees through the complex process of credentialing.
  • Assessing Patients' Experiences in Radiology: Enhancing Comfort for Claustrophobic MRI Patients

    Vittorini, Jessica; DeLeon, Patrice (2023-12-11)
    Claustrophobia is a common fear experienced by individuals undergoing MRI scans, which can significantly impact their comfort and overall experience. During this senior project, various methods for alleviating claustrophobia in MRI patients were explored. The importance of addressing this issue to improve patient satisfaction, reduce scan disruptions, and enhance diagnostic accuracy was highlighted. These included pre-scan interventions such as patient education, communication, and counseling to manage anxiety levels effectively. The use of relaxation techniques like deep breathing exercises, meditation, or listening to calming music sounds during the procedure was also discussed. Healthcare workers can enhance the overall experience for their patients while ensuring high-quality imaging results.
  • Ultimate Kronos Group System: New Hire Aid

    Valera, Yismeiry; Everitt, Amy (2023-12-11)
    This project focused on the New Ultimate Kronos Group (UKG) system. This healthcare employee based digital program gives employees access to personal functions such as self-scheduling, timecard punches, time off requests, shift swaps, and shift pick-ups. Through the UKG tool staff members can do things on their own time and correct discrepancy between their personal schedule and information. This poster contains information on the importance of high performing digital tools such as UKG to ensure employee engagement and performance. UKG will facilitate employees providing better care to the public. Included in the poster is an overview of the implementation process with some of the recurring issues staff members had. A survey was also conducted to measure the efficacy of the implementation materials and to receive any suggestions.
  • Inculcate The Ultimate Kronos Group: Obtaining Insight

    Allen-Randazzo, Betty; Everitt, Amy (2023-12-11)
    This poster focused on the importance of the Ultimate Kronos System. This system is designed for employees to be a helpful tool used to check timecards, create schedules, request vacation, and more. For Mass General Brigham, the system wasn't easy to transfer over. The transition required going floor to floor around the hospital answering questions concerning UKG. In addition to being a guide for scheduling staff. UKG plays a major role in the staffing office. It's used on a daily basis as shown in the graph provided.

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