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  • The Dog Star: A Collection Of Stories

    Peary, Alexandria; Perry, Matthew (2022-05)
  • From Inexperienced To Passion-Driven: Navigating The Working World

    Carey, Kevin; Perez, Sofia (2022-05)
    This thesis follows the adolescent life of Sofia Perez, who acquires a job for the first time at 15 years old. She documents her first experience within the working world in this piece, and also discusses relationships she has made along the way. Over the course of seven years, she blossoms from a shy introvert, to an outgoing and positive spirit. She dives into the good and bad of the workplace, as well as how her strong work ethic has made her the person she is today. From hyperventilating on the first day, to leading a team with ease, Sofia is at the beginning of her career, and ready to find her place in the working world. Her journey started at a retirement community called Bayview, and the six years she spent there were transformative. She hopes for every young teen getting a job for the first time to experience a job that they love, even if it may challenge them or not be in their desired field.
  • Season Of The Witch: Northeast Writing Center Stories

    DeCiccio, Al (2022-05-05)
    “Season of the Witch: Northeast Writing Center Stories,” to paraphrase Wendy Bishop, underscores how you can take the person out of the writing center, but you can’t take the writing center out of the person. Engaged in this community of practice helped me to succeed as an academic administrator, showing me that our community’s emphasis on collaboration and conversation effects change. I describe several academic programs I helped to develop using these essential writing center characteristics. The bulk of “Season of the Witch: Northeast Writing Center Stories” offers recollections about Northeast writing centers, particularly those at Merrimack College, Salem State University, and the University of New Hampshire. I explain that there are lessons in the histories of these writing centers. I propose that these lessons could provide future progressive writing center actions that address new outcomes about administration, institutional partnerships, confidentiality, race, identity, and disability.
  • Faculty and Graduate Research Symposium 2022 Program

    Center for Research and Creative Activities (2022-05)
  • Undergraduate Research Symposium 2022 Program

    Center for Research and Creative Activities (2022-05)

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